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Minecraft - Medieval Town

By Lexa2
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Hello everyone, here today the medieval city, which is a beautiful representation of the city at the time. This one is composed of a harbor with boats, a church, sewer, tavern, a castle and many other places. The map pack has a texture that is a mixture between dokucraft and johnsmith.

Directed by: Oddworld
Link: [link]
Download: [link]
Texture pack: [link]

If you have any interesting maps to offer me, send me by message or comment.:)

Bonjour à tous, voici aujourd'hui la ville médiéval, qui est une très belle représentation de cité de l'époque. Celle ci est composée d'un port avec des bateaux, d'une église, d'égout, de taverne, d'un chateau et de plein d'autre endroit. La map a un pack de texture qui est un mélange entre le dokucraft et le johnsmith.

Réalisé par: Oddworld
Lien: [link]
Télécharger: [link]
Pack de texture: [link]

Si vous avez des maps intéressantes à me proposer, envoyez les moi par message ou par commentaire.:)
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One of the best cities ive seen in mincraft so far
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Hey there,   I have a question for the creator of this nice medieval city...

I have seen this city on another server, can't remember the name but I know the server is in my server list. Now on this server is the EXACT same COPY of this map and I mean everything, even the enterior of the houses and stuff. Now here is the thing, the guy that "owns" the city is claiming that HE has build it him self, he even told others that and also the server owner.

Now my question..  Do you authorize this?  Do you allow people to use your work on other servers ?  and do you not demand to have some form of credit ??  because it doesnt state in the information above, so if you do then please update your info and claim your hard work and demand credit.  because if you do, then I can talk to the owner of the server and let him talk to the guy that claims to be the creator. and I can maybe even let the owner remove the town all together.   Its YOUR work..  you should protect it from guys like that !!

please let me know what you think, hope you anwser back..
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Could I use this in a new minecraft adventure series?
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Thanks for the nice screenshot of my town.
Ill be updating the town with new buildings and a new landscape, so keep an eye out for that =D
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I would go see what's new. :)
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Omg, that is REALLY cool, I love it! :heart:
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Reminds me of the Human Allience city from world of warcraft. Odd.

Very well done though:clap:! Its pretty :3
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This city remind me on world of warcraft (stormwind)
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I like the ship mang.
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Wow, what a charming little town. :)
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This is marvelous..
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