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Rugbyplayer by Ewoud57
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And I Cannot Reach You
And I Cannot Reach You
For a time, when they were very young indeed, Fíli had suffered a recurring nightmare that he would only speak of to his brother.
We are in a great battle, he would say.  We’re warriors.  Uncle Thorin is King Under the Mountain, and orcs have attacked.
There Kíli would interrupt to press for details of his own prowess, little pieces of childish egotism like, How long is my beard? and, How many orcs do I slay? and, Is Mister Dwalin there?—because I bet you ‘n me could slay more orcs than him.
After an effort at shushing him, Fíli would go on.  We’re surrounded and outnumbered, and Thorin gets hurt, and I send up the call—defend the king!  I try to go to him, but my armour is heavy, and it slows me down.
Then you should take it off, Kíli would say with all the wisdom a fourteen-year-old dwarf can muster.
I do, but then I get hurt, and then you get hurt, and I cat
:iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 6 3
Whatever End
Whatever End
Kíli stormed into their room while Fíli was packing.
“You’re not going without me,” he said in a tone which brooked no argument.
Fíli sighed.  “I fail to see why you place such importance on the quest—a quest to retake a kingdom that fell a hundred years before ever you saw sunlight.”
“This is my chance!” Kíli said hotly.
“Chance for what?” asked Fíli, confused.
“To be more in my life than simply your brother.”
Rocked to his core, he stared at Kíli.  “‘Simply’ my brother?  I have always felt that ‘brother’ was chiefest of my appellations and principle among my virtues.”
Kíli would not meet his gaze, and oh!—how it stung.
Fíli swallowed.  “Have I been a poor elder brother?”
“No!” Kíli said quickly.  “No, of course not…  It’s only…  I am young—”
“We are not so young as all that,” h
:iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 4 1
Queenly at the Window
Queenly at the Window
It is fully a day and night before any of the cousins surface from grief sufficiently to remember their princess.
Then it’s oh my, and she must be told, and yes, but who to carry such dire news…
Bofur volunteers, but it’s agreed that one of the nearer relations should shoulder the burden.
Dwalin categorically refuses; he has a mighty fear of Thraín’s daughter, and would not tell her of the deaths of her sons for all the riches in Moria.
Bombur wonders whether it mightn’t be easier to tell Dís’ husband and let him risk her wrath (Bifur agrees that it would be the fellow’s husbandly duty).
Oín suggests they draw lots, and that whatever unfortunate dwarf draws the short stick should get his funeral arrangements out of the way before departing.
Several days they spend in this way, arguing and accusing, while halls are hastily cleaned and makeshift buildings hastily raised…while tombs are appointed in
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FMA: Welcome to Briggs by Green-Makakas FMA: Welcome to Briggs :icongreen-makakas:Green-Makakas 2,255 353 Portal Wedding Rings by xQUATROx Portal Wedding Rings :iconxquatrox:xQUATROx 1,842 252 Sparks by AlvisHamilton Sparks :iconalvishamilton:AlvisHamilton 1,150 45 The Founder by MerianMoriarty The Founder :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 3 1 livestream warmup - oct 15 2012 by MerianMoriarty livestream warmup - oct 15 2012 :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 1 0

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Thor - Gleipnir's Compass
Gleipnir’s Compass
His brother has taken to pacing of late.
In the deep dark, Thor watches as Loki walks in a broad circle, the farthest extent of his reach.  Torchlight occasionally catches at the magic thread, glinting where Loki’s outstretched hand keeps it not-quite-taut.
“The others are making bets,” Thor comments, hoping for a reply.  He never gets one, but he always spends these visits trying.
Loki doesn’t look up, doesn’t pause.  He just keeps going, boots making soft sounds in time with his graceful stride.
“Fandral claims you’re trying to escape by wearing a hole through the cavern.  Sif pointed out that you’d still be bound to the stone.”
Loki does pause, but only to look contemplatively at the thread and test its reach.  A step farther from the stone, he resumes his pacing.
Thor feels that he’s the one wearing away, not the cavern floor.  He feels as tho
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 9 5
F-473 - Being the Bad Guy
Being the Bad Guy
Proctor 882 is a very practical woman.  Most would say brutally so.
