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Dude, sweet shades. Where'd you get your kicks?
this features is all about sunglasses, hats, leggings, shoes, clothes, and pin-ups. (: just fashion-ey type stuff.
enjoy! thank you to the artists!
Vintage pinup by Film-Exposed :thumb66620743: electric blue by rosfb Vintage Kiss by living-doll07 Corneliiioooo by DinDEru cataloging - by zvzmng :thumb39128066: hey by NoirFeu kinky by andrewfphoto :thumb112982774: :thumb93801202: Heart Shaped Glasses by lunascissorhands vintage' by sleepless-hunger summer 2008 by momomilk sheshoes by NoirFeu Tiger fashion by SylviaDalberg Leopard Print Pills by Chiseled-Marble Children of the revolution by Royalshake :thumb80206691: emo photo with my person by waif-girl :thumb87653838: rubi by amssterdam :thumb108712577: :thumb95598921: :thumb87345002: :thumb79065598: Holly - Pin Up by raycaster Red lips by sharpend Waiting for a Star to Fall by ulorinvex :thumb61253029: Heart-Shaped Glasses by darkixi :thumb109526673: :thumb106716146: Yellow by kandy-k Retro Love. by SHIT-face-sheree :thumb86674078: i make you sick in a bad way by without--sugar :thumb80630950: :thumb110113940: :thumb111192168: Dancing with herself by danidavanso omigawd shoes by jaevelrdii
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Beauty ~ Big and Tattooed
Lately I have found myself pondering "what is beauty?". Is it something that can be labelled? Does it fit a definition, if any? There is perhaps one that has proven to be apt in its description "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Many of us know this to be true for we have experienced it. Beauty in another is often found and made up of the day to day experiences of life. For instance when we look at a long term partner we see them through different eyes then those of a stranger. We see the youth they were, the father they became, the exciting lover, the shoulder we lean on. It is their link to our life that moulds the beauty we see. Yet we still find beauty in others, many of which we have never met. It would be safe to guess that we still use life experiences to judge what its beautiful by applying those ideals to the stranger before us. But in the case of lust and beauty this does not always ring true. Sometimes we are attracted to things and people that are far from the everyday
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Pin up obsession
Ok I admit it. I have a problem. I just cant stop looking at Pin up girls. They are just so gorgeous and you know the world cant be a too bad a place whilst they are in it making cupcakes, and other yummy foods.
Cherry Pie 1 by Pale-EnchantressCupcake Jevee by NaomiNekro:thumb90720022::thumb70840873::thumb121406565:Rakey Bake by rakeHot Right Out of the Oven by karacannibal
Foods which they take on picnics whilst wearing divine frocks and frilly knickers.
:thumb31648437::thumb83837428:Picnic Pin-Up by 2omb13:thumb31571907::thumb84956851::thumb79640328:Cupcake Heaven by hennanightsOne Apple Per Day... by Devilyne:thumb53796242::thumb56292920::thumb119099498:
They never forget their parasols to ward of the hot sun.
viva las vegas golden beauty by helifxer97Holly - Pin up 3 by raycaster:thumb94328745:Pin Up Blue by ChloeACreepy:thumb119441395:Frankii and Zara - beach 04 by wrightphotoFrankii and Zara - beach 05 by wrightphotoJuly by MayVill:thumb83554164:Ravenna goes Burlesque by JenHell66:thumb119767012:Maria - Umbrella by balanegra
They arrange these wonderful pic
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Ink, needle, scissiors, peroxide.
nike by NoirFeu blum 03. by muszka The Tattooist by TrixyPixie :thumb33566715: :thumb94654997: Flur - M e t a l by gonejustlikebefore new tattoo by misshmae :thumb88268787: chest by musicXmorphine Punks Not Dead by roxagrama Oli Sykes - Ink and Skin by JeremySaffer :thumb71392300: :thumb103289065: :thumb81362684: blum 04. by muszka :thumb98743291: Lady in red by insuh Culinary Catastrophes 3 by photography-by-vara Pillow Fight by amberlymurderface :thumb114450943: Chloe by HannahCombs old piercing by morientess Like My Lip Ring? by slightlyoff-beat Seanna.9. by HannahCombs Dolly in Red by vivavanstory :thumb61088180: G-PURPLE by BAT-UNIT chelsea smile by xMissTake :thumb84813682: Anarchy In The Uk by Zoepancake Mary Leigh's Leopard Dress by OfficialSerenaStar The Clean-up by photography-by-vara my heroine by NoirFeu Caroline Sweet 2 by MissAminaMunster :thumb110506420: natty dreads 2 by negriis underwater by tiny-bug :thumb110113940: :thumb71936235: Yellow by kandy-k :thumb109526673: .:You PUNK:. by Teeslpscreations Cherry Dollface by ButterflyLady Control by MaAscund :thumb95598921: Holly - Pin Up by raycaster Mother and Daughter by riava :thumb95264191: tattoo by callitcarma :thumb97858920: :thumb6912585
:iconangelacrunk:angelaCRUNK 35 22
Cat playing nintendo DS by Gorda-FM Cat playing nintendo DS :icongorda-fm:Gorda-FM 452 76
Inspiring/ Beautiful art II
more amazing art on dA. enjoy :)
Fighting for Peace by theadeleon :thumb79098771: green street at hong kong by livingtobelong The Padangss by aggro91 :thumb90393281: plants and rags by ThreeLibras :thumb72264612:memem by buguanle one day in shanghai5 by shadtoto Africa Breeze by ClaSsyX :thumb92931848: :thumb42263150: :thumb35955998: 07 by ball-jointed-Alice black by ball-jointed-Alice Mothernature by AloeVeraO asian boy by rei-i Mother in the dark by enasni fresh by tangleduptight Float Away by theadeleon Logan World Guard 2 by Iznanka Logan World Guard by Iznanka I am the Nile by IleanaHunter Lemon and Ice by alegas Twilit Forest Pendant no. 8 by sojourncuriosities :thumb77761546: La Boheme - Ruffles 6 by kama-n :thumb70290414: profil. by clicdeyeux Extravaganza by Gin-n-Juice :thumb33185628: I Speak Alone by Gordorca :thumb95264191: Rainbow Bee Eater + Fairy Art by enchantedgal Art Nouveau Ivy Portrait by enchantedgal Lunai by thienbao :thumb83722468: Suicide Girls Contest 4 by lexarexa papa by emilylynch Destination by yoenizme ___Naturelle2. WP by Bobbyperux Changing by nabey .caroline's ghosts by dippedFEATHER Lady Luminance by Quistography Birds Without Wings by ennil Jardin d'Hiver ii by retrodiva88 Hidden Muses by NonIntentonal :thumb78758758: White crumbled paper texture by Babybird-Stock deniz yilmaz III by mehmeturgut :thumb94
:iconsimplechaos13523:simplechaos13523 25 22
It's in the water....
