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Lamentation of a Widowed Queen

I actually started this piece way back in May for a class assignment, but at the time I didn't have time to really complete it to my satisfaction. Since I'll be offering it as a print at GenCon next week, as well as in my shop after that, I set some time aside the other day to finish it up!

If you're interested in seeing the process behind it, I wrote an entry about it on my tumblr here.
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CarlPearce's avatar
VERY nice use of light here. Lovely.
bis-coito's avatar
the contrast is stunning
Tiko-Sco's avatar
You're shading is really amazing.
DSil's avatar
Very graphic and nicely designed. Reminds me of Sleeping Beauty and, enigmatically, Mike Mignola.
jello-bomb's avatar
Lovelyyyyy. I admire the composition so much!
MistressMim's avatar
This is absolutely awesome <3
hhemken's avatar
WhollyJeff's avatar
This is terrific! Really, really like the composition- just the general shapes, colors and contrasts are great in an abstract kind of way.
MoonlightHawk's avatar
you are soooo super talentted! o.o
Buckwolfe's avatar
I'd just keep pressing down on the "f" key for a good half hour or so, but eventually my index finger would tire, and it still wouldn't quite capture the "FUCK," that I imagined in my head.

This is just all kinds of remarkable amazing, lady. Words kinda escape me at the moment. Maybe I'll find them tomorrow.
Maija's avatar
Wow, what a composition!
JakeMurray's avatar
This design is so striking! Excellent job! :)
Ally-baka's avatar
This is really awesome. I mean, you can just feel the emotion....
YanTheDreamer's avatar
Asrafarel's avatar
love the mood...can i really say that?
rice-chex's avatar
Germille's avatar
This is fucking beautiful. Those shadows are completely awesome.
tlejeck's avatar
Way digging the way the shadows fall.
Foxtorch's avatar
these shadows and lights are really the essence of this picture, great work!
MrBIGAL's avatar
Beautiful lighting, super atmospheric.
restaldrake's avatar
reminds me of Final Fantasy Type-0 a bit.

I like it.
BandaidJ's avatar
this is wondrous :tear:
LucaMaria's avatar
Wow, it's incredible intense! :O
shashuko's avatar
I love the colors here
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