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"Jewels" are extraterrestrial descendants of a more highly-evolved offshoot of humankind.They are pacifistic,altruistic,cheerful,serene and highly spiritual.Their actual species name or planet of origin is unknown,however these questions don`t seem to bother them too much.Though socially liberal,they also have conservative traits in their religious faith and instead of having names in the human sense often call one another by familial terms such as "Father","Mother","Son",Daughter" etc.The jewels on their heads for which they are named can be used to hypnotize and pacify hostile species.However,overuse of this ability can make the species infantile and apathetic similar to The Lotus Eaters from Homer`s Odyssey .
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"We are The Plana,do not fear.Your world shall be cleansed.Evil,fear and hate shall become things of the past.The way we see it,you have two options.Embrace our utopian vision and join your intellect and soul with ours or be erased with the rest of the filth.Choose wisely,mortals."
Fun Fact:The plana standing next to the blond kid looks exactly like I did as a kid!"
Next Avengers In HYDRA Daycare
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"Dr. Faustus VO :You know what is best,what`s best is you behave.

Behaving will bring happiness,behaving will bring peace.

There is no use in struggling,we are everywhere.

Surrender will bring release.

Rules are meant to be followed.

Rules keep you clean and safe.

When you are safe,you are happy.

Happy children behave well.

Are you ready to behave,children?"

James Rogers : " Urgh,got to resist!Torunn,are you with me?Torunn?TORUNN!"

Torunn:" (In monotone voice)When I am safe,I am...happy.

When I am happy,I...behave...well.

Yes,Doctor...Happy to behave ."

James Rogers:" Torunn,NO!What would your father think?"

Dr. Faustus VO:" HA! Indeed!What would either of your fathers think,hmm ?You know Young Mr. Rogers"

James Rogers: (Still struggling to resist) "Huh,you knew my father? No,my father would never be friends with a crook like you!"

Dr. Faustus VO:" A crook?I`m a psychiatrist ,HYDRA just happens to pay better than the alternative !

Now Young Mr. Rogers,a young troop leader should not be so oversensitive.Do you know what your father often said about discipline?"

James Rogers:(Sighing)" Discipline can mean the difference between life and death...sir ."

Dr. Faustus VO:" Very good, mein young freund .Now,just clear your mind ,I can turn you into the perfect...little...soldier...boy...that...would...make...your...father...proud,would you like...that ? "

James Rogers:(Clearing throat)", ."

Dr. Faustus VO:"Very good .Now,then,at ease,soldier!"

James Rogers:  (Back rigid,eyes narrowing,in monotone voice)"Sir...,yes...sir.At...ease." 

(Restraints are released)

Dr. Faustus VO:" Hail...Hydra ."

James and Torunn:(In unison with fists upraised)"  HAIL HYDRA! "

Reverend Howell:"Brothers,sisters,children,on this most frightful of seasons the protection and fearlessness more necessary than"(Releases a tendril from his mouth onto the townspeoples` mouths and heads) 
Spy Kids Hypno



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       It`s said that the U.S. was built on hard work but whose hard work and is the benefit going to the producer?For those who are truly awake,the answer should be obvious.  Tradition,law,order,property,faith,nation,etiquette,peace and productivity.What do these words have in common?These are the words that are used to shame the working class whenever they dare think too far outside the narrow lines their masters have drawn up for their minds and bully them back into submission.Class,to many Americans the word is almost a swear but that was not always the case.What is class?Class represents economic and social standing within a nation or the international community.Class dictates everything from how we dress,how we speak and whom we interact with.Indeed,prejudice against the working class usually overlaps quite strongly with prejudice against racial minorities,LGBTQIA individuals and women.Class has had a very specific meaning since well before the Communist Manifesto,yet the socialist conception of class has far too often been tainted within the public sphere by those demagogues who abused the words of Marx and Engels to serve their own lusts for power.

    I am an anarchist,that is to say an individual who views authorities and social hierarchies as not self-justifying and furthermore holds that if a given social institution does not meet the requisite burden of proof,that institution should be dismantled.

   As an anarchist,I further hold that the rights of product are meant to be enjoyed by the individual who produces it and those whom said individual freely chooses to share that product with,not to any institution or boss that coercively exploits said product for monetary gain when they did nothing to contribute to its production.  


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