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I live: everyday like it's my last, or I try to.

I work: towards going to college.

I think: random things 24/7.

I smell: nothing, really.

I listen: when I want to.

I hide: practically everything.

I walk: pretty much everywhere.

I write: for crap on Gaia.

I see: the world differently than everyone else seems to see it.

I sing: randomly, and mainly to indie rock songs.

I can: do my homework.

I watch: too much HLN.

I daydream: about stupid things.

I fall: over random things.

I want: to get out of high school already!

I cry: when I'm too angry at myself or others.

I read: too many conspiracy theories.

I love: my friends and family.

I rode: a horse once.

I sometimes: lie so I don't have to hurt people.

I fear: being alone for the rest of my life.

I hope: that people will realize that everyone should have equal rights.

I eat: plain potato chips with white chocolate c:

I drink: McDonald's sweet tea like no tomorrow.

I play: the viola, or at least I used to.

I miss: being a kid.

I forgive: rarely. I hold grudges.

I drive: ...well, nothing. xD

I lost: The Game.

I dream: about movies I've seen or comics.

I kiss: ...no one really xD;

I hug: my friends randomly and often.

I have: no life.

I remember: odd things that no one else seems to.

I don't: like people thinking I'm a lesbian.

I believe: in God.

I owe: money to people, probably.

I know: more about certain computer programs than others.

I hate: , well, hate is too strong of a word.

I wish: for peace.

My ex: is nonexistent.

Maybe I should: try harder.

People would say that I'm: paranoid. (My friends tell me this A LOT.)

I don't understand: people.

Life if full of: bad things, but there's always good too.

My past is: what I don't like to remember.

I get annoyed when: people use improper grammar.

Parties are: alright, I guess.

Tomorrow: is tomorrow.

Never in my life have I: wanted to have sex.

When I was younger, I: was seen as a complete oddball, and still am.

When I'm nervous: I laugh. I have this specific laugh...xD

When I was 5: I was such a fool.

My life is not complete without: music, computers and movies.

If you visit my hometown: it's boring.

I once dreamt that: I was a part of the X-Men xD

The world could do without: ignorance.

If I ever go back to school: I'll do my best.

