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Hex Marks the Spot

This picture depicts a scene from the first episode of HEX in which Thelma turns her dorm mate Cassie into an art project by tracing her figure onto a huge sheet of paper.

Admittedly, the blue pencil sketch is more accurate to the episode. Let's just imagine that the show was made for cable TV!

Hex characters are over 18!

Any resemblence to certain characters is up to the viewer's imagination.
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Lovely. Who could object?
LEXLOTHOR's avatar
It appears that you followed the breadcrumb trail to "the spot". If this picture suddenly disappears from my gallery, you will know the reason why.
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Lisa Simpson would KILL for that hair!
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Huh... and she actually lay down naked for the project? All for art's sake eh...
LEXLOTHOR's avatar
The scene in the TV show actually looked more like this:

Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Yes, that would make rather more sense. ;P
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Who re these guys?
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FeudorLaurent's avatar
Oops! She lost her undies! Still, I think Bonnie looks great!
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Enjoy this while it lasts. There appears to be a jihad going on DA against KP characters being depicted in the nude, even though with the final wrap up of the KP series, it was established that all of the characters graduated from highschool at the legal age of 18!

It may only be a matter of time before some bluenose denounces this art and it gets sent to coventry.

I suspect that one of my watchers stopped watching me when this popped up. I see that as odd because some of the very first pictures I posted on DA were nudes.

I reached a point in preparing the underpainting for this picture where I concluded that to cover her up would spoil something beautiful. So I left it as is.
FeudorLaurent's avatar
Well, there are different ways to show nakedness, and this seems to me to be beautiful rather than something anyone can take offence to. But then, it's difficult to guess what upsets some people...
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There is a definite difference between the vulgar and exploitative and something that is intrinsically beautiful. If this were a photographic it might be accused of being "serious art".

The Latin might be something like: "bonitas en se".
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Great work! It´s so sweeeeet!
Just wondering about some things.
LEXLOTHOR's avatar
THANX. I decided to go with the "Anglican Beauty" aspect.
geekspace's avatar
Given both characters' blissfully-lidded eyes, I find it hard to read much in the way of CSI or Law & Order, but to each their own.
LEXLOTHOR's avatar
In the actual sequence, all you see is the top of Thelma's head. The shot was taken looking straight down from the ceiling. I tilted her head upward so you can see her face, ergo the position of her eyelids.
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Simply gorgeous, and I don't just mean the "cable" aspect. For one thing, Thelma's black & white motif (especially that checkerboard skirt) forms a striking contrast with all that rose & pink. And I reiterate: your work does wonders for animated blondes (and redheads, and brunettes, and...).
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Thelma's outfit is almost the same as the one she wore in the episode. They dressed the character in a lot of basic black and white. When I started the color version I definitely got a late Sixties POP-art vibe from it. I decided not to add the pink underwear over the under painting because it had a strange symmetry as is. The chalk outline has overtones of a police crime scene. The image transcended my original intent. Now anyone can read anything into it.
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