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Ok well since I have just started my wolverine tattoo, which I am very tempted to turn into an xmen back piece ^_^, I thought it would be a great idea to feature some of the awsome xmen art out there on dA Logo Revamp (aha I found the old logo XD ) ! 

So yeah I decided to go the whole hog and have a wolverine tattoo on my left shoulder for my little boy who just so happens to be named after Wolverine himself. Wolverine Emote  So far he is definitely living up to the name with all the grumps we get lately but hey two year old's have a pretty bad time of it right? I mean how awful must it be to have everything done for you!?!? 

Anyway back to the whole point of this feature...........xmen was a show/comic I actually bordered on worshipping as a kid and throughout my teens, still even now I find myself sitting down to a good xmen binge.

You may see my tattoo uploaded once it's finished but it will depend entirely on what my tattoo artist agrees to.....

Ok so here are some amazing works that I managed to come across in my search for xmen related art that made me sigh in admiration, smile and even giggle.

We just simply HAVE to start with Wolverine.

Untitled-Wolvie by audaudaudaud  Wolverine by Tia-Copas  Weapon X by CrimsonFox44 <da:thumb id="525639736"/>

Who could forget the young girl that actually helped tame the brute.

X-Men 4 COVER by TerryDodson  Jubilee by Rhydwyn
And most of all the epic scraps between these two! :excited: 

<da:thumb id="525160809"/>

Oh and not to mention I found Wolverine had totally gone super saiyan Ultra Excitement 
or is Vageta maybe maybe cosplaying?? I'm not sure....:confused: 

SSJ Vegetarine by abielleamiel

And now for a few of my other favs ^_^


<da:thumb id="157293929"/>  Xmen: Nightcrawler by annecain  Nightcrawler by KoujiAlone  X-men: Shadow and Night by JinxArtemis <da:thumb id="525794688"/>


<da:thumb id="439714802"/>  BEAST sketch cover commission by mdavidct <da:thumb id="525157573"/> 

Gambit (My son came very close to being names Remy!)Heart 

gambit using copic markers by Sajad126  gambit by logicfun  Gambit by Mott-lapoulerose 

my very favourite Marvel couple ever!Love 

Rogue loves Gambit by ryanorosco  Another Rogue and Gambit PSC by ryanorosco  Rogue and Gambit by kizmvp  Gambit and Rogue by mspawa Rogue by svoidist 

And last but not least some x-men generals:happybounce: 

X-Men by renatofraccari <da:thumb id="525159436"/>  Uncannyxmenblueteam by GregoryBui  Xmen - Wolverine Rouge Gambit by NhtgkcN  Futurama X-Men Meld by gottabecarl

And I really need to stop now before I end up adding all the deviations from DA to the feature HA!

Peace out Peace 

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CrimsonFox44's avatar
Thanks for the feature! Always nice to see fellow X-Men lovers.
Lex-Logan's avatar
You're very welcome
Mirax3163's avatar
Hey thanks for the feature! (and I approve of this wolverine tattoo decision. it's cute that you named your kid after him too!)
Lex-Logan's avatar
Thanks and you're welcome :)
Tia-Copas's avatar
I'm honored that you chose the Wolverine piece I did to put on here! Thank you so much!
Lex-Logan's avatar
again you're very welcome, it's an amazing piece 
abielleamiel's avatar
Haha cool picks/pics! XD
Lex-Logan's avatar
hehe thanks ^_^ I really need to do a feature on DBZ sometime!
abielleamiel's avatar
Yes feel free, and feature *me* all you want! :P
logicfun's avatar
Thanks for the feature
Lex-Logan's avatar
You're very welcome 
audaudaudaud's avatar
Oh wow! Thanks! I didnt know you'll like my art :D Thanks again! :)
Lex-Logan's avatar
You're welcome. Its an awesome piece and you are very good! 
audaudaudaud's avatar
Wow, thank you again! ^-^ I'll make it a point to make more arts like these :)
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