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Portal Series: Chapter 17
Chapter 17: No time for fun, there is training to be done!
It’s a quiet Saturday morning, and everyone in the Portal is asleep. Well, that is, except for me. I had stayed up all night thinking about the story that N had told me the other day. What was the true story behind the Portal? Perhaps I had something to do with it? Is that why I’m needed here? To save the Portal? UGH! I had so many questions all coming in at once! I decided to continue pondering on the matter later and get some rest. Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, I heard a soft knock at the door. “What is it now?!” I screamed, burying my face in my pillow. I assumed it was Dark Pit trying to pull a practical joke, like he always did to the townspeople. One thing’s for sure, I wasn’t going to be fooled by his crazy antics.
A shadowy figure stepped into my room as I launched my pillow right for its face, screaming, “Go away, I don’t want to hear any more of your jokes!&
:iconlexxicon23:lexxicon23 2 6
Portal series: Chapters 14-16
Chapter 14: Put your strength to the test!
Summer is fading, and autumn is entering the atmosphere. It’s a calm Friday afternoon, and I’m reading the latest issue of “Ai Doki Doki”, a popular Shoujo magazine, when I see a figure in the distance walking towards me. This figure is none other than Christine. I watch her as she walks towards me in a clumsy manner. When she finally made it to the spot where I was reading, she shouted, “Peachy! What’s up? Reading those teen magazines again?”  “Yeah, this issue is so good!” I exclaimed, without making eye contact with her. “It says here that Ryou Mikushiba is going on tour soon.” I stated. My friend’s eyes lit up. “He is?! Gosh, he is so hot!” She responded, squealing. Upon hearing her response, I glanced up at her, giving her a look of indifference.  “I suppose. Honestly, I don’t know what you or any other girls see in him.” I stat
:iconlexxicon23:lexxicon23 4 102
Portal series: Chapters 11-13
Chapter 11: My Rival Isn’t What She Seems… Angels to the Rescue!
The following Monday, Christine asked me how my date with Ash went as we were walking to chemistry. “It was awesome! Just sitting next to him was like a dream!” I responded.  “I’m happy for you, sweetie.” Christine stated. “Did the dress work out okay? I know it ain’t the prettiest dress in the world, but it was the only one I could find.” Christine inquired with a southern accent.  “It worked out perfectly fine! He said I looked beautiful in it!” I replied.  “Oh, good for you!” She exclaimed, while embracing me in her arms. “I knew you could do it!”  I laughed, and Christine asked me what was so funny.  “There you go again with your accent!” I giggled.  “You know, you don’t have to hide the fact that you’re a southern girl. People aren’t going to judge you.
:iconlexxicon23:lexxicon23 5 479
Portal series: Chapters 8-10
Chapter 8:  secret crushes
“Oh, no. It’s my pleasure. I’d love to go on a date with you…” I murmured in my sleep.  I was having a pleasant dream, and was sleeping ever so soundly. Well, that is, until I heard a loud shriek. “Go on a date with who?!”  The voice screamed.  I screamed. I was about to kick the person who screamed at me in the face, when I realized it was my friend, Christine. I screamed again, and asked her what she was doing in my room and how she got here.  “Easy,” she stated, smirking.  “Your window is always open, so I just come into your room when you least expect it.”  I was shocked and tried to speak, but no words came out.  “What’s the matter? You’re looking at me as if what I just did was weird.” My friend gave me a confused look.  Um, excuse me, Christine, do you find pleasure in invading other people’s privacy? You act like
:iconlexxicon23:lexxicon23 5 46
Portal series: Chapters 1-7
Ever wonder where the fictional characters you create and like go? Most people say the brain, and they’re right, but there’s also another place where they go. They go to a green, bubble shaped dome called the Portal. It’s called that because when you go inside of it, everything looks like something out of a fantasy world. For example, fairies. The portal is a place where everything from a book, videogame, or movie goes, and they each have their own world. For instance, Luigi would go in the Mario world in his hometown, the mushroom Kingdom. The portal is divided by the heroes and the villains. Heroes on the left, villains on the right. Sometimes, the villains will become great friends with the heroes, and vice versa. The antagonists will sometimes stir up trouble, however, and it’s up to the protagonists to stop them. Oh, one more thing. The portal is a dome that can teleport anywhere in the real world, and when you walk inside the center of it, it has windows s
:iconlexxicon23:lexxicon23 11 312


