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Butterfly of Ill-Omen

By Leyna-art
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"Red butterflies are ill omens. Get too close and they will summon deadly fiends. Blue butterflies lead to good fortune!." Final Fantasy X

Lulu from Final Fantasy X. The background is meant to be the Forest of Macalania from the game.

Just a quick fun painting to get back into the habit of painting, and to celebrate finishing the game.

I used *NikxStock 's lovely stock as a pose reference

Corel Painter X and Wacom tablet.

Edit: 17th Jan 2010. Finally revised this. I repainted the background and butterflies and fixed up a few minor issues. The background is still rather sketchy, but I'm less inclined to wince when looking at it :).
The original painting is here, for comparison: [link]

Edit: 9th March 2010 Thank you so much to *Miyukitty and ^rydi1689 for the DD!
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*A* WOOOOOW! beautiful!
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this is beautiful ^^ XD I love your colour scheme and composition ^^ :D 

(that side-quest was really difficult ^^; ....) 
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Thank you! I'm really happy with the colours of this.

(:nod: I know! I'm not very good at those sorts of side quests)
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I like this pic Lulu is my fave ffx person
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Thank you :) Lulu is my favourite, too.
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this is awesome!
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Your welcome! :D I had to say that Lulu has an interesting outfit on her.
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It wouldn't be my first choice for adventuring in - but I suppose if you are an kickass black-mage you can carry it off :D
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Ooooh Lulu! She had the most amazing costume design ever.
Nice work! :)
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Thank you! Yes, her costume is lovely (though I'm convinced she uses a little helpful magic to keep it on during all that fighting and walking :D)
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FFX wins!
Beautiful LuLu~ (:
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Thank you! She is such a great character.
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Art is good, but lack of bosom is sad.
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this is truly gorgeus. I love how it has so many details, and it's so beautifully painted. :clap:
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