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Just a Cali girl that loves Brooke and wedgies.

Hey, I'm Lexi!

Fetishes are weird to talk about in person, so DA is where I deal with it! Check my page for personal stories of real wedgies, commissions of me and Brooke in wedgies, or the little bit of art I try to make!


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Carol was nervous. Not only because it was her first party at college, but because it was hosted by none other than her sister, the notorious Samantha Adams. And, of course, that idea alone was enough to scare her into saying “no” but Sam was going to hear none of it. It was either “go to this party and potentially have fun before getting an inevitable butt flossing” VS “DEFINITELY get a butt flossing and then some.”

The math seemed pretty straight forward.

Carol could hear the music, and feel the bouncing bass well before she reached the dorm room. And each note send dread into her heart. Sam wasn’t going to make this easy, was she? But hell, who knows?? Sam WAS always saying that despite all the pranks, she was her “dear little Care-Bear” and that she wanted to spend more time with her, so…

Knock knock

With her heart skipping beats, she knocked on the door, and had it promptly whipped open to have her gaze upon a lively scene, and the smiling, slightly-buzzed face of a beautiful blonde, with a second blonde’s arm over her shoulders.

“Well if it isn’t little sister,” said one.

Carol knew them both. The girl that answered the door was Lexi, a cheerleader at Edgen University and a member of (insert sorority name here). With an arm wrapped around her was Brooke, the bombshell’s girlfriend and star of the school volleyball team. The two were a tight couple, and it only made sense that they answered the door together.

Carol felt a weight lift off of her chest. Normally, the idea of “cheerleaders and volleyball” members would send a frequent victim like Carol into traumatic shock. But Lexi and Brooke? They were good people! In fact, these two blondes were the two she and her friends shadowed when they were scoping out colleges. Despite Sam’s protests, of course.

“I, uh, I guess I’m fashionably late, huh? You guys get started without me?” She asked, breaking the ice before getting to the question she REALLY wanted to ask. “So… How is it in there?”

Lexi turned her head back to the noise.

“Fashionably late is the best kind of late, but this place is already bumping. You missed shotgunning beers in the showers!”

Brooke rolled her eyes.

“She’s already three beers and two shots deep. Welcome to the fun, Carol.”

“Fun… Yes…” Carol poked her head around the duo, seeing the plethora of dancing, and drinking games. Frankly, she was intentionally and HAPPILY late. She was sure that somehow, someway, her underwear would be used to liven up this party. That, and perhaps some of Mary’s social phobia had rubbed off on her. Just a little.

“CAROL!!!” One familiar voice rang out above the others, as Carol’s protruding face was enough to catch the eye of the elder sister, Samantha, who promptly ended whatever drinking game she was playing to do something MORE important. The fact that she was losing, and that Carol was a perfectly timed scapegoat to get out was just a happy coincidence and nothing more!

“Er, hey Sam... “ Carol awkwardly smiled, her cheeks clenching as Sam wrapped her hands around her in a hug. She did a mental countdown, knowing that the infamous “hug wedgie” would be gifted upon her. And, sure enough


“Sorry, sis! Couldn’t resist!” Sam apologized without an ounce of actual remorse as she continued to lift Carol off the ground, and shake her left and right. Carol could do little but kick her legs, and look awkwardly into the eyes of Lexi and Brooke, almost pleading for help.

“Pffft!” Lexi spit out her drink, laughing. “Hahaha look at those undies!”

Brooke rolled her eyes, reigning in Lexi with her arm before sliding an eye to Carol. “That’s gotta sting.”

Lxslp1 by LexiAndBrooke

Carol could confirm. Thankfully, Sam didn’t let the wedgie drag on TOO long. And double thankfully, Carol was still mainly in the hallway, so shoving her hand down her pants to dislodge cotton was only visible to the three people she had already greeted. And who already knew about how much these things happened to be a trend with her.

“Got that out of your system, Sam?” She asked.

“Mmm… No. But I’ll hold off, for now.” Sam winked, ruffling Carol’s hair. “Now, let’s get you DRUNK Care-bear!” With some stretched undies still peeking out from above her jeans, Sam grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her inside, Carol dragging her feet and giving pleading gazes to Lexi and Brooke.

“Better her than me,” giggled Lexi. “Besides, this outfit is way too cute to ruin.”

Brooke gave Lexi an eye up and down. The cheerleader was rocking a long sleeve top that cut off enough to show her belly button, and a dark blue skirt just long enough to cover her butt.

