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Alt Earths Intelligent Species

The Alternate Evolution series can be seen in this gallery:


Oddly, this picture has become popular with Alternate History fans who usually collect flags and maps.

Way back in the 80's I drew a series of B&W illustrations for a semi-technical article speculating on the evolution of intelligent species on Earth had circumstances been slightly different at various points in geologic history.

Unfortunately the magazine that these were created for went defunct before the article could be published. They have never been published.

A few years ago I prepared a hand-colored series of these illustrations. To date very few have sold. I suppose this stuff is just too esoteric.

This picture was the summation of the article.

From left to right they are a human, a derived Gigantopithecus, an intelligent coelurosaur and pterosaur,
a humanoid oreopithecus and smart tarsioid, a sentient marsupial, a sectapod derived from acanthodians, a flying placoderm, an intelligent synapsid and a hydrogen filled coelenterate.

This picture is closer to what my academic background is than anything I have previously posted.

absolutely everything (c) John P. Alexander
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Lol jelly fish and dinosaurs
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Hey, Pedobear is assaulting a teenager girl there! =D
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Actually that is supposed to represent a female sasquatch. All of the creatures in this illustration are the females of their respective species.
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Ah! Hhehehehehheheheh

Me and my dirty mind =D
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It's a lesbian pedobear then.
You mean pedoape, call her a bear and she will throw poo at you
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I just had an anthropologygasm :D

This is great!
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Have a look at the individual illustrations in which they appear:

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English isn't my native language so i'm a little bit confused with all scientific names in description. I can guess who are a derived Gigantopithecus, an intelligent coelurosaur and pterosaur,
a humanoid oreopithecus and a sentient marsupial but all others confused me. Could you be so kind and explain a little about others?
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Follow this link for the illustrations that highlight the individual species:


The six-legged creature evolved from fish that had 3 rather than only 2 paired sets of fins. The thing on its back is derived from armored jawless fish that migrated to the land.
The creature clutching the eggs is an intelligent therapsid mammal-like reptile. Finally the floating organism is related to echinoderms such as seastars.
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Thanks a lot!
Whoa...Never met anyone who from all possible variations would choose a reasonale fish, even two. That's rare.
I wonder why people usually don't take fish seriously?
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Actually these extrapolations are not fish any more than humans are fish. They just evolved from DIFFERENT fish than tetrapods did.
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Oh, i see now.
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Lovely creatures all around. The naked ceolurosaur makes me tense, but I do acknowledge it being made in the 80s.

But where's the flying placoderm? The beetle-like creature on the hexapod's back?
LEXLOTHOR's avatar

These creatures appear in this illustration:

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Ah, so they're hexapods as well.
For a second, I had read that as the "placoderms" of the Triassic period, and did a double-take.
Jurassic-Gothic's avatar
This is really eerie. I like it.
Especially the flying placoderm and the hexa-tetrapod acanthodian. :)
LEXLOTHOR's avatar
THANX. I have a series of pictures on my DA paleontology gallery depicting these creatures in period groups. The one for the placoderm & acanthodian is entitled "Death from Above".
Jurassic-Gothic's avatar
Yeah, I've taken a look :)
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A massively belated apology is in order...I'll try not to be so flippant in the future.
geekspace's avatar
Hey, you'd have my interest...and I shall have to look up this Matternes character.
LEXLOTHOR's avatar
Jay Matternes is not some "character". He is the best contemporary artist who has specialized in paleontological reconstructions and wildlife painting. He is the inheritor of the legacy of Charles R. Knight and Rudolph Zallinger.

I'll upload some of my other paleo pics.
geekspace's avatar
Hey, Nat. Geo was always one of my faves...not for the reasons that would set off said loonies, mind you.

That said, I especially like the various non-primate beings here:

*The coeluro/dromaeosaur is fairly thought-provoking...those puffy cheeks & reduced dentition (most theropod portrayals sport a wicked overbite) seem to imply an ominivorous diet.

*The sectapod's hadrosaur-ish head, crocodilian scutes & of course limb arrangement really stand out as wonders if all six limbs are employed in motion, or if the forward pair are essentially arms.

*Ye gods, that coelenterate looks like it jumped off the cover of a 50's sci-fi pulp (which, to my eyes, is no bad thing). So, for that matter, do the placoderm & synapsid.

Overall great stuff, and thanks for sharing it.
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