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Commission Sheet by LexisSketches

:bulletblue: Headshots - $10 USD
:bulletblue: Chibi + BG - $15-$20 USD
:bulletblue: Half/Fullbody + BG - $25-$35 USD

Can Do:
>Slight Gore
**If there is a specific drawing in my gallery you want your commission to resemble, let me know!

:bulletgreen: Points & Paypal Accepted
:bulletgreen: May take 1-2 weeks to receive. In the meantime you will receive one sketch/wip to ensure artist and customer are on the same page. 

Questions? Concerns? Note me! I do not bite!

Hello! I am in need of some money to try and pay some medical bills, so some help would be appreciated!

I am taking 3 slots for icons & small scenes! A few examples of what I am talking about:

Dumpling Swadloon by LexisSketches Little Oogie by LexisSketches Charizard by LexisSketches Torterra by LexisSketches Lumpy Lizard by LexisSketches

...And many more in my gallery!

If you are interested please send me a message on here or email me at

Thank you!

Hey there! Sorry about all the text posts lately but I promise I'll be quiet after this! Just posting that I've been attempting to revamp my patreon for sometime now. I now have 4 goals that if reached, would guarantee nsfw each month (male, female and couples/ships)! I also have two donation tiers, $1 patrons get full access and $10 patrons get a guaranteed drawing of their choice, whether that be an oc or fanart! 

Something else I'll be starting is early access for all patrons for nsfw draws! This means that all of my work is still 100% free, however patrons will able to see the naughty goodies much sooner! Otherwise, nothing's changed too much!

Thanks everyone for all of your support! :heart:

EDIT: NSFW previews will be posted here on deviantart to let watchers know when hidden content is out!
Hello there! I wanted to do a raffle for Valentine's Day but Valentine's Day came and went really fast, and I've also injured my leg and had to get xrays that day! :noes: Nonetheless, I'm still holding the raffle!

:bulletgreen: +fav This journal!
And that's it :)

I will have a list together and will choose the winner via random generator! The raffle will close March 1st! Good luck everyone!

Want extra entries into the raffle?
:bulletblue: Make a journal advertising this raffle and post a link to it in the comments below!
:bulletblue: Subscribe to my youtube channel and post your username below!
Do all this and get a total of 3 entries!

Congratulations to mayadaloves87 for winning! Thank you for entering!
Hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm hoping 2017 will be a good one and I hope to get a lot accomplished! 

To start the new year off I am happy to announce the opening of my youtube account! :la: I'll be posting speeddraws here, and possibly a few tutorials or whatever on how I go about doing things!
>>My Channel<<

To celebrate the new year/my new channel I'll be giving away 1000 points! 

:bulletgreen: +fav This journal!
And that's it :)

I will have a list together and will choose the winner via random generator! The raffle will close January 20th! Good luck everyone!

Want extra entries into the raffle?
:bulletblue: Make a journal advertising this raffle and post a link to it in the comments below!
:bulletblue: Subscribe to my youtube channel above and post your username below!
Do all this and get a total of 3 entries!

Congrats to Chibi-Scout!…

I've been wanting to sell merch for awhile! So I opened a redbubble.
Derpy Keemos by LexisSketches
Only one design out so far but I'll be updating with previous artwork and new stuff too!
1500 :points: / $15 USD Commissions! 
You can contact me @

Pearl and Lapis by LexisSketches  Son Goku by LexisSketches  Doki and Victoza by LexisSketches Cteno by LexisSketches Blue Eyed Moth by LexisSketches Mimi by LexisSketches Yellow Gummi by LexisSketches Flo and Erin by LexisSketches  Happy Yom (Mud)Kippur by LexisSketches

>Headshots are cheaper at 1000 :points:/ $10 USD
TheBootyDiaries by LexisSketches Skull Dragon by LexisSketches

>Detailed scenes/commissions/hentai with detailed backgrounds are at 2500 :points: / $25 USD
Jerusalem In the Forest by LexisSketches

Mature Content

Looking On by LexisSketches
Pieces by LexisSketches

>Realism w/ or w/o backgrounds are at 4000 :points: / $40 USD
Clean by LexisSketches GULO GULO by LexisSketches

:la: WILL DO:

:note: Questions? Comments? Note me!
deviantART Groups Point Commissions should go through the commission widget! Note me about Paypal!

My Patreon is now officially open for business!

I’ve decided to go on the smaller side with 3 goals so far, but I’ll add more as I grow!