“Yea, how are you not cold? It’s snowing outside,” Brooke asked.

“Price of beauty babe! Gotta make a good impression, it’s only our fourth party here,” Lexi said. “Besides, you look warm enough for the two of us in those leggings. At least take off the jacket!”

“Fine,” Brooke said, revealing a warm long sleeve top with reindeer on it, matching her red leggings. “And it’s our fourth party this month, relax.”

The two walked in, following a wide-eyed Carol into the dorm room. In the living room area was a table, set up for beer pong, where a majority of the party-goers were dancing and singing. Off in the kitchen, a few girls were taking shots, while the bedroom doors were shut with “Keep Out, Drunks!” signs adorning them.

“E-easy, Sam!” Carol pleaded, grabbing the plastic red cup with shaking hands, and grimacing as she looked into it, at the spiked egg nog.

“Oh, don’t be such a prude!” Sam scoffed. “You’re 21! You expect me to believe you never bent the rules a little?”

“M-my boyfriends a cop! Of course I haven’t!!” Carol retorted, derailing the subject. “Shouldn’t you NOT be pressuring you little sister into drinking??”

“Don’t make me sound like a bad guy, Care-bear!” Sam teased. “Alright, alright, fine… Do it at your own pace… But we are DEFINITELY playing games! You can’t be a stick in the mud at a christmas party!” Taking the cup from Carol’s hands, she herself started to drink. It’d be a waste, afterall!

“Games…?” Carol looked around. Yeah, she had seen these games on television, but she’d never actually played any of them! Well… Not the alcohol variants, anyway… “Is that… Jenga?” She asked, her eyebrows risen.

“Hm? Oh! Yeah! THAT one is a load of fun! See, under each piece is a ‘Dare’ or ‘question’! And you have to do whatever it says!”

“WHATEVER it says…?” Carol gulped, watching as one girl pulled a wood block and immediately groaned, her friends laughing as they took her by the hands, pulling her into anothe room. She dared to wonder what the play piece said. “Sounds… More scary than fun…” She looked at the approaching blondes. Surely THEY would know a better way to get oriented in this party setting!

“Come on Brooke! Just one round! I bet Carol and Sam will join us!” Lexi said as the two followed the sisters into the room.

“Fine! You guys wanna take some shots with us?” Brooke asked?

“Yeah!” Sam immediately answered, then faltered for a moment realizing she was answering for two.

“Shots…?” Carol hesitated. Well, it seemed like a good ice breaker. Whip your head back, and swallow. “I… I guess so…” She shrugged.

Sam clapped her hands eagerly. “Great! I’ll get the cups!” She announced. Turning around to the messy countertop, grabbed four plastic shot glasses, and set them up in front of them before turning back towards the alcohol itself. Cinnamon whiskey, a classic among people their age. Almost to meme proportions.

“Fireball is always a bad idea, so I’m in!” giggled Lexi, grabbing a shot glass.

“You say that now like you forget what happened last time,” Brooke said, putting a shot glass on the table for herself. “Don’t blame me when you end up pulling undies from your butt.”

“SHUT UP!” Lexi yelled. “Enough of that story, you always bring it up. Can we just drink now?”

“Bottoms up!” Sam announced, clanking her plastic shotglass against Carol’s, and throwing her head back, letting the potent potable slide down her throat.

Carol quickly followed suite, the last to do so. Her expression… Was what you’d expect from a drinking virgin.

“Bleh!!!” She stuck her tongue out, her shoulders shrugged up as she felt her throat burning. “How can you drink that stuff?!” She asked, rubbing her tongue across her teeth, as if trying to scrape the taste away.

“You get used to it!” Sam giggled. “I guess we should’ve gotten you started with beer or something first, huh?”

“I mean... “ Carol trailed off. The aftertaste had past, and now she wondered if it was really THAT bad. “I guess it’s not… As bad as I thought ‘cinnamon flavored’ would be…”

“Well… Now that you’ve got your social lubricant started… What do you say we move on to some games!!”

Lexi finished her drink, Brooke following quickly. The shorter blonde was clearly a bit tipsy, while the taller one looked unfazed.

Lexi giggled. “Games! Come on, it’ll be fun! Your choice, drinking game or something like Jenga?”

Carol’s eyes drifted to the abandoned tower of wood planks sitting at the table. What happened to those girls, she wondered? She hadn’t seen them since! Their absence was curiously scary… Still, comparing the OTHER options, Jenga seemed more inviting… The idea of beer pong was new to her, yet Jenga? She had played that a bunch!