It’s in her ethical profile.  High-functioning sociopath.  No empathy response.  No hesitation response.  No guilt response.
Her subtype is ‘independent scientist.’  Decisive, assertive.  No test-anxiety response.  No Samaritan response.  An inclination to catalog, to observe, to analyze.
The emotions she feels are dull, limited in spectrum, and far divorced from her actions.  She’s a well-versed liar and a decent actress—she can put on a convincing show, but she doesn’t actually experience things like grief and love.
Instead of feelings, she has facts, problems, more facts, and solutions.
It lets her deal with patients the average person would find morally repugnant.
It’s a Tuesday.  Tiw’s Day.  Tiw.  Tiwaz.  Tyr.
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 2 0
F-473 - Ripples
Loki frowns at the notification on her portable.
System administrator priority order.  Slide coordinates sent to Node 005 Skuld.  Proceed to non-hostile environment to witness and carry out sentencing.
She hasn’t had a sapo for almost a thousand years.
“Skuld,” she says.
“Confirm receipt of slide coordinates for sapo.”
“Initiate pre-programmed slide.”
She lands in darkness, with the moon waning above and the lights of a city in the distance.  Nearby is a tall, boxy shape, high windows glowing dimly.  A door creaks open, letting some of the glow escape around a slender silhouette.
She has a thousand questions.
“I’m here on a priority order,” she says instead, slightly bewildered.  “To witness and carry out sentencing on a timestream fugitive.”
He spreads his arms and grins in the moonlight.  “Ta-daa.”
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 5 0
F-473 - But Count the Cost
But Count the Cost
This time, Loki is desperate for counsel when she seeks the Well.
“Again she comes!” cackles Skuld.
“Again and again and again—” begins Verdandi, over the younger Norn’s shrill laughter.
“Stop,” says Urd.
And Skuld and Verdandi fall silent.
“We are on the brink of war,” says Loki.  “Three whole Realms, and they talk of using a fourth for their battlefield.  A new Great War.”
“Ah, war,” sighs Skuld.
Verdandi begins to mutter under her breath.
“And what did you do to avert this?” asks Urd.  “What course took you, green-eyed pilgrim?  What violent, spear-shaking hand did you stay?  What heed took you of the parable of this dead place?”
“Father didn’t listen,” Loki says tersely.  “He never listens.”
“And what of his wife?”
“Nor to her, even in her most beseeching voice.”
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 1 0
F-473 - Founder
Victoria Hand has been Head Warder for three hundred and twenty-six years.  She believes in fairness, harshness, and equality.  The laws which govern universes are mutable and can be bent, but the laws which direct the timestream are absolute.  At the very deepest levels, resonance cannot be reasoned with, or evaded, or destroyed.  The laws of the Network reflect that.
Good and bad are matters of perspective, and the Network’s perspective is vast.  Murder.  Assassination.  Terrorism.  Bad from the small perspective, from the perspective of the victim or the sympathizer.  But when the murder of one man can avert the deaths of billions in a neighboring branch, that is good.
So, even if someone who has broken Network Law is a good man, he has done something bad, and he’s a criminal.  That’s equality for you.
Equality is something Network law does well. 
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 1 0
F-473 - In an Inky Well
In an Inky Well
The Well that feeds Yggdrasil is deep and black.  Tendrils of golden light twine upward from its depths and into the twinkling roots.
Except that it’s nothing like that at all, because that’s only a metaphor, because finite minds have trouble with the truth.
What mages see—true mages, with the innate ability to bend reality—is very different from what others see.
Her sister sees the Well, and has described it in great detail.
She sees a hole in the very fabric of the universe.  What pours from the hole is not golden light, but Time.  This thing is the origin of all things, guarded by a petty people who are all but extinct now.
Long ago, three Aesir women took up station around the hole, gazing within for knowledge.  They have since become something other, something like what used to guard the hole.  Time-reading face-changers.  They can see all that was, is, and may some
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 1 0
F-473 - Break
It’s funny, the things that can break a man.
For Wade, it’s the soothing splash-thunk of a bamboo deer-chaser.
Not that the deer-chaser was alone in this venture…it actually had a lot of help.  But in the end, it was the deer-chaser that fired the killshot on Wade’s sanity.
If the deer-chaser is the end, the start is probably the handcuffs.
