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library: tale
Lexy thumbed through the pages of...  what was it now?  Ha, like he didn't know.  The two thousand, seven hundred, forty-ninth book.  He'd gotten pretty sick of this fox around book five, and hadn't put much effort into skimming them after book four hundred twelve.  Between the obvious fool's errand, the intolerably smarmy demeanor of his host, and the suspicious number of books stamped with text like PROPERTY OF STEEL CITY LIBRARY, Lexy was hours past the point of needing to deliver a few lessons in social grace and bibliosophistry upside the head.  But this Callahan fellow had clearly spoken to Caldera since that overnight story-telling session only days ago—relatively speaking—and, for whatever reason, appeared to be holding a message hostage.  That part was unlikely to be a ruse; Caldera would have had no other reason to namedrop in such a way.  So then why deliberately waste Lexy's time?  He had no idea, but with no other leads, there w
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library: game
Third aisle from the left (facing from the door), down two sections.  Climb the ladder left there since last week to the second level of inner shelves.  Take the bridge across to the first aisle, then hop (carefully!) to the makeshift wooden catwalk jutting out from the wall shelves.  Follow it around a bit further, hop in the bucket hanging in midair, untie the rope from its bollard.  Pull carefully, up five more levels.  Mental note to oil the squeaking pulley.  Anchor the rope, lean just far enough out to the right, and...  yes!  The book just barely reached the conspicuous empty space, and a careful digit pressed the spine inwards until it lay flush with the edge of the shelf.
Lexy followed the same path back to the floor, to find the imposing presence of a cloakéd Lugia in front of the open entrance.  Beside her floated a Lampent, whom Lexy recognized from the night patrol.  (A
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library: before (zero)
The clock, the clock, the blasted clock.  It wouldn't stop ticking.
Entirely by design, granted—it was the perfect timepiece, after all.  But on late nights like this one, with a wandering mind and nobody else in the spacious library save for his insubstantial assistant, the lone sound of one metallic tick after another started to get to him.  Sometimes he thought he could feel his keen ears twitching along with the rhythm.
Lexy breathed out a heavy sigh (partly just to hear something, anything else) and slumped back in his chair, away from the jumble of books on his desk.  He'd finished her errand days ago, and had kept quiet as part of their usual playful antagonism.  But this task had been more important to her than he'd realized, and she'd actually ordered everyone, from the recent band of refugees to the kitchen staff, to leave him in peace.  Leave him alone.
Despite his disdai
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prelude to intense cat battle by LexyEevee prelude to intense cat battle :iconlexyeevee:LexyEevee 32 13 chillin' out styx by LexyEevee chillin' out styx :iconlexyeevee:LexyEevee 12 6 hunter styx by LexyEevee hunter styx :iconlexyeevee:LexyEevee 20 8
library: theft
A lone figure crept through the shadows.
The caution was largely unwarranted; this was a distant corner of the castle, far from the hustle and bustle of the staff, in fact the last hallway in the western wing.  On the off chance someone were around, this particular hallway was still plenty dark enough for a hasty retreat.  Only a scant few torches dotted the walls, one at each bend or curve along the twisty passageway, their feeble glow barely reaching the cobblestone floor below.  The decor would have better suited a forgotten dungeon.
On the other hand, the figure knew all too well who owned this castle—and what she did to visitors, let alone to trespassers.  Best to be careful.
The corridor eventually ended at a pair of wooden double doors, framed on either side by the only healthy-looking torches this side of the kitchen.  Despite that, the doors were hardly worth illuminating; besides twin polished metal push plates, they were completely unado
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