“Uh, yeah! Let’s go with Jenga!” She confirmed, hesitantly marching towards the half-finished game. “So… I just take a piece out?”

Lxslp2 by LexiAndBrooke

“Yep! Just like a regular game of Jenga!” Sam explained, taking one piece out delicately, biting her tongue in concentration, not even the slightest bit nervous about what may be written on the underside. Once it was free, she flipped it over. “ Oh ho! Lucky~!” She slapped the piece down, revealing the message on the underside:

“Take a shot!”

“A shot?” Carol rose an eyebrow. “That’s it?”

“Well, it IS a drinking game!” The elder sister elaborated. “They can’t all be dares!” Setting the piece delicately on top of the tower, she retreated to the drink table, happily helping herself to a shot.

Brooke sat down next to Carol, while Lexi grabbed another beer with Sam before the two sat down.

“I’ll go,” Brooke said with a smirk. “This stuff is easy.”

She took a quick look at the pieces before quickly snatching one from the middle. “See? Easy.”

Brooke took a look at the piece, reading the message out loud.

“Finish your drink!”

The volleyball star giggled, her cup emptying quickly. “You go, Lexi.”

“Oh, miss athlete thinks everything is easy!” Lexi said sarcastically. “I got this, too.”

The blonde stumbled forward, almost knocking down the entire pile, before carefully grabbing a wooden piece. She pulled foward, the tower wobbling but staying upright.

“Easy!” Lexi said. “Now let’s see… what drink do I get?”

“Flash the party!”

Lexi blushed and shook her head as Brooke and Sam broke out into laughter. “What! That’s not a drink!”

Carol’s eyes widened, thankful it wasn’t her. “Y-you don’t have to-”

“Yes she does!” Brooke said as Sam nodded in agreement. “Have to follow the rules!”

Lexi bit her lip nervously before taking a look around the room. Brooke’s outcry had gotten everyone’s attention, and they all looked over in confusion and excitement. The crowd at the sorority party was mostly girls with the occasional boyfriend mixed in, and Lexi didn’t want to show off the goods in front of her sisters.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” Sam chanted, getting the crowd to join in. “DO IT!”

The loud gathering of people, plus the ton of drinks already inside her, gave Lexi enough confidence to grab the bottom of her shirt and yank it up, revealing her breasts.

“Free tits!” Sam yelled with a laugh, the crowd cheering.

Lxslp3 by LexiAndBrooke

Lexi quickly pulled her shirt back down, her face red. “Ok Carol, you go. Everyone has already seen my tits long enough…”

Carol’s face was almost as red as Lexi’s. Her eyes remained fixated on her breasts, even after they had been covered again. Had that REALLY just happened? Only when Lexi addressed her did she snap out of her daze. “O-oh, right!” She cleared her throat, and began to reach for the blocks. “Um... “ She hesitated. “So… What happens if I knock it over?”

“Try it and find out…” Sam smirked, sending a shiver down Carol’s spine. Yep, she DEFINITELY didn’t want to do that!

With the utmost caution, Carol surveyed her options. Surely if these buzzed girls could pull this off, then the mostly-sober Carol could do it too! She found a seemingly free piece, and sloooooowly pushed it out the other side. “Please be easy, please be easy…” She chanted, hoping she wouldn’t have to repeat what Lexi had done. “... Huh? Human cup holder?”

Before Carol could lift her head to ask the others, Sam didn’t miss a beat. Her nearly fresh beer flew to Carol’s rump, the bottom plunging down into the back of her jeans.

“C-COLD!” She yelped, thrusting her hips forward and nearly standing up out of her chair. “SAM!! What the hell?!”

“Nuh-uh! Careful Carol! Be a good cupholder and don’t spill my drink!” Sam snickered, putting a hand on Carol’s shoulder to keep her firmly on the chair.

“What??” Carol’s jaw dropped. “For how long?!”

“Until I decide to finish the beer off!” Sam responded with a wink. “And, you know what? I’m not exactly parched.” Carol stared at her sister in disbelief, but inevitably groaned, and accepted her fate, trying to ignore the cold condensation trickling down her butt-crack.

“Nnn… Fine, whatever… Can you just hurry up and take YOUR turn?” She asked, hoping she’d get a second “Finish your drink” piece.

Both blondes took a peak over at Carol’s predicament, each stifling a giggle. Finally, Lexi burst out laughing.

“I see London, I see Greece, I see Carol’s big butt cheeks!” she screamed, falling over with a bout of laughter. “That must be SO cold.”