And, by the way: GTFO D< just kidding xD

Opening Credits: "Lights Out" - Breaking Benjamin (...err...)
Your mom finds out she's pregnant with you: "Should've Tried Harder" - Hey Monday (xDDDDDDD)
Slideshow of her pregnancy: "Conspiracy" - Paramore
While she's delivering you: "See You Again" - Breathe Carolina cover (...xD)
Your first birthday: "Semi-Charmed Life" - Third Eye Blind (this song's about sex and drugs, too xD)
You growing up: "Chelsea Smile" - Being Me The Horizon (yep, i have secrets. i guess it's a bit fitting)
Your first day of school: "Time Is Running Out" - Muse (err, a love song isn't too fitting, eh?)
Meeting your first friend: "Ignorance" - Paramore (this perfectly fits our relationship now </3 )
Your first day of middle school: "The Older I Get" - Skillet
Meeting your first crush: "That's What You Get" - Paramore (xD)
Your first kiss: "Entertain" - Sleater-Kinney (sure?)
Fighting with your parents: "All We Know (Is Falling)" - Paramore
Fighting with your friends: "For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic" - Paramore (definitely fitting D; )
Breaking up: "Good Girls Go Bad" - Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester (xD this is better for hooking up)
Your first day of high school: "Born To Be Wild" - Hinder cover (xD darn right I was)
Your sweet sixteen: "Born For This" - Paramore
Your first time having sex: "Untouched" - The Veronicas (definitely fitting o.o;)
Your 18th birthday: "Street Fighter (War)" - Sick Puppies (Eh, not really.)
Your graduation ceremony: "Exogenesis: Symphony Part One (Overture)" - Muse
Your first day of college: "Hopeless" - Breaking Benjamin (xD)
Your first college party: "Emergency" - Paramore (xDDDDD too fitting)
Meeting your true love: "Why Don't You And I" - Santana ft. Alex Band (<3 love this song, and it fits this)
Getting married: "crushcrushcrush" - Paramore
Finding out you/your spouse is pregnant: "Hysteria" - Muse (xD that will probably happen)
Having your first child: "Dark Blue" - Jack's Mannequin
Getting old: "Misguided Ghosts" - Paramore (<3)
Your spouse gets sick: "Ruled By Secrecy" - Muse
They die: "You Found Me" - The Fray
At their funeral: "When It Rains" - Paramore (this song's actually about the suicide of Hayley William's friend D': Depressing, if ask me)
You end up in the hospital: "Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist" - Muse (...I'm not an Atheist, though xD)
Your death: "Creep" - Radiohead (Erm, not too fitting, unless it was somehow suicide o.o;)
Your funeral: "Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (I guess this is good, if some trashed me? xD;)
People's Themes
Yours: "One Step Closer" - Linkin Park (it's pretty fitting..)
Your best friend: "All I Want Is You" - Barry Louis Polisar (<3 sort of fitting for me and my close friends.)
Your first crush: "The Diary of Jane" - Breaking Benjamin (definitely fitting)
Your mom: "Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey (xDDDD)
Your dad: "Bleed It Out" - Linkin Park (not too fitting xD)
Your sibling(s): i don't have any D;
Your worst enemy: "Cry For Help" - Shinedown (of course, one of my favorite songs comes up D< it doesn't even fit her and her wannabe ways)
Your signifigant other: "Decode" - Paramore (if you haven't noticed, I love Paramore and have too much of their music xD)
Your first child: "Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl" - Broken Social Scene (if it's a girl, sure c:)
Your first grandchild: "Whoa" - Paramore (if they're optimistic, it'll fit C:)
What You Listen To When...
You're happy: "Nine In The Afternoon" - Panic! at the Disco (of course <3)
You're upset: "Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide" - Shinedown (suuuure~)
You're angry: "Creep" - Radiohead (oddly, I actually do. I had to restart my shuffle here, by the way xD;)
You're depressed: "Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (nope D;)
You're cleaning: "Where The Lines Overlap" - Paramore (possibly.)
You're working out: "Fireflies" - Owl City (never.)
You're bored: "Seventeen Forever" - Metro Station
You're doing homework: "Feeling Sorry" - Paramore (xD)
You're eating: "Poker Face" - Lady Gaga (uh, no)
You're thinking: "Turn It Off" - Paramore (definitely fitting)
You're going to sleep: "I Belong To You / Mon Cœur S'ouvre À Ta Voix" - Muse (porbably, since it's a calm song)
You're feeling sick: "I'm So Sick (Acoustic)" - Flyleaf (oh, the irony)
You're going shopping: "Everywhere" - Michelle Branch (not too fitting at all)
You're hanging out with your friends: "Take A Drink" - Quietdrive (xDDDDDDD)
You're on a date: "Almost Easy" - Avenged Sevenfold (xD)
You're having sex: "You Love Me" - Kimya Dawson (<3 fitting)
You're at a party: "Can't Get Me Down" - Lo-Ball (without some drinks xDDDD)
You're driving: "Sound Of Madness" - Shinedown (more like the sound of innocent people being nearly hit .___. )
You're on a plane: "My Hero" Paramore cover (not too fitting, eh?)
You're relaxing: "Franklin" - Paramore (eh, not really. it's depressing, that's what)
You're on vacation: "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" - John Mayer (eh. WHY IS THE ROOM ON FIRE ANYWAYS AND WHY AM I STILL IN IT?)
Your friends think your theme is: "Pork and Beans" - Weezer (wouldn't surprise me if they did)
Your family thinks your theme is: "Caught Up In You" - .38 Special (Nah. I'm just obsessed with this song <3)
Your signifigant other thinks your theme is: "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop" - Landon Pigg (maybe if I had one. But LANDON PIGG - <33333 times 5 billion)
What reminds your enemy of you: "Fences" - Paramore (probably...)
What song makes you sad: "The Only Exception" - Paramore (it does the opposite xD)
Makes you happy: "Brick By Boring Brick" - Paramore (it sort of makes me sad, since I think it's about someone on drugs, and I know people that are D:)
Makes you mad: "I Will Not Bow" - Breaking Benjamin (sure?)
Gives you energy: "Good Girls Go Bad" - Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester (xDDDDD)
Makes you tired: "How You Love Me Now" - Hey Monday (yeah right xD)
You love to hate: "Zub Zub" - Ellen Page (Is it possible for me to hate anything by Ellen? No. Just NO.)
You hate to love: "Who We Are" - Hope Partlow (so true...)
Makes you think: "The Crow & The Butterfly" - Shinedown (it does, since it's about drugs and death)
Makes you wonder: "My Own Worst Enemy" - Lit (fitting xD)
What song inspires you: "Piano Man" - Billy Joel (not really...)
Motivates you: "Right Here" - Staind (nah)
Makes you feel invincible: "With Me" - Sum 41 (once again, no)
Even More Random
When you trip: "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage" - P!atD (say what xDDDDDD)
When you fall: "High School Never Ends" - Bowling For Soup (True dat xD)
When you're trying to look cool: "Rise From The Ashes" - Quietdrive (xD possibly)
When you have no idea what's going on: "Stand By Me" - Ben E. King (probably xDDDD)
When you can't figure something out: "Hero" - Skillet (xDDDDDDD sounds like what I needed in Algebra 2 last year)
When you're dancing around the house cuz you're home alone: "Untouched" - The Veronicas (eh, i probably would)
What you sing in the shower: "Into The Nothing" - Breaking Benjamin (maybe?)
When you're getting dressed: "Time After Time" - Quietdrive cover (xDDDD)
When you're talking on the phone: "Love Is A Battlefield" - Pat Benatar (lololololol)
When you're sneaking out: "Gives You Hell" - All-American Rejects (uh, no~)
When you get caught sneaking back in: "Love Addict" - Family Force Five (maybe ;D)
When you think about life: "Ignorance" - Paramore (sort of true)
What actually sums up your life: "Just Dance" - Lady Gaga (err. no)
How people will remember you: "Cassie (Acoustic)" - Flyleaf (...err, in a school shooting. wtf.)
How you want people to remember you: "Breathe Today" - Flyleaf (it fits my "preaching" xD)
The best song out there: "Smooth" - Santana ft. Rob Thomas (as much I love both artists, they aren't the best)
The worst song out there: "Losing It" - Never Shout Never (it's close enough, i guess. i don't really like this song)
Worst song by the best artist: "Declaration" - David Cook (Cook's beast, but not the overall best, to me. and this song owns D<)
Best song by the worst artist: "Let This Go" - Paramore (they don't suck DDDD< but this song is pretty great ;D)
Ending Credits: "Up All Night" - Hinder (let's go with it xDDDDDD;)

FINALLY. I FINISHED THIS. It took long 'enough...

I'm too lazy to tag anyone now, so just do it if you want, I guess.
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