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Neo HackerTyper Screensaver for Windows


Started as some small prank by :iconfediafedia: and grown into something bigger later on, Neo HackerTyper Screensaver is a standalone version of this project in a form of a Windows screensaver!

I am not the original creator of this thing, but lent a hand helping with coding here and there, so might consider me as contributor or some sort.

Based on HackerTyper Neo (Click "Automate" to see the screensaver in your browser):
This screensaver fills your monitor with the kind of stuff you see in Movies, TV Shows and Games where preposterous code types itself.
We included 8 neat themes which are also available on the website. 

Instructions included inside. You can even use a shortcut to launch it at any time.

Please don't hesitate to comment!
Hope you like it!
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works well. Thank you

¿Cómo se descarga?

beastonea's avatar
WHAT???!!!! THIS IS REALLY REAL!!!!!!!!!
beastonea's avatar
But "This file is no longer available. " .... I want it too
How do I down load this?
Supersaiyan113's avatar
Is there a version for google chrome?
pheonixghost's avatar
I need to get the anonymous version from the website as a screensaver ^^ that'd be epic!
craterface12's avatar
Why are people saying that this is malware?
inkoalawetrust's avatar
Because free screensavers are usually malware.
LadyEntropy's avatar
I was trying to download the "offline" version, but I get a timeout. Could you, by any chance, put it on Dropbox too with the screensaver?
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it works for windows 10
does it work for windows 10 i need help
ptpt-kun's avatar
i like it :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Fallout style, please!
domonicflanders's avatar
I love the website! but i tryed to dowload it and it didnt work... idk why. could u help?
thecraqen's avatar
I scanned this just to make sure I wasnt getting myself into any shit and of course it comes back with trojans and malware...
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