Brooke couldn’t hold back her laugh, joining Lexi on the floor. “Did you see her face! Great reaction!”

“Nice one Sam,” Lexi giggled.

“Lexi brings up a good point,” Sam bantered, weighing her options. “Don’t get my beer too warm!” Carol simply rolled her eyes in response, waiting eagerly for Sam to pluck a piece. Oh how she wished karma would rear it’s head!

“Chair wedgie for one round!”

“YES!!” Carol cheered, throwing her fists into the air with gusto… And immediately regretting it as beer sloshed out the neck of the bottle, coating her cheeks in the liquid. “Ack…”

“Rub it in, Carol…” Sam sighed, the smile vacant from her face. But that didn’t stop her from taking her punishment in stride. She knew the rules going into this! She reached into the back of her slacks, and gripped her underwear, pulling it up a few inches, and shifting her rump on the seat. Once the heart-printed white thong was well-exposed, she held it in place, turning her head towards the blondes. “Lexi? You wanna give me a hand? Kind of an odd angle, you know....” She shrugged.

“Yea sure I’d love to help y- OH MY GOD, HEART-PRINTS!” Lexi yelled with a laugh. “Nice thong, Sam!” She cut off the older sister before she could retort with a harsh yank on the thong, pulling it much higher than she needed to before snapping it onto the back of the seat. “I see London, I see Greece again…”

Sam winced, breathing between grit teeth. “Yeah, yeah, enjoy it while you can, Lexi! I’ll be telling you some rhymes of my own before the nights through!”

Carol herself couldn’t be smiling bigger! Oh how rare it was to see her sister get wedgied for a change! Her eyes were glued to the scene! She wanted to immortalize this in her memory! Though, unlike Lexi, she decided it’d be in her best interest to NOT taunt her on that…

“Whelp, looks like you two are up!”

Lexi stayed behind Sam, smirking. “Well, I’m not sure this is a REAL chair wedgie. Let me fix it!”

Before Sam could say a word, Lexi grabbed the waistband snapped onto the top of the chair and yanked it down towards the floor, getting a squeak from both the seat and the victim. She pulled hard, lifting Sam partially off the chair and angling the waistband towards the legs of the seat. She managed to tuck it in just under the legs, trapping the now-stretched thong between the chair and the floor. “There we go!”

Sam grimaced, her breath a little uneasy as she fought to not give much of a reaction. “THANKS, Lexi…” She started, her brow twitching. “How… Thoughtful… Of you to notice that! Good thing I hadn’t planned on STANDING anytime soon…”

“Bwahahahaa!!!” Carol erupted in laughter, unable to contain herself any longer. She hunched over, nearly headbutting the table as she curled, holding her stomach. Tears started to streak down her face! Oh how RICH this was! She didn’t care if Sam was going to punish her for laughing, it was totally worth it! “Brav-vo, Lexi!” She announced, giving a couple claps of her hands to emphasize her enthusiasm.

Lxslp4 by LexiAndBrooke

“No problem Sam! My pleasure!” Lexi said honestly, naive to the sarcasm and anger headed her way. She turned towards the younger sister with a bow, her short skirt barely hiding her bottom as she bent over. “I try, I try. Your turn Brooke!”

The taller blonde gave a quick eye to Sam, unable to hold back a smirk. “Looking cute and comfy, Sam.”

“Oh, you know it.” The wedgied girl responded, before twirling her hand, in a wrap-it-up gesture. “Now, if you don’t mind…?” She urged, wanting to get back around to HER turn so that she would have a chance to get out of this.

“Oh, sure. Alright, round two…” said Brooke, turning her attention to the stack of wooden pieces. She twisted her fingers around a piece sticking out of the middle, slowly easing it out before holding it high. “E. A. S. Y. Easy.”

“What does it say?” Lexi asked, reaching over Brooke to read it.

Human Cup Holder

“Another one of these?” Brooke asked, worried. “Oh no…”

Lexi was quick to react, running into the kitchen to grab a new, cold bottle of beer. “Here, Brooke, thanks for hanging on to this for me!” She grabbed her girlfriend’s reindeer shirt by the v-cut and yanked down, revealing a lot of cleavage. “I’ll just tuck it in here.”

Brooke sighed. “Well, better than my ass I gue- HEY!” She yelled as Lexi slipped, pulling her top down enough to reveal her breasts.

Carol’s eyes bulged, getting yet ANOTHER eyeful of breasts.

