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My last journal was nearly a year ago, woops. My first year of college has passed and it's now summer. I got hit with the realization that finding jobs is really hard. :/ One moment you find something perfect and then when you don't act on it, it's gone. I keep searching and searching but at this point nobody is gonna hire a college student since it's mid summer. I have a work study job but I don't get paid much. Need to keep looking.

Anyway, I don't know if it's just me, but I have vivid, lucid dreams like nearly every night and I can remember my dreams pretty much every time. I wonder what that could mean about my brain. Some people tell me they never dream or remember anything which is something I can't relate too. D: Also sleep paralysis? I don't think I've ever experienced that weird?

Most of my dreams are like big adventures or events where usually other people want me to help with something.

For example, one time there was this giant monster attacking this city I entered, and I was recruited to this monster fighting team. It was kinda like the Power Rangers minus the matching outfits. I was wearing some kind of super hero getup though. I was told along with my other teammates to defeat the monster before time runs out, and we had these watches with a timer on it. If we didn't the world would end. It took us forever to actually get to the monster, but once we were about to knock it out, the timer ran out and time froze. Life just sorta got sucked into this black hole and I was floating in nothingness. I was then given the option to retry, as if it was a video game, so this big red button just floated up and I hit it, sending me back to entering the city just like in the beginning. I had this dream well over a year ago and I can remember it clearly. My powers were that I could fly around and punch things really hard. =p 

My dream always feel like I'm really there, so whatever situation I find myself in it feels so real.

There was also this other dream where I needed to go to Iraq for some reason so I made a raft out of logs and cloth and sorta just sailed the ocean by myself. I stayed fairly close to the coastlines so I could tell what countries I was passing by. Of course, since it was a dream everything was weird and out of order so apparently I had to pass through South Korea to get to Iraq.....XD I had to pass through this checkpoint for boats that was in South Korea, and when I entered to get checked the people in there roasted me because my raft was so shitty. :cute poop: :XD: Squidward Banging on Cash Register Emoticon  After I left I said out loud to myself, "Look, it's Iraq!" and all I saw was a yellow sanded beach with many children just making sandcastles. There was also just a random swing set there too with two adults standing next to it with their arms crossed. Apparently this was Iraq in my dream. =p Then I just woke up I think. At one point I do remember I fell off the raft and had to swim to catch up to it again. It felt real but at the same time it did not....dreams are cool. :)


I really wish I could get back into leisurely reading. I kinda miss reading things I enjoyed, but god every time when I'm forced to read the driest, most uninteresting schlock for a class it just pushes me away all together. I end up just watching YT all day, drawing, or playing video games. I wouldn't consider them brain-numbing or anything, but like I'm not training my brain. I'm not that good at speaking or using sophisticated vocabulary. I still get A's/A+'s on papers, but I just don't feel like that kind of writing sticks with me. It comes to other people who read naturally, so idk.

I have to try extra hard to write that stuff. My friends always say I work too hard, but the reason I do that is so I don't come off as stupid to others. I strive to be the best I can at stuff, and it's...a lot of work and it tires me out. I'm trying to read through this book called "The Power of Kindness, The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life" and it's painful. The author is just telling you that you're living life wrong and to do it his way which he believes is the best. There's so many blanket statements and studies with not a lot of actual scientific proof. Maybe if you're like....middle aged or very spiritual or something you might like it.

Either way, I can tell a lot of people in the online discussion boards don't care about it. This is a health and fitness class and we're reading a book about how our lives are wrong rather than, y'know, reading about the body and stuff like that. I wish I could just half-ass stuff and turn it in but I feel incredibly guilty by doing that, so I work myself to the limits on stuff that I don't care about so I don't feel awful.

I know grades are just numbers, but ugh I just can't let myself get anything lower than a B-. It's never happened, I even got the dean's list both semesters last year, but honestly this class might finally break me. The book is just so uninteresting and I loathe doing the discussions on blackboard. 
tfw when you've been given work study but no one hires you anyway rip.
Im pretty late to the party but I finally started watching My Hero Academia yesterday...and it's good, so good.
Another one of my classes is making me read one of those self help books about how to achieve true happiness or kindness and it's all the same blanket statement stuff as before. :/
I'm like so confused. If doing commission work of copyrighted characters or selling fan art is illegal, why do most artists online do it to sustain themselves? I'm not hating at all, in fact, my future self is probably doing it, but I just don't understand what's legal and what's not. I've always wanted to understand but it's really messy and confusing. D:


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Hello visitor. I'm an artist that's into a lot of things, so I can't really say for sure what you'll find here. I play quite a few games, so feel free to talk about any if you want. Just look at my buttons and stamps to see what I like. :) I'm studying video game art and design in college.

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