What you will get if you patron me:

  • Ability to suggest fanart for pinup votes
  • Early access to tutorials + suggestion power
  • Paint Tool Sai layered files
  • My unending gratitude! 
I don't plan on having 100% exclusive content, I'm here for everyone's enjoyment! But a little support would be great.………


Helloooo! I've been on a good art kick lately- posting plenty, full of fresh ideas, and successfully expanding my boundaries. I love doing raffles as a way to give back to the community, really. Because I really appreciate all of you guys watching my work whether it's here, on tumblr, furaffinity, instagram or whatever.


:eager:How To Enter:
:bulletgreen: +fav  This Journal
And that's all!

However, there are some ways you can get multiple entires...
:bulletgreen: Post a journal advertising this raffle! Link below!
:bulletgreen: Follow me on Instagram and comment your user below!
:bulletgreen: Follow me on Furaffinity and comment your user below!

Winner will be chosen via on March 26th! I wish you all luck! :shamrock:

The winner is candiitea! Congratulations! 
Sooo I've been spreading my horizons on the internet and lurking in places like FurAffinity and Instagram (the Instagram is actually brand spankin new)

SO! Here's where I'm at;

:instagram: INSTAGRAM
FurAffinity Icon FURAFFINITY

So check me out if you wannaaaaa
Well December first is finally here I am a dummy! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving/Black Friday and I hope you all enjoy the upcoming winter holidays :) (Smile) 

A few small updates...
Bullet; Blue I've started up a few YCH Auctions and they can all be found right here;…
Bullet; Blue I'll be taking part of the "Character Drawcember". I've never participated in a monthly art challenge and I wanted to try one! I encourage you all to take the challenge as well (Here-…)
Bullet; Blue Commissions are still open!

Alrighty, now for the feature! 

Sylvanas by BFTU<da:thumb id="575379068"/> Little Mermaid by sarcophagus6 #1 The sun and moon by eliasmadan Hipster Elf by Techonic Character by Yenga Alex by AngiePineda Ayanami by LovinaYavari<da:thumb id="575323156"/><da:thumb id="575297132"/> Happy birthday Hitogata! by rainbownote Blackbeard - AC Black Flag fanart by psiipilehto<da:thumb id="574854791"/> Rock Goddess by Cra-ZShaker<da:thumb id="575156449"/> Symbiote by Enigmapsyche Nosferatu by Entenn Hey Arnold - Hey Gerald by Princess-CoCo-154 I zentangled my heart in space by miss-ninja-cookie Muffet by Uvodd-AF You think you can win? by glitteronin Goldfish geisha by fridouw Buddies with the villain by Monstrocker<da:thumb id="575059852"/> I Am the Darling Moonstone by Royal8Gold Mettaton EX by vomiter The Adorable Auroran Comic Chapter GuideLIGHT: THE SERIES
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The Adorable Auroran
Volume 1: Heaven's Gift
Prologue: Our Final Hope
Chapter 1: Brandon's Wish
Chapter 2: UFO
Chapter 3: Field Trip
Chapter 4: Heaven's Gift
Volume 2:
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Chapter 2:
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Volume 3:
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
<a href="">
Lineart by VoraciousSkye Jiaying by mattmc95 Music Box - Anthro Challenge by RaggedVixen Suicide Girl  by togling Leaf me by WolfXGizmosis Katarina - League Of Legends by PVproject Stars Left to See by dnimll Darth Vader by patricktoifl 13 novembre 2015 by FG-Arcadia Red and Blue by Xxkaori-neko-chanxX Lion Hatch by EhhWint Blah, blah, blah by CatsareCuteWMKM Magic Girl by SK-Vela FreshOldness by Yutaila Magic Spell by Talexior<da:thumb id="574579606"/> Brennan [Contest Entry] by Tranquilerin Pokemon' oc by LolitaAiTan Ink Hair by coconutmoose Silhouette by Plaidpathy Kaito (Vocaloid) Cross Stitch by ShiroiKoumori An Artful Pear by C-Novack Three Thousands Years - Kaiba and Blue Eyes by ladybakura92 They Say Love Conquers AllThey say love conquers all, but few know what that truly means.  For the longest time, Alena and I were unable to get near enough each other to share a brief moment, but those few times we did, it was as if nothing else mattered.  A few seconds in each other’s presence was enough to charge us with life, with energy, till our next meeting, whether it be a day, a week, or months away.  However, the more we were together; the harder it was to be apart.  Love is a drug, and we were highly addicted and dependent on it.  The fact we were from different species though, made it very difficult for us to be together.  Alena came from a royal bloodline of faery, and I, well I was from a small clan of werewolves who lived on the outskirts of the mystical forest.  A meeting between a highborn Faery princess, and a lowly werewolf pup, should never have happened, and yet, fate saw to it that it did.
 The first time we met, I had been running through the w
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