“Ooh, I did always wonder who’s was bigger!” Sam snickered, more amused than surprised. “Bravo, Brooke!” She paused. “Oh, that reminds me: I see London, I see… Hmm, what rhymes with ‘tits’?”

“Ooh, I’mma tell April on you!” Carol teased, sticking her tongue out at her sister… Thankfully, Sam had JUST the retort.

“Oh, and thanks for reminding me about my beer.” Sam smirked devilishly at Carol, yanking the bottle out the back of Carol’s pants, and taking a single swig, before forcefully stuffing the bottle back into Carol’s buttcrack. Sure enough, Carol’s smile was wiped from her face.

“You could tell who’s were bigger WITHOUT seeing them!” Brooke exclaimed, pulling her shirt back up.

“Hey! Rude… even if it’s true…” Lexi said, pulling herself off of the floor, bottle in hand. “Now where were we?” The blonde pulled her girlfriend’s shirt forward despite Brooke’s contempt, shoving the bottle between the ample breasts inside. “There! Cute look, boo. Now, who’s turn is it?”

Carol faltered for a moment, furrowing her brow. For the briefest of moments, she was about to complain about why SHE had to have the bottle in her butt, while Brooke’s was allowed to use her cleavage… But one look at those sweater puppies answered her own question.

“That’d be YOU, Lexi…” Sam smiled, not even trying to hide her smugness. “And that tower is looking aaaaawfully unsturdy, you know. I’m surprised the bass alone hasn’t made it fall! Oh… But I’m sure you’ll be fine, right?”

“Of course I will!” Lexi answered, her own smug smile showing. “I could use an excuse to get another drink anyway!” She gestured towards Brooke’s chest, her bottle clearly making the volleyball star squirm.

Lexi wandered forward, the buzzed blonde almost falling into the tower before steadying herself. She reached for a piece near the top, wiggling it out as the tower shook. Her sweat dripped off her forehead as she tried to pull, slowly, against the shaking of the game. Just as it looked like it would fall, Lexi managed to get her piece. “Yes! Got it!”

“You would go for one near the top, scaredy-cat,” teased Brooke. “I can’t wait for the instant karma. What does it say?”

“Shut up Boob Beer! You’re a cup-holder, cup-holders don’t talk,” Lexi sneered. She flipped the piece over, reading it before her eyes suddenly widened. “Oh no.”

Wedgie, doggy style. One full round.

“HA! Told you!” Brooke laughed, almost falling over. “Get on your knees, bitch!”

Carol narrowed her brows. She knew what doggy style was. And she DEFINITELY knew what a wedgie was. But what did the two of them combined mean? She knew she was about to see it, but still she felt compelled to ask. “A doggy-style wedgie? I don’t get it…”

Brooke got out of her chair, smiling, as Lexi whimpered. “It’s like the sex position. On your knees, ass up in the air, your butt basically begging for it. Then… yank!”

“S-shut up! Just get it over with!” Lexi muttered, folding her legs to get onto the ground. The blonde placed her arms on the floor before lifting up her butt in the air, her skirt falling towards her belly button to reveal a pink and green striped thong tucked between two large butt cheeks.

“Over with? No, darlin’, the card says one full round,” Brooke smirked, standing over Lexi. She reached down and grabbed the pink waistband, teasingly pulling it up slowly before yanking hard.

“EEEK! BROOKE!!!” Lexi squealed, her butt lifted off the ground as she flailed her arms at the floor.

Lxslp5 by LexiAndBrooke

Brooke began bouncing the underwear, getting a squeak from Lexi each time. “I’d keep quiet if I were you, Lex, you’re getting a crowd.”

“Huh?” The red-faced blonde looked up, seeing a good amount of girls giggling at her predicament. “Wait, they can see my butt! Owww, stop!”

Brooke let go of the thong, letting it snap back to Lexi’s sore bottom as the blonde tumbled to the floor. Lexi went to fix the wedgie, but a slap on the wrist from Brooke stopped her.

“You’re not done yet!” Brooke said with a laugh, turning towards the sisters. “So, you guys want to take turns? I’ll share after a few more tugs.” She accentuated that by grabbing the waistband again, sliding the thong up Lexi’s butt to the cheerleader’s dismay.

“You know I would!” Sam rubbed her hands together. “And since it’s techinically MY turn… I think I served my time.” She pointed a thumb at her chair. “Would one of you be so kind…?”

“Sure… In exchange for a drink!” Carol narrowed her eyes, reminding Sam of the ¾’s full beverage still lodged between her cheeks.

