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Eyefinity Celestia V1B1



A massive wallpaper featuring the tyrant I mean uhh.... big cheese Princess Celestia from the tv series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Another Eyefinity Special. However if you've read my journal, this wasn't planned at all. Sculpted to fit three 2560x1600 displays in Landscape mode.

--||Design and Planning||--
Celestia is BY FAR the MOST DIFFICULT thing I've EVER VECTORED. EVER. Especially since my gradient maker was broken, I had to reinsert my 2nd video card to get control of my 3rd and fourth monitor just so I can get it back onto a primary. But my machine seems fine now after installing it, so I'm staying on quadruple setup.

The Vector went in probably 5 stages. The easy part was the legs. Then the Wings, which then came the body and head. Stage 1 complete. Stage 2 colored them both, added the leg thingies (boots, gauntlets, anklets I dunno) and her Neck piece (necklace, choker, armor... uhh). Added her crown/tiara as well. Stage 2 complete. Add all facial features and basic hair outline. Stage 3 done. Then I did the hair gradients which actually didn't take too long (maybe an hour). Then her tail coloring which was more difficult. Stage 4 complete. Final stage was fixes, add cutie mark, accessory details and final coloring.

The original idea was to have Celestia on the right monitor section and have her hair span across all three, but I didn't do her hair the way I wanted so I left it as is, and just exported the vector to 10,000 pixels wide (aspect lock) and just made her take up as much room as possible. Her hair dominated the left monitor, her face and stern look the center, and her wings, cutie mark and part of her tail to takeover right (Also plot). I added her name in 3D, put a quick smoke particle effect in the scene rendered it out with alpha checked and let it runs it's course. Plant it down at full res pushed up and done. While the 3D scene was rendering, I vectored some curvy lines and spanned it across the entire area. Copied her cutie mark and stamp it down in the corner. Left monitor is now a complete piece. Center monitor was already full of detail, so I let that be. Right monitor however was a rather plain, so I cut her hair flow, added a mask over it with a cloud render on top and radial+motion blur it. Looks good eh? Final thing I did was add the minor glow to Celestia.

Also there's a character limit for the title so I couldn't put the original planned name of Eyefinity Princess Celestia v1b1

Also note this is Version 1 Beta 1. There may be a v1b1r for major fixes that'll overwrite this one, and if I can get some awesome ideas (self-conceived or from others) I will make a V2 like the Eyefinity Pegasi series.

I actually did the 2nd half of this live. I rarely stream on this channel but heh, might catch me.


V1b2 can be found here [link]
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This is really beautiful. My only issue is the cloud. It's covering far too much of her name, and just looks very out of place. Other than that, this is really beautiful.