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Boy this one is a mixed bag! It depicts two DC characters yet mixes Disney and Jay Ward. Zatanna has been interpreted in so many ways that just about the only thing that artists agree on is that she has black hair. Why not provide her facial details from Disney's Esmeralda? Who can resist Bunny Raven? She's so adorable.

BTW: the title is lifted from a tag line spoken by Bullwinkle the Moose when he pulls Rocky out of a hat.

Esmeralda (c) Disney
Zatanna & (Bunny) Raven (c) DC Comics, WB

painting (c) me
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That's not a jay ward character.
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I know, but someone from the R&B club read my reference in the description.
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Tell them that!
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nice crossover :D
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This is so excellent, love their expressions and the vivid colours! :heart:
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Oh. Em. Gee. I LOVE YOU for this! So many memories (and yes, I did get the R&B ref there), such a cute combo!!! :clap:
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THANX. I'm glad you like it.
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Lol funny one we can tell Raven not enjoy this one bit but you right she is adoreable and cute as a bunny
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In my faves I have collected a number of "Bunny Raven" pics by other DA artists.
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interesting drawing. is the a esmeralda and raven friendship of femme slash
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That wasn't my intention with this picture.
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That episode of Teen Titans was epic. Esme makes a great magician. :D
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Bullwinkle: "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat."

Rocky: "Again?"

Bullwinkle: "Nuthin' up my sleeve... PRESTO!" *pulls out lion*

"No doubt about it, I gotta get a new hat."

Rocky: "And now here's something we hope you'll really like"

Yes, I am that much a nerd. Great picture. Raven and Zatanna look cute.
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Have we crossed paths at Norwescon?
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I don't think so. What is Norwescon?
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Thanks. I may do other Bunny Raven illo if I am able to sell the original artwork for this one.
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So cute! I especially love Raven's scowl.
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