“Deal!” Sam agreed, yanking the bottle out with gusto, making Carol shudder. As she tilted the warmed drink back, Carol stood up, going to her knees to dislodge the thong from beneath the chair-legs.

“Freedom at last!” Sam said, standing up and stretching her legs. “Get her nice and warmed up for me, Brooke! I’ll be there shortly…” Biting her lip, she rose and lowered her hand, going from top to bottom of the tower, looking for that sweet spot! “Aaaaand…”

The tower wobbled! Furiously so! To the point where Carol nearly jumped out of her seat! But alas, It stabalized, and Sam’s piece was safely in her hands.

“Well…” Sam grimaced. “Could be worse, I guess…” She turned the piece around, and flashed it to the others.


Seemed pretty straightforward, Carol noted, looking awkwardly to Sam as she began to take off her top, letting the bra-clad twins into view. Cat-calls ensued.

“I knew I should’ve worn a bra…” Brooke said, staring down at the beer between her breasts as she continued to yank on Lexi’s thong.

“Me.. OW!... too…” stuttered the victim.

“Me, on the other hand, thankfully did remember!” Sam replied, “Or else… That block would’ve been REEEEALLY awkward.” She waltzed up to the blonde pair. “Now… You mentioned something about ‘turns’ didn’t you?” She reached for the thong, the vendetta of the chair wedgie written on her face. “Guess I’m the one seeing Greece now, aren’t I, Lexi?” Her hands curled around the slender fabric, teasing the blonde before getting to the REAL action.

“Uh… N-no hard feelings?” Lexi asked, looking back over her shoulder.

“Oh, none at all, Lexi.” Sam reassured… Before hoisting the thong towards the ceiling, making the blonde’s knees jump off the floor.

Lxslp6 by LexiAndBrooke

“Yipe!” She barked, her legs flailing for the brief moment her lower half was airborne. Yep. She expected as much! Her eyes drifted to Carol, begging her with her eyes to hurry up! If they were going to be taking ‘turns’ at this, then maybe the younger sister would go easy on her!

Carol gulped, prying her eyes away from the scene. The LEAST she could do was take her turn as quickly as possible! The sooner that got over with, the sooner it’d be Lexi’s turn again. She paced herself, looking for the safest piece, and aiming for the top of the tower.

“Phew…” She breathed a sigh of relief, setting the piece down gently. “Finish your drink!” She announced. What a lucky break! She smiled smugly, looking towards the others… And immediately stopped smiling, remembering what sort of situation Lexi was currently in.

The blonde was squealing again, as Sam had her thong so high it would’ve been an atomic if Lexi was standing. She could hear the whispers of the few party-goers looking, mentioning her ass, or butt, or… did someone say camel toe?

“Now that’s a flossing!” Brooke exclaimed, giggling. “You can hardly see her undies anymore, they’re so deep in those cheeks!” She laughed. “Not just the cheeks, I suppose…”

“Carol went!” complained Lexi, her face flushed even redder at the thought of people seeing her thong in between her pussy. “Hurry up and go, Sam!”

“Aw,” Sam whined, lowering Lexi back to the floor. “You could’ve taken your time, Care-bear…”

“Er, well… Th-that piece was calling out to me!” She said, the lie obvious on her face as she cracked open a beer. Of course, she’d need finish the instructions on the tile before she could relieve Sam. And… Unfortunately, she didn’t have a lot of experience chugging.

Watching her sister nurse the freshly opened beer, Sam smiled deeply. She was going to make the most of these last few moments! She took a step forward, and switched up her grip, facing her palms towards her own body. She left Lexi resting on the floor, and took a deep breath. Sensing this impending butt flossing, Carol tried to hasten her pace, knowing before she took that next sip that she’d be getting the hiccups.

Sam thrust her fists towards her own chests, wedgying Lexi as if she were curling a barbell! The victim’s eyes crossed, her knees leaving the floor once again. There was only so far her underwear could delve into her butt, and she was feeling those limitations! Sam repeated this exercise, getting a good dozen reps in before Carol slapped the empty container down on the counter.

“All-HIC! All done!” She announced, marching towards Sam, and reaching her hand out for the underwear.

“Oh… my… god…” Lexi muttered, her butt still high in the air, the thong wedged both deep and high enough to showcase her big bottom. “I think these are ruined…” She stuck a hand behind her back, tugging her underwear to try to remove it from her butt.

“Don’t just stand there, sis…” Sam took a step back. “It IS nonstop wedgie round, you know!”

