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A flower dies, another blooms.
When you're not around;
I'm chipper,
I babble,
I'm random,
my laughs are always jovial and my eyes laughing.
But when you're around...
I'm quiet
never too much to say
the talk we make is small
our laughs awkward and eyes fixed at the ground.
When you're not around it is as if a wild daisy is blooming within me;
unbridled and free.
I run I leap I stride with the most carefree nature the world has ever seen.
But then you come around and the flower dies and I feel a new one taking root in my breast.
It is a snowdrop;
it is as well as I smile shyly yet ironically at our silence
we are camouflaged, easily overlooked
I erect a shield of invisibility around us to hide us away from prying eyes.
And yet we only sit, hardly ever saying a word to the other
When you're not around, my daisy explodes
but when you appear, the daisy dies and the snowdrop blooms.
Is this love?
Do you feel it too?
Does your snowdrop bloom?
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You know why I'm shy?
You know why I'm shy?
You know why I only speak when spoken to or absolutely necessary?
Why I play the little Fluttershy?
I'll tell you why.
Because I was a Pinkie-Pie once.
I was that outgoing little ball of smiles, never knowing the meaning of fear or self-censorship.
I wasn't afraid to tell the world my opinion on matters or share my soul with the outside world.
What had I to be afraid of?
I'll tell you what.
I found out through many 'shut-up's and dirty looks,
through those smart remarks that made everyone laugh.
I found out when I heard them talking about me, specifically without any of that speculative shit,
exactly what I had to be afraid of.
I had to shut up if I really wanted to be liked.
I had to keep to myself if I wanted to stop being talked about.
And if I didn't want to be on the receiving end of those smart remarks then I had better not make myself known in the first place.
It was a painful transition, going from Pinkie-Pie to Fluttershy.
A painful transition indeed.
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 2 18
House of healers
When you're a healer...
you take it upon yourself to put aside your own wounds
and heal others.
That is simply the way you do things.
It's not like you can help it.
But when you're living in a house of healers...
and something happens...
It is something of a gridlock,
everybody trying to heal everybody else.
But everybody else is hiding their wounds,
trying to heal the other.
So it's hard to get anything done.
But you can be sure that we'll stand together,
through anything as one.
That's simply the way we do things.
It's not like we can help it.
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0
Dreams Ch.2
Chapter 2
Kevin stared at the now limp form of his sworn enemies' cousin without a clue as to what to do next. 'What I'm for someone like you to let someone like me'
Had she really said that?
The words bounced around in his head, echoing again and again; care for you care for you care for you. Had she really lifted her hand to his cheek without any hesitation whatsoever? Had this really happened? Could this have really happened?
He should ignore it, he should ignore it and chalk it up to a failed last-ditch attempt and return to killing Ben Tennyson...but...but...for once Kevin hesitated, and for the life of him he couldn't say why. It was just the way she had looked when she had been pleading for her family's life, she had looked so scared, so helpless.
He knew how that felt.
Kevin shook his head viciously at that, was he actually empathizing here?! He needed to turn and do what he needed to do, he needed to walk away and kill Tennyson. Kill Tennyson kill
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 3 11
The energy of the night
The bugs don't bother me. I mean, they do but they're all part of the energy of the night so I can't complain. Night creatures call with the chirping of crickets, calls of birds, and chatter of all other kind of indigenous nocturnal fauna to create a song with a lightning tempo more explosive than that of any zesty meringue.
The song of the night fills my senses to the brim, magnified only by the absence of light and visual distraction as well as that of any passing car or motor vehicle; silence provides the most energizing beat to those with a mind to hear it so. A question relays in my mind as all the troubles cast by the daylight begin to melt away: why is everyone else tired? It's only 11:00 pm, they should have gotten their second wind by now! Maybe it's just us night owls who can hear and see these things; feel the energy of the night that makes you feel as if you can run a marathon. Hear the sounds of the nightlife weaving and blending themselves into the fierce and upbeat tune
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0
Teddy bear
Little teddy bear.
It's arms are open.
Need a hug?
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 13
Flames lick  at the wood.
Pinecones crackle and pop.
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0
The lights buzz.
A child sits.
Detention sucks.
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0
Crickets chirp.
An owl calls.
The jungle's lullaby.
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0
He watches her.
Should he talk to her?
No, she would just run.
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 1 0
Love endures.
Destiny resonates.
Both entwining the lovers.
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0
A flower blooms.
Many more bloom with it.
But who enjoys their scent?
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0
In the stars.
In the moon.
In the Sun.
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 1 0
Before the war,
a soldier draws a breath.
Will it be his last?
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0
The princess waits for her prince.
But the throne stays empty.
She dies alone.
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0
In a forest
she waits for him.
Will he never come?
:iconlexiejay:lexiejay 0 0


OK I know how strange this might sound but hear me out.

Ben= James Potter. He's seen as a hero throughout the entire series even though he can be a royal jackass and a child.

Gwen= Lilly Evans. Very studious and talented as well as kind and compassionate.

Kevin~ Severus Snape. Has lived a very hard and abusive lifetime and still carries a lot of open wounds. Is connected to the underground and is willing to go into the moral no-man's-land to do what is right or get the job done.

Grandpa Max~ Dumbledor. The wizened elder with more than a few skeletons in his closet, seems to have the answer to everything and is seen as an all-powerful guide but as the story progresses he eventually becomes much more human.

Am I the only one who sees this?


I've grown up pretty sheltered all my life and I'm very unclear on my religious values, I am bisexual and not afraid to say it and have a very big interest in the supernatural.


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