Happy Birthday, Peachy! by Rikkatan Happy Birthday, Peachy! :iconrikkatan:Rikkatan 57 8 Yellowish by NataEliza Yellowish :iconnataeliza:NataEliza 673 102 New Years by ateliercienne New Years :iconateliercienne:ateliercienne 473 37 Super Saiyan Ash by Loveponies89 Super Saiyan Ash :iconloveponies89:Loveponies89 32 659 [G] Secret halloween gift by PennyGEM [G] Secret halloween gift :iconpennygem:PennyGEM 59 6 [SJO'L] Trick or Treat ? ~ by CuteTape [SJO'L] Trick or Treat ? ~ :iconcutetape:CuteTape 29 11 WOO new human characters!! by Silver--Snap WOO new human characters!! :iconsilver--snap:Silver--Snap 10 7 Chibi Sailor  Scouts by Red-Priest-Usada Chibi Sailor Scouts :iconred-priest-usada:Red-Priest-Usada 544 16 Milo Ref 2017 by djpanda2 Milo Ref 2017 :icondjpanda2:djpanda2 3 13 Ketchum with a touch of All Might by JirachiAtSundown Ketchum with a touch of All Might :iconjirachiatsundown:JirachiAtSundown 14 11 Custom adopt by bakagummi Custom adopt :iconbakagummi:bakagummi 63 15
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My favorite English Dubs of anime are Blue Exorcist and My Hero Academia so far. I'm currently watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn As of today, is have 54 OCs Me and some friends are going to make OC Reviews on YouTube! Please, if you're interested, submit your OC to the group! Currently, I don't have a crush. I can't see anything without my glasses. I like watching Yandere Simulator on the Kubz Scouts Channel Favorite Anime/Manga of all time: My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Blue Exorcist (The Pokemon Anime, in all honesty, isn't the best, but is still enjoyable) My favorite YouTube Series are Yandere Simulator Myths (Kubz Scouts), Pokemon Character Study and What If
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~ Nuuu~ o3o ~
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Thank you~! ^-^


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T ~ Tears Are the Stars -Morningstar Lily
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1. Whats your favourite haircolor? 
* I love Pastel/blonde/silvery colors pink heart {big} 
2. A song your listening to right now?
* MISSIO - Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea  Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) KFC Chicken Epic Dance 
3. Would you ship my OC Feli with Eren or with Jean (SnK)?
* hmm.. idk why but I think Jean yes.. idk lol 

4. Show me your favourite artwork from your newest d
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Heyo! I'm an eternal optimist. my favorite anime include Sailor Moon, Yo-kai watch, cardcaptor sakura, and more! ^^
My weeb princessu~
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My husbandos:

Ash Ketchum ^///^

N Harmonia <333

Dark Pit ^w^

link <3

Pit X3

Li syaoran ^//W//^

Kagamine Len <3~

Tadase Hotori >///<

Mikoto Mikoshiba *////*

OLIVER ///A///

Gladion *///v///*

DA Family---->
FAQ-----> (…)
Sailor Moon by mmaker45
She is the one, Sailor moon!~ <3
Sailor moon made by :iconmmaker45:
Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle


Today's my birthday! Happy birthday to me! ❤
What's up, ladies and gents? So sorry I haven't been active lately. I've been working on finishing portal series and it's taking a while so please bear with me. ;_;
My birthday is tomorrow as well so I have something to look forward to! please continue to support the series and I hope to see you all soon! ❤ (^0^)/
Tagged by :iconjirachiatsundown:. Okie, let's go!~ ^^

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The 13 things:
1. My favorite pocky is strawberry X3
2. I've got a blog: notyourordinarynotyourordinary…
3. I'm a songwriter \\\
4. Len & Oliver are my favorite male vocaloids!~ Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] 
5. I've got an anime shelf~
6. I've got a figure of myself from Comic-Con <3
7. I'm a serious anime fanatic~ ///A///
8. My favorite soundcloud track:…
9. I love Hershey's!~ *q*
10. Most of my songs are ballads. <3
11. Favorite vocaloid cover:…
12. I love FLCL! ///
13. I love the planet Mars <3

?'s to be answered:

  1. Are you excited for the new Pokémon Movie? (On a scale of 1-10) 10.
  2. Do you watch TheFineBros? (A reaction channel) Nah. :/
  3. Have you heard of Marcus Veltri? (Beatboxer and Pianist on YT) Not really. 
  4. Favorite Shows of all time? Pokemon, FLCL, Sailor Moon, etc.
  5. What are your thoughts on "Shelter"? (Music Video on YT) If you haven't seen it, watch it and tell meh IT'S AWESOME!~ *O*
  6. Do you like Animation Memes? Yep. 
  7. If you could live in a fictional world, and NOT CHANGE WORLDS, which one would you go to? Pokemon.
  8. Cartoons, Anime, Game Shows, Documentaries, Reaction Vids, or other? (Basically, favorite thing to watch?) Anime, reaction vids, game shows.
  9. Why are you on DeviantArt? for writing.
  10. Are you the kind of person who: watches shows based off first impressions, gives a show a chance and waits for it to get good, or skip straight to the better content? gives shows a chance.
  11. Can you tell I'm running out of ideas? Yep XD
  12. Do you have any OCs? If yes, how many, and what are their names? Yes, 4. Peachy, Christine, Dave, & Yuchi. 
  13. Do you get annoyed at those comments on YouTube that are either a) self advertising comments, b) like for the cat 🐱, or c) who's watching this in 2017? ALL OF THE ABOVE.
  • Listening to: Drake
  • Reading: Nothing at the moment
  • Watching: my computer
  • Playing: nothing
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