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Size Comparison of EVERYTHING

I own nothing, rights go to respective owners. ALL SIZES are well researched, you are welcome to ask how. If a size could not be proven for something, i did not include it. please comment any objection with accurate reasons why.
Some names are very small, so listed from left to right.

1. Woman/Man
2. Krogan
3. Zealot (starcraft)
4. Elite (halo)
5. Starship Troopers Warrior Bug
6. Brute
7. Beserker (GoW)
8. Handyman
9. Hunter (halo)
10. Hydralisk
11. Elephant
12. Chocobo
13. King Kong
14. T. rex
15. Mantis (halo)
16. AT-ST
17. Rancor
18. Optimus Prime
19. Balrog
20. Treebeard
21. Elephant (halo)
22. Dragon (skyrim)
23. Brumak
24. Brachiosaurus
25. AT-AT
26. Deathwing
27. Ultralisk
28. Tripod (book size)
29. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
30. The Mayflower
31. Millennium Falcon
32. Statue of Liberty
33. Rocket and Shuttle
34. Cloverfield Monster
35. Colossal Titan
36. Scarab (halo)
37. Titanic
38. American Godzilla
39. Godzilla
40. Monsters vs. Aliens Probe
41. Reaper Destroyer

1. Blue whale
2. Normandy SR2
3. Starship Enterprise (original series)

1. Sydney Opera House
2. Great pyramid of Giza

EDIT:… Never thought this thing would get on the news!
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Is the Titanic longer then the USS Enterprise?

toainsully's avatar
I like it. I'm planning to do a death battle pitting against the Martian Tripods against the Titans (Attack on Titan)
The Green Bank Telescope (largest move-able radio telescope on earth) stands at 148m (485ish feet) high. It may be a nice comparison to see it in the background :-)

btw, I find this chart to be incredibly awesome!!!
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King Kong is bigger then a T-Rex. By far, a T-Rex is 16 ft tall and King Kong is 25 ft tall. Later incarnations are up to 66 ft tall with the taller being 147 ft tall.
rockstarcrossing's avatar
I honestly never through a AT-ST would be almost the same size as a rancor.
TheLegacyOfK41Z3R's avatar
Cloverfield monster xd
Kimiko140's avatar
I cannot BELIEVE how much TIME and EFFORT you put into this. Kudos to you. Clap 
toxicflowersSMPR's avatar
NordicB3rry's avatar
Well, here T.rex must have been Jp one because real Tyrannosaurus is not that big
liza2016's avatar
*zoom about 1000%* dear mother of god
abyssalanimatronics's avatar
Godzilla2014 & Godzilla2016: God damn! Why? This art is submit on 2013? 
Lexinator117's avatar
August 5th 2013 to be exact.
Lexinator117's avatar
Chicken? Beef? Oriental Spice? You're gonna have to be more specific.
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I wish you had the MAWLR from Killzone 3
YuraofthehairFan's avatar
the Dune worms need to be added
Lexinator117's avatar
There were several worms that I wanted to do, but most of them didnt have any good definitive sizes or reference pictures. Plus their proportions make it difficult to put them nicely on a chart like this.
YuraofthehairFan's avatar
ahh ya i tried to look them up but could not find info on that but would love to know how big they are compared to the 2015 godzilla
snek01's avatar
Size of sandworms varry…
But there are few info about their size:…
YuraofthehairFan's avatar
hehe now that's huge but also now they have the super dragon god in dragonball super lol
Zefram's avatar
You're probably sick of hearing corrections by this point, but I had to point out Treebeard is canonically only about 14-15' tall. He looks far larger in the movie because he's usually only seen next to a pair of 3' hobbitses. 
Lexinator117's avatar
Thats actually quite surprising that no one has brought that one to my attention yet, i looked into it, and by the movie scenes he looks to me like he should be more around 20 feet or so.

Thank you, when someday i decide to revise and expand this chart, i will be sure to fix that
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can you add more forgotten scales like Horny from dungeon keeper 2 or  something new like the spear of udun from sc2 legacy of the void
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