No, the start is probably self-identity.  Because if you asked Wade what he does for a living, he’d say ‘freelance good guy with a gun.’  When your merc stable’s most frequent client is one of the secondary Avengers teams, ‘good guy’ is a term you get used to applying to yourself, and Wade has always liked being able to call himself one of the good guys.
Things really begin to fall off when you realize you’re the only member of your team who includes the ‘good’ part in the job description (in fact, most of them should stic
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 1 0
F-473 - Conducting the Blizzard
Conducting the Blizzard
Keeper 015 is special.  She is the oldest living (non-computerized) Network Employee.  Even when the Network began, she had seen whole civilizations come and go.
They call her Fifteen, because she doesn’t care what they call her and they don’t seem to like her name.  In an organization dedicated to stability, she supposes that the ignorant must largely view her as anathema.  The wise know better.
If she could be bothered, she would explain to them.
Do you look at nature, she would urge them.  See the raging blizzard.  See its profusion of tiny shapes, each differing from its brethren, clumped and blinding and disorderly.  Look yet closer.  The flakes are driven by wind, which can be predicted by the shapes and temperatures around it.  The flakes are each, deep down, made of the most rigidly ordered parts.  From afar, it looks as chaos, but beneath
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 1 0
F-473 - Appletini
Appletini or The Currency of Casual Threats
Loki is feeling particularly pleased with herself today.  It’s not every day, after all, that one persuades the beloved child of a hated rival that one is, in fact, said child’s favorite person.
“You’re so fun, Auntie Loki, I don’t know why Mommy says you’re appally,” the child says brightly from high atop a stepladder, where she’s just attached a faceplate to her very own doombot.
“Appalling,” Loki absently corrects.  “I can’t imagine why your mommy would say that, either.  After all, we’re such good friends.  Ah—are you sure about that color, dear?”
The girl pauses with her little fist full of pink glitter.
“Green would be so much nicer, don’t you think?”
“You’re right!  Green would be much prettier with purple.”  She looks at the glitter and holds it out.
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 1 0
Inception - Way Out in the Water
Way Out in the Water
The real bitch of getting stuck in Limbo is the recovery.
The papers on the subject are half conjecture, half piecemeal anecdote…
This is what we think will happen, if you get out without going insane.
Eames was ready for alternating bouts of sleeplessness and narcolepsy.  He was ready for lethargy and fever and aches and unpredictable appetite.
Eames was not ready for sudden, uncontrollable, incredibly bizarre dreams.  He was not ready to dream without realizing he was dreaming.
Curled under the blankets in his hotel room, he slips into driving Chitty Chitty Bang Bang through Santa Monica with a picnic basket full of purple kittens.  At a red light, he gets carjacked by Scaramanga, who flies away laughing like Santa Claus, flinging kittens endlessly over the side, where they turn into stuffed toys as they hit the ground.
“What the ever-loving…?” he yelps, twitching upright.
City-noise, and a nig
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 2 1
F-473 - Misassembled
“They what?” Pietro says again, at a volume that can’t really be considered polite.
Steven winces.  “They, uh.  I think they ignored me.”
“You said—”
“Yeah, I know,” Steven sighs.  “Three and I went to Asgard, we started them going…apparently, there was some kind of supply delay, and then something jumped their event schedule so that they wouldn’t have had the Bifrost rebuilt in time anyway.  And SHIELD just kind of…”
“Ignored you, yes, you said.”
“I gave them the theory explanations and everything,” Steven insists.  “Fury said he’d get on it, teaming Stark and Richards and Foster, but he was pretty sure he was going to get stonewalled by the Council.  But now the tesseract is back where it belongs, so that’s something.”
Pietro pinches the bridge of his nose.  “And
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 2 0
F-473 - Uncertainty
It was a good plan.  It was just about brilliant.
It should’ve worked.
Sneaking into Stark’s compensator of a building was easy.  Sneaking into the Captain’s room  was easy.  Akiko trussed him up (annoyingly well, actually) and snuck out again, and that was easy.
Then Barton walked in and looked at him with an expression that clearly said, ‘I remember that time you stabbed me/shot me/broke my insert-bone-of-choice-here—that was my favorite insert-bone-of-choice-here.’