:thumb97088235: :thumb95978247: It's in the water baby by disposable-heroX loneliness by Daniaah :thumb95978247: .:relax:. by Edhelamarth :thumb70720438: Jump by DarkMetaphor :thumb95189089: after the day has crashed by dechlorinate :thumb90379238: :thumb48609661: :thumb104497829: :thumb103178640: You Are Behind The Wall by ElifKarakoc Dark angel sucked all the best by BleuCitron sunny days by Gewof :thumb101580675: no, we are not cold by ssuunnddeeww .Coming back to you. by Nonnetta Summer Love by HollyBroomhall These Affairs by grace-note Further Down by BreatheNaked The Autumn Isles in water by lloydhughes water. by caterinha In water by Jimbosbaby le fountain by muszka Cell: Prison for the Lonely I by zemotion tonight we drown by Pretty-As-A-Picture the lovers by muszka Ophelia. by zemotion jeux d'eau . by edlyytam Water by Faithie77 Queen of water by littleostrich :thumb45834000: :thumb89735928: wind and water by kapodes sky in the water by aicty Failling water by JACAC princess on the water by photoport :thumb83946892: - looking under the water. by Orevivre :thumb51495579: :thumb108279374: Hydrophobia by fernz :thumb106429523: Storm by TrixyPixie more than wanted by muszka when the sun comes up by muszka :thumb71349362: The rain by OjosVerde :thumb76
:iconmattonime:mattonime 18 14
the proper use of nudes in art??? (feature)
recently i was set a task to photograph a selection of women wearing 1940's to 1950's clothing and underwear... and it was with this that i got into a row with my mother because she was sure that the photographs that i took bore to much flesh in some parts and they verging on porn; its safe to say that she is a non believer that artistic nudes are art and not porn.
it was because of this that i decided that i should go on a tiny little adventure to search out images that really where artistic in thier own right, though through doing this i did find that many people forget about artistic quality and ruin what could have been an amazing image by just snapping a photo which in its own right looks smutty and there are just breast's etc in the photo for no real reason... although if you do this your views will go up by the hundreds.
i am also certainly not saying that you cant have an image with full frontal nudety, infact i found some pretty amazing images where nothing was covered up.
i b
:iconstar-saphire:star-saphire 25 39
August by GoblinQueeen August :icongoblinqueeen:GoblinQueeen 211 52 the reluctant Bride by DanniDoll the reluctant Bride :icondannidoll:DanniDoll 168 60 Nicole's Bride by grantgoboom Nicole's Bride :icongrantgoboom:grantgoboom 251 11 Spooky Gals: Elvira by MeghanMurphy Spooky Gals: Elvira :iconmeghanmurphy:MeghanMurphy 263 44 Inspiration: Gary come home by DC-KMOS Inspiration: Gary come home :icondc-kmos:DC-KMOS 63 41 WFF 2004 - Shagrath 2 by AliceInDarkland WFF 2004 - Shagrath 2 :iconaliceindarkland:AliceInDarkland 56 97 Gato by jorgepacker Gato :iconjorgepacker:jorgepacker 1,932 303 Kitty Loves Baby by girltripped Kitty Loves Baby :icongirltripped:girltripped 3,855 554 i want nothing more by aihtuya i want nothing more :iconaihtuya:aihtuya 282 66 Beautiful Nightmare Nights by vacuumslayer Beautiful Nightmare Nights :iconvacuumslayer:vacuumslayer 1,657 155 Un gato. by faboarts Un gato. :iconfaboarts:faboarts 59,698 8,887 Ladybug Cat by Sugargrl14 Ladybug Cat :iconsugargrl14:Sugargrl14 893 175 A Window to Souls by Sugargrl14 A Window to Souls :iconsugargrl14:Sugargrl14 5,306 409 Nightmare B4 Christmas Bash - by DanLuVisiArt Nightmare B4 Christmas Bash - :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 6,703 683 Devils Companion by agnesvanharper Devils Companion :iconagnesvanharper:agnesvanharper 14 3 Silent Hill by peachyanime Silent Hill :iconpeachyanime:peachyanime 523 105


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