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AE Golden Afternoon

More of my paleontology art appears in this gallery:


This is part of my unpublished article on alternate Earths.

The sentient creatures are evolved from the so-called "lesser apes", the gibbonoids such as Oreopithecus.

The gibbonoids are accompanied in their idylic afternoon by smart little tarsioid primates.

The setting of this is half Maxfield Parrish and half Disney's Fantasia.

Although these creatures are non-human primates, because they don't have body fur they are essentially naked. I have therefore taken the absurd step of putting a "mature" caution on this otherwise absolutely innocent picture.

art (c) John P. Alexander
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they'll take advantage of their quadrumanous bauplan when they'll conquest space. four hands are better in a 0 g environment! :)
LEXLOTHOR's avatar
In fact Arthur C. Clarke speculated about genetically manipulated cebids as being useful in zero-G in his "Rendezvous with Rama" series.
SchweinGoth's avatar
oh, I didn't know! I'm a huge sci-fi reader but I never read Randevouz with Rama. I'll do as soon!
I remember qudrumanous genetically modified humans (ousters) in Dan Simmons' Hyperion cantos. :)
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My first impression of this was a sort of eerie false-tranquility - then I noticed the tarsioids clinging to the two game players, and that shattered all preconceptions. It was only after reading the description that I noticed the other tarsioids in the picture - the ones smashing nuts with mallets made for a great "easter egg" as a result. It's too bad you abandoned that novel project - there's a large ever-hungry audience for exactly that sort of speculation in the world today.
LEXLOTHOR's avatar

I still have the concept in the back of my head. Were I too have success with my finished novels, I might return to this concept.
ElSqiubbonator's avatar
Have you considered joining the Speculative Evolution forum? I'm part of it, and we need people like you!
Gespenst-Noir's avatar
excellent picture, i think you should do another gibbonoids picture.
Maybe showing them in a later eras like the iron age.
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There is one other picture in this series:


plus another comparison drawing in my PALEO gallery.

This was a project that I abandoned almost 30 years ago. I don't know if I would ever revive the novel I was going to write.
Gespenst-Noir's avatar
Thank you.
What was the novel about?.
I like the idea of another homo species evolution taking the lead.
I would love to hear more about this novel.
LEXLOTHOR's avatar
The novel was about a group of time travelers who go back into the past. When they attempt to return to the present, they keep going into ever divergent alternate universes. Ultimately they decide to stay in the timeline with the gibbonoids because it is the one closest to our own.

When the TV series "Sliders" did much the same thing (very badly) I just gave up on the project.
Gespenst-Noir's avatar
Could you tell me more about the gibbonoids.
Like there culture and if they ever became more technology advance.
LEXLOTHOR's avatar
I never developed them beyond the hunter/gatherer stage. I had taken note of the fact that gibbons did better on the sort of intelligence tests that are administereed to chimps, if the test was situated above their shoulder level.

Hylobatids are monogamous. They mate for life and raise their offspring together. Males have different hair coloring than females. In some ways these creatures behave in a very bird-like fashion.
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Really interesting concept.
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Ron Stoppable ears.
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Yeah, titillation is clearly not the name of the game here. Those prehensile feet, elongated arms & ever-so-slightly projected faces (not to mention the radically canted ears) clearly distinguish these characters from Homo "sapiens."

Despite the idyllic vibe this scene generates, I find myself wondering how much grief these fellows would sustain from arboreal predators (feline, serpentine or avian)....although given the altitude, few of these tormentors would mass enough that a sharp stick or some impromptu archery couldn't send 'em packing.
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These creatures have been likened to the Gelflings from "Dark Crystal". As I recall, I completed this picture just before that movie was released.
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