Now the plan is starting to look less brilliant.
“Man, I knew Steve had some fucked up fetishes, but this takes the taco,” Barton says.
Wade grins.  “Blondie, hey, good to seeya again.  I’d wave, but I’m a little tied up.  Remember the good ol’ days, when you were a terrorist dick and I mostly worked for the government?”
“And you shot me a total of eight times,
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 5 1
F-473 - Princess Twinkle
Princess Twinkle
Lester looks up from making an incredibly symmetrical sandwich when he hears key hit lock at the front door.
“Funny how easy it is to meet with people in secret when your enemies think they’ve got your neck on the block,” Aki says.
“Maybe Rogers and his little terrorist pals forgot your neck grows back.”
Itsuko stops playing with her own sandwich (the halves of which are shaped like dinosaurs) to look up and say, “Nuh-uh!  Mommy’s neck only goes back together if somebody holds it put.”
“Holds it still,” corrects Akiko.
“Whatever,” their daughter replies unconcernedly.
“How’d it go?” Lester asks.
His wife pauses to look outside the window—at Danvers, no doubt.  “He’s in.  And tied.  It should all be very incriminating.”
Lester considers his sandwich and the best place to take a bite (for symmetry’s sake).  The sandw
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 1 5
Inception - Bunny
Зайчик (Bunny)
Tak has managed to escape Arthur’s hotel suite without a drawing of a slingshot on her forehead.
It may be due partly to Eames still being too drained from his jaunt in Limbo, or it may be due to Ariadne understanding that a meet with a contact is serious business.
It may be due to the way Arthur glared at them all.
She glances at herself in the mirror one last time before setting out for the meet.  Pantsuit, crisp and pressed.  Louboutins, clean and shined.  Hair, pulled into a neat French twist.  Good as it’ll get on short notice.
In the taxi, she thinks over the new secret she found today.  The photograph from Eames’ wallet is proof positive in Tak’s mind—her uncle’s assassin friend, Victoria, is Eames’ mother.  She doesn’t know yet what she’s going to do with this tidbit.  She’s sure Eames hasn’t seen
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 1 0
Inception - David
Arthur watches the inconsistent spin of watch-hands, listens to the ticking briefly change speeds to match.  A ponderous tik…tik……tok, speeding up into tiktik, tok, tiktik, tok, and then up into tiktiktiktiktik like the clicking of a card in the spokes of a kid’s bike.  It’s hypnotic.  Sometimes when he’s been staring at his watch too long, he thinks he sees the numbers move.
And the mome raths outgrabe.
He shuts the watch, puts it back in his pocket, returns to his typing.
Five minutes later (by the cold and consistent numbers in the corner of the laptop screen), he leans back slightly in his chair and speaks.  “Saito’s got another job lined up for us, if you’re feeling up to it.”
Eames stirs from his place by the window.  “Hm?”
Arthur finishes up an email and turns.  “Saito.  He has another job.  Can you wor
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 1 0
F-473 - Sattva
If the human race comprises predator and prey, then there are three kinds of prey.
The sattvic prey that sees predators and knows its place.  The rajasic prey that sees predators and rails defiantly at their dominion.  The tamasic prey that lives in unquestioning, uncaring blindness.
Likewise, there are three kinds of human predator.
The sattvic predator that simply is.  The rajasic predator that wallows in its supremacy.  The tamasic predator that foolishly resists its own nature.
It’s one of the earlier lessons Akiko’s father tried to instill in her—be the calm and lucid predator, so that you can recognize the dangers the world poses to mind, body, and soul.  She was in a rebellious stage at the time, and stubbornly refused to see the sense in it.  All she knew or cared was that a man was forcing her to read religious drivel.
Then she saw Wilson out in public.  Until then, he’d always been a muttering shadow in the
:iconlex-n-karu:lex-n-karu 2 4


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at this point, i need to admit that i've been seriously neglecting to post things from tumblr that are actually about as finished as they'll ever be.  tumblr is not a place for meaningful input on literary works in progress, lol.............

i may start doing what MerianMoriarty did -- she posted unfinished versions of things in her scraps, asking for concrit there.  maybe i'll just tableflip it and do what i've always done (which is to pretty much do what i want and ignore people who don't like it).


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