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AE Rainbow Morning

More of my paleontology illustration appears in this gallery:


This is another Alternate Earth illustration depicting my intelligent gibbonoids.

Waaay back in the dark ages before blogs, there were these things called "fanzines". When I included a photocopy of my work entitled "Golden Afternoon" to a fanzine editor (as a sample of my work) the A-HOLE actually printed it without my permission. I guess he didn't understand the concept about a portfolio presentation and printed EVERYTHING that landed in his PO box!

As a result I had to prepare a SECOND illo of the gibbonoids for the article that the first one was supposed to appear in.

art (c) John P. Alexander

Again my inspiration is both Maxfield Parrish and Disney's Fantasia Pastoral Symphony sequence.

Again I have taken the absurd precaution of putting an advisory on this work because some moron might consider naked apes to be naked people.
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I like your clever, whimsical take on an evolutionary road not traveled. ;-)
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This picture series was originally conceptualization for a novel I never wrote.
So are the tarisars domesticated or are they just friendly wild animals ?
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No, I had envisioned the Tarsioids as sapient creatures that share the forests with the gibbonoids. They eat different resources so they do not compete.
Cool idea, I know someone who is working on an Alternate History series involving a sapient species evolved from New World primates.They have a symbiotic relationship with semi-intelligent Capuchin Monkeys  
for some reason, they remind me of sea monkeys
muy interesante la evolución jamas es un camino recto y estudiar las posibilidades  es facinante y una pregunta que nivel de desarrollo tecnologico tendrian
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What did these creatures evolve from?
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Miocene Oreopithecus which may be related to gibbons.
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Oh. So, no ordinary humans in this timeline?
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This was a parallel timeline in which these were the most intelligent creatures on the Earth. It was to be a chapter from a time travel novel that I never finished.
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Any other changes in this timeline?
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Tarsioids are more prominent in the primate fauna.
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There was a major radiation of strepserhine primates related to the modern tarsier during the Tertiary. These include the Omomyiids which were widespred during the Eocene in North America. Because there is only one living representative of the clade, they are largely overlooked in the public eye.
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THIS IS SO AWESOME. I love this scene!
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A true Garden of Eden. I also like the Deinotherium in the background
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I am glad you like it.

This was a concept illustration for an alternate timeline novel in which time travelers have got to go further back in time to find the branching point for their own timeline. I put the Deinotherium in the picture to show that this is an alternate Pliocene. I may still write this novel, but I used some of the elements in this picture for another novel that I DID write.
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Oh I see it's an alternate Pliocene, I thought the picture is meant to show the present time, showing a primitive,peaceful, civilization. I too had an idea for a few alternate earths (one I'm doing with JohnFaa, it's a KT-less Earth), as well as an alternate Earth where early fish developed aerial animals rather than terrestrial animals, and another Earth where humans did not arise, and many species resemble mythical/cryptozoological creatures, and your alternate "humans" resemble my ideas for gnomes/fairies/nymphs. I think you should continue on expanding your alternate earths as they are quite beautiful and creative.
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One reason why I set this project aside, was because a number of other authors had already published these scenarios.
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wow amazing O____O
i like all the details, the colors, the rainbow in the water, the plants&trees...
i cant stop staring at it ^^
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THANX. I sold the original b&W ink illustration for a fraction of what it was worth about six years ago. I have regretted it ever since.
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