“... Eh?” Carol blinked. True, she wanted to go easy on Lexi… But she did also need to give wedgies! And while she’d be gentle, after such a rigorous flossing, ANY amount of tugging was going to sting! “O-oh! Ri-HIC! Right!” She forced a smile, and stood behind Lexi. “Are you ready?” She asked, grabbing the ruined undergarment.

“Does it matter?”

“I guess… Not-hic-not really…” She sighed, giving the thong a slow, steady yank, pulling until she began to feel resistance.

Lexi groaned, the thong sliding up once again.

“Come on, doggy! Bark for me!” Brooke giggled, sliding over to grab a tile.

“S-shut up! I can barely feel my butt…” Lexi whined. “This has to be the worst pick!”

Brooke smirked before turning back to the tower, sliding a lengthy finger in to grab her pick before calmly removing it. “See, you’re such a light weight drinker that you feel everything, I’m still sober enough to grab this-” she paused, reading the tile. “Damn it.”

Strip to your underwear!

Lexi laughed in between groans. “I guess you definitely should’ve worn a bra!”

Brooke turned red, looking around. “D-do I have to?”

Sam laughed. “Of course!”

Brooke shuddered, peaking at the crowd around the room. She sighed, her face redder than the beer bottle label, as she slowly pulled down her pants. She wiggled her butt, sliding the leggings off her slowly, revealing a bright blue thong tucked between her pale butt cheeks.

Sam laughed, pointing at the baby blue underwear. “Nice thong! Now get that shirt off!”

Brooke, already embarrassed enough, slid the shirt over her head before quickly covering up her breasts. Lexi’s beer quivered between the two, as the only clothing Brooke had left was the thong. Her slightly pale body was a free-for-all peepshow for the crowd, although she left one arm to cover her nipples and as much of her boobs as she could, while the other arm covered her butt. Her crossed legs hid as much of the front of the thong as they could.

“My, my! How daring!” Sam teased, stepping forward and daintily grabbing the back of Brooke’s thong with two fingers. “You must’ve been COLD!”

Carol’s reaction was the opposite of Sam’s. Instead of teasing, and being charismatic, Carol was statuesque, her eyes and mouth wide open as she watched the stripshow in front of her, completely forgetting that she was holding the near-naked woman’s girlfriend directly in front of her.

“Sam! Stop that! The tile said ‘strip’ not ‘get wedgied’!”

“I’m barely pulling! That thong isn’t going any deeper than it already was!” Sam defended.

“Ngh, Carol?? Could you put me down now, or do SOMETHING?” Lexi complained, crawling forward slightly against the pulled thong. She was eager to be rid of this torment, and finally, FINALLY one round had passed!

“Huh? What?” Carol asked, red in the face as she pried her eyes away. “Oh! Right!” Carol, trying to pretend she wasn’t hypnotized by the nearly naked woman, resumed her regularly scheduled butt-flossing, giving a solid yank up on Lexi’s underwear…

Couple with her attempts to get closer to the tower, the two together wrought mayhem.

“Ow Carol! NO!” Lexi squirmed, bumping Carol back a step.

Lxslp7 by LexiAndBrooke

Carol stumbled, trying to correct herself by leaning forward. One step in the direction of the tower, though, was one too many. Couple with the hanging cheerleader, Carol couldn’t stop herself, overcorrecting the stumble into a fall into the tower.

The two, wedgied and wedgier, fell into the Jenga pieces, scattering the game around the ground. Lexi hit the ground, holding her butt with her hands as she attempted to de-wedgie herself, while Carol fell face down, protecting her head, her butt high in the air.

Sam let go of Brooke’s thong, the baby blue material whipping back to its rightful butt with a snap, getting a small “Eek!” from Brooke as she fell to the ground, Lexi’s empty beer bottle slipping out of her exposed tits.

“Well, it looks like we have a loser!” Sam said in delight, clapping her hands. She took a peak at Carol and Lexi, both surrounded by Jenga pieces. “Or rather, losers.”

The banter that had been in the background of the party had been suddenly silenced, and shortly after, the bumping radio followed suit. All eyes were now on the games fallen losers, expressions going from shock, to devious grins. All at once, their drinking hands were thrown into the air, and a synchronized “Woo!” filled the silence, chilling the blood in the losers’ veins.

When Lexi and Carol began to climb back to their feet, they were met with a horrifying sight: The entire party slowly closing in on them, forming a circle that grew tighter and tighter, with them at the center. The brunette’s head whipped around in a frenzy, confirming the suspicions she had feared.

