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Princess Celestia Vector

By Lextsy
Here's the vector I used for my Eyefinity Celestia wallpaper ([link]). Of course this isn't the same size (the original is 20,000 pixels wide). As with with anything I do, there's bound to be errors. Let me know if any are visible and I'll see about repairing them.

I thought I'd start releasing some of my old work sources since they're collecting bytes on my hard drives.

Originally created October 2nd, 2011.

Use this for anything you wish. Don't worry about messaging me.
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Used in another artwork:
Princess Celestia's Growth Spell Incident by jerryakira79
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 muy good she is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon]
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Used in my comic! comic: A Princess' Desire [part.1] by MyFantasyZone
Thanks a lot for this vector! ^_^
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Wow princess Celestia is muy beautiful :D I like 
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Hi there, I have used this vector for an image I wanted to use as a background image for a video recording of myself singing Lullaby for a Princess (Celestia's version). Here is the image: Celestia, Luna and Shadow and here is the video: Lullaby for a Princess cover. Hope you like both uses.
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This have been used in youtube video: Game of Ponies.
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May I use this vector in a video about the Season 4 Animatic, if I give you credit?
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Bravooooo!!! Amazing!!:D
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i figured you would be interested to know i used your fantastic vector in a video i made recently, i loved the look of contemplation she has [link]
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(I missed the last line)
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Sorry I kinda already did... but I credited you. (I really wanted to upload it sorry... I'll take it down If you want me to)
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can I use this
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The crown is show accurate, which is good.
You need to add details to the crown that are similar to the ones on the breastplate (the S shaped things).

You could try darkening the pink border on the tail (make it like dark purple) so it doesn't blend into the tail, and still turning down the white/light gradients on the extremes of the tail a bit.
Where it folds in on itself it gets darker, not sure what software you used so it may not work but gradients can be used to accomplish this if they are angled. It looks like you mostly are just using linear gradients with 2 colors, you can add as many colors as you like and change the spacing between them, but it might be hard if your software doesn't let you angle them and blend them together.
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Those pose and body coloring is really good, but it would be nice if you fixed the hair a bit. The end gradients into white a bit too hard (Green is probably ok but blue is kind of too light, and pink is way too bright), and on the left pink gradient it cuts into the blue gradient too quickly, also on the right side of the tail the pink tail gradient could be rounded out (where the border is green it becomes concave). Her eye also has a purple to pink gradient. Don't think I've ever seen the shine dead on the pupil, but it looks ok, she looks mean.

Just some points I observed from starting at my own lines for hours =T

Also something is off about the crown perspective, and I don't know what it is. It's the way that they draw the character in the cartoon, which makes it look strange I think, making the crown appear to float. I probably did the wrong thing in my drawing and just added an extra bit of hair to fill in the dead space, since it kind of usually wraps around the horn anyway :(
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Hey thanks for letting me know about these errors. I've made the changes for most of your recommendations. The crown was untouched, however. Lowering it anymore and it would probably bump into her horn =P.
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Celestia is the best pony
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