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24" x 24" charcole, white and black charcole pencils, and watercolor on pastel paper

this piece is a tribute to Burne Hogarth and his dynamic style of drawing. our assignment was to depict fear. my original idea was to do something along the lines of claustrophobia, but i ditched that more literal concept in favor of a more conceptual one. this is what i ended up with.
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 He seems much more sad or tired than afraid. Maybe a more tight hand over the head the face and the man's eye looking down in a obtuse angle with wide eyes could aggregate some of this fear you aimed. It is, by the way, a very good technique you have.
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Such beautiful lines!
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Oh I instantly recognized this pose. I love Burne Hogarth's work, I have most of his books. Anyhow this is a gorgeous picture. I especially love the background really helps bring out the mood.
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This is so awesome that it takes 2 comments to express just how awesome it is.
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This is awesome. But it looks more like sadness than fear to me. And when i say this is awesome i mean this is like the most awesome piece of art I've seen. Maybe the background could be more blurry but its fucking awesome never the less.
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Beautiful :) nuff siad
I love how strenght and muscles opposites his posture.
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this is amazing!
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I really love this~ it's extremely powerful, and well illustrated, at that. Great job, love. :)
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Ha ha I knew this was Hogarth inspired when I saw it. I absolutely love how you added your own style by giving it a gritty texture. I actually kind of like this more then some of Hogarth's work because of that. Keep up the good work.
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It's really fascinating. Nice work
Beautiful piece, just beautiful
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hey iv seen this b4. its in a book called Dynamic figure drawing. did u copy this? cuz its all copyrighted stuff man. n if u get busted ull end up in trouble. any way nice
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EXCELLENT.... absolutely brilliant... brilliant texture, shading, emotion... a masterpiece... :jawdrop:
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this is soooooo sweet. I love it!
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very nice, burne hogarth is meh favorite artist ^^
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cool =D ....
well done ^^
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Wow! This is sooo kool! I love all of the muscles and lumps in his arms and legs, the poor fellow looks sad! :P
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So powerful, you sir are an amazing artist
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I will forver Love this picture <3333
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Beautiful piece! and gallery! :D
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I immediately recognized this (Burne Horgarth)....I did one of his drawings. But yours is cooler.
I really love the watercolor.... :thumbsup:
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