“Oh no…” She gulped, resigning herself to her fate. What point was there in fighting off dozens of people simultaneously reaching for her and Lexi’s waists? “Erk?! ACK! YEEEP!!” A series of sounds escaped Carol’s lips, one for each hand that gripped her stretching panties, rocketing this way and that, lifting her off the ground almost instantly.

“H-hey I didn’t lose! I didn’t knock over the stupid- EEK!!” Lexi squirmed, trying to fight through the hands grabbing and holding her as her thong was pulled high up her butt. The blonde continued to squeak in pain as her skirt was yanked off, exposing two big butt cheeks that had already seen a lot of the party.

“OH COME ON!!” Carol flailed her legs, using them to instinctively balance herself against the sporadic tug-of-war that the partiers were playing with her underwear. They were going nuts! “Wh-what’s happening?!?”

“Think of it as, um… A ‘freestyle’ piece.” Sam explained. “You lose? You lose BIIIIG time!” She emphasized waving at her sister from across the room. The throng of people so thick that she herself couldn’t hope to get a fistful of cotton.

And Sam wasn’t the only one in that boat, either. But said people weren’t idly cheering: Some were doing their own party to put a personal touch into the chaotic ‘prize’. Three girls stood in front of the refridgerator, shuffling around madly with the contents inside. Chinese takeout containers? Ice cubes?! They could NOT be serious!!!

Lexi was struggling as she was lifted from the back by her underwear, then back to the front as the crowd around her gave her a thorough squeaky-clean wedgie. “OW!! L-let me down! I didn’t lose!” Her cries were ignored as the crowd sped up, whipping her thong between her back and forth faster and faster. Lexi’s legs kicked back and forth as they lifted her off the ground, the beat up pink and green thong showing signs of ripping.

The blonde’s eyes widened. “No! Please, it’s going to-”


The blonde fell to the ground, her thong in several pieces. Some pieces stayed in the hands of those wedgieing the cheerleader, other pieces remaining high up her massive butt.

“Ow… at least it’s over…” she said, holding her crotch in both pain and embarrassment.

Sam laughed from a distance. “Not for long, Lex!” She ran into her room, pulling the door closed behind her. Moments later, she emerged, a pair of blue panties in her hand.

“I always carry extra!”

The crowd had almost resigned to ceasing the wedgie torment on Lexi, but gave a resounding cheer as Sam came to save the day.

Lexi’s face grew pale. “You cannot be serio-UUUSS!!” A paper plate, topped with a frosted pastry from the food-table, was spanked across the naked rump, taking Lexi’s mind off the resupply of underwear for a moment.

“Wait! Wait-wait-wait!” Carol pleaded, her hands preoccupied with trying to hold her jeans up, a fight she was handily losing as they were already down to her thighs… And then completely surrendered to the crowd as the commandeered ice cubes found a new home in the back of her underwear. “Yeee!” She cried, “S-stop that!!”

With some holding the cheerleader down, some of the party-goers began to grab onto the defiant, flailing legs of the blonde, and force the feet through the legholes of the new, stretchy-looking underwear. THOSE certainly didn’t look like they’d rip anytime soon!

“Don’t you dare!” she yelled, still struggling. “I swear I’ll MMMM!!!” The blonde was cut off as a large piece of her former underwear, pried from the hands of a reluctant girl in the crowd, was stuffed in her mouth. The talkative cheerleader was muffled, but her dismay could be heard through the ripped thong as the crowd stripped her of her shirt, exposing her tits to the crowd once again.

“Hey guys! Let’s get this show on the road, huh?” Sam called out, opening the door to the hallway, and giving a beckoning wave. Finally acting in unison, the crowds hoisting the two girls firmly up, and squeezed through the door. Carol couldn’t help but marvel at how well the mass of people managed to manuever through the door, let alone without bonking the victim’s head on the frame. A chilling thought came over her: This wasn’t the first time they’ve done this.

“Pitstop!!” A familiar voice called out ahead of them, from a ways down the hall. Lexi’s eyes grew to hyperbolic proportions, as she saw the sign on the door ahead of them.


Lexi Vs: Round 1 Complete!
Well the first round of Lexi Vs is over. Now, to use some of your suggestions! Before that, though, it's time for a few projects :D
The Queen's Flag
Nothing like a flagpole wedgie to show the world who the TRUE wedgie queen is!

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Nana belongs to MasterWedgier 
Lexi vs Princess Peach: Winner!
With __ of the vote, Lexi wins!!

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See Peach strip Lexi down!
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