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Welcome to Manehatten

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This is a pic inspired by the brilliant fanfic...

Fallout: Equestria

Here we have Littlepip arriving at what remains of Manehatten.
Within the ruins of buildings you can see a single intact building with a large radio tower, that is her destination, Tenpony Tower.

Also including in the pic is a Sprite-bot, FE's version of the Eyebot and the shadow of an Alicorn in the sky.

This is my very first drawing of a MLP and i think i did ok.

I will be unable to colour this unfortunately so i will give permission to anyone who would like to colour it or perhaps improve on it.

Thank you for viewing and i would love to read your thoughts on this.
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It's alot better than what I've been mustering for drawings. While I love Fallout, love MLP and love the crossover art, I can't stand Fallout Equestria. It's a pity really, but ah well.

Only thing I'd say is that it looks like you tried to get a 3D kinda look to it, but didn't keep it all from the same perspective. Best thing is to keep it simple and 2D to save yourself headaches.
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i'm not much of a drawer anymore but thank you for the positive comment.

I haven't finished reading the who fic to where its up to yet but i'm rather enjoying it depite some of it being a little hard to follow.
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Nice scene, I like the detail of the Alicorn in the background
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thank you very much
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Its pretty good for your first attempt at drawing ponies.
I just finished reading the story so far and I agree its a really good piece of fiction.
Its difficult reading sometimes though.
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what do you mean by it being difficult?
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Some of the snippets from the past. I know its not going to end well at all...
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