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Doom the Troll



From the Storythread, Spider Spark, in which Agatha is somehow found in the Marvel-verse..
Agatha causes some level of grief and mayhem against the villains and friends of Spiderman



The screen near Dr. Doom turned on and Reed Richards angry face filled it. The lord of Latervia smiled as he faced his arch foe. "Richards, why are you contacting me on this pleasant day?"

"Call her off , Doom. Call that crazy woman off now." Reed spat out, anger filling his fac.

Doom sounded surprised when he spoke in the most innocent tone of voice possible. "What woman, Richards? I haven't sent anyone to annoy you. I would do that myself."

"That Agatha woman, every week she comes over to visit Sue and talk science with her. Then she looks around my lab and tries to make improvements....
stop laughing! 

--End Excerpt--

Agatha has cause mayhem and utter destruction upon Reed Richards sensibilities...

Art © Me
Fantastic Four © Marvel Comics
Girl Genius © Phil & Kaja Foglio
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