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The Devil Can't Stand Mockery by LewisLiberman The Devil Can't Stand Mockery :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 1 1 Drink Leftist Tears!  by LewisLiberman Drink Leftist Tears! :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 2 0 Rare Anarcho Big Chungus from the 30s by LewisLiberman Rare Anarcho Big Chungus from the 30s :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 0 0 Leftist Group: Avoid Soft Kittens in 2019! by LewisLiberman Leftist Group: Avoid Soft Kittens in 2019! :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 5 5 Clifflib by LewisLiberman Clifflib :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 1 0 The Secession Solution? by LewisLiberman The Secession Solution? :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 1 0 Twitter Censorship by LewisLiberman Twitter Censorship :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 7 0 Laugh at the Leftists!!! by LewisLiberman Laugh at the Leftists!!! :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 15 7 What Monster? by LewisLiberman What Monster? :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 3 0 The NPC Mask and Costume! by LewisLiberman The NPC Mask and Costume! :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 1 0 Statist Safe Space by LewisLiberman Statist Safe Space :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 3 1 March for Life??? by LewisLiberman March for Life??? :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 5 0 Equilibrium Fan Art by LewisLiberman Equilibrium Fan Art :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 0 0 Seasteading...the future is now? by LewisLiberman Seasteading...the future is now? :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 1 0 Snowflake Buddies and the ABCs of Leftism! by LewisLiberman Snowflake Buddies and the ABCs of Leftism! :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 2 0 Bad Apple by LewisLiberman Bad Apple :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 5 0


SExpress by GlennDiddit SExpress :iconglenndiddit:GlennDiddit 5 11 Commission: Love in time of war by ArunaWolf Commission: Love in time of war :iconarunawolf:ArunaWolf 47 16 Journey through the Confederate cemetery by tracks147 Journey through the Confederate cemetery :icontracks147:tracks147 7 0 Veles Map by AugustinasRaginskis Veles Map :iconaugustinasraginskis:AugustinasRaginskis 290 22 Socialist Neighbor by Conservatoons Socialist Neighbor :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 34 175 Snowden Comic Page by VoluntaryistComic Snowden Comic Page :iconvoluntaryistcomic:VoluntaryistComic 1 0 The Voluntaryists versus the TSA by VoluntaryistComic The Voluntaryists versus the TSA :iconvoluntaryistcomic:VoluntaryistComic 2 4 Rexworld Sketchy Illustration by DynoStorm Rexworld Sketchy Illustration :icondynostorm:DynoStorm 6 2 Ron Swanson Caricature by WesleyRiot Ron Swanson Caricature :iconwesleyriot:WesleyRiot 5 2 Spaceships by MadKingFroggy Spaceships :iconmadkingfroggy:MadKingFroggy 17 8 Political Compass Map by MadKingFroggy Political Compass Map :iconmadkingfroggy:MadKingFroggy 44 101


The Devil Can't Stand Mockery
WOW!!! Libertpia Cartoons featured at Abbeville Institute and Lew Rockwell in The Devil Can't Stand Mockery...and Neither Can the Left! Check out the goods at…
Drink Leftist Tears!
“Snowflake Buddies is a bold middle finger to these “men without chests” as C.S. Lewis described the leftists of his day. It’s a brilliant and effective way of saying to the haters, ‘We won’t capitulate to fools. We will not comply. We ain’t skeered. And we drink leftist tears.’” -Dissident Mama, homeschool mom of three on my Snowflake Buddies book! See…
Rare Anarcho Big Chungus from the 30s
Rare Anarcho Big Chungus unearthed in some guys attic! Evidently this was a prototype created in the 30s, but was deemed to controversial for the time. Amazing.

More at Also find my satire humor book at…
Leftist Group: Avoid Soft Kittens in 2019!

Galactic Imperium News: The Souther Poverty Leftism Center (not to be confused with any other SPLC organizations) recently released the above “Hatewatch: Extremist Groups for 2019” graphic, which clearly warns all rabid leftists, national socialists and intellectually stunted progressives of who to avoid and ostracize for the new year. The graphic includes libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, meat eaters, Amish farmers, Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Soft Kittens, Christians, Rose Wilder Lane, Ayn Rand, Founding Fathers, Murray Rothbard, Cute Bunnies and more.

Says Southern Poverty Leftist Spokeperson Villie Bandersnatch, “We are proud to release such a helpful graphic for social media censors and leftists to hang next to their computers for daily use. We’re confident it will help remind people of who the real threats are to their way of life, and cause them to avoid being tainted by beliefs that are an obvious threat to progressives and progressive society as a whole. We also hope that it will be a useful resource for mainstream establishment news organizations to quote whenever they need something to look factual.”

The graphic includes a warning, which states, “Do not attempt to engage or debate anyone from the above groups. They are considered guilty of extreme thought-crimes against the State and the holy doctrines of Leftist Ideology. Instead, immediately report them to your nearest leftist gulag or National Socialist Gestapo Officer. Have a nice day.”

Note: The above is considered a work of satire or parody, and should not be considered actual news. For entertainment purposes only. Reading after eating 36 hot dogs and drinking 22 glasses of warm milk may cause vomiting, blurred vision and a nasty mess. Libertopia Cartoons not to be held responsible for triggered snowflakes, mouth foaming neo-cons or outbursts of pro-State screeching. 

Want to laugh at all the crazy stuff going on in the world today? if so, check out our First Book from Shotwell Publishing30 AMAZING full-color illustrated pages of satire and wit – includes 12 activity pages and an amazing dystopian short story as it appeared on Lew!

It's libertopia cartoon's first published book from Shotwell Publishing!

Frustrated? Annoyed? Tired of establishment elitists not listening to YOU? If so, find your favorite safespace and curl up with 30 AMAZING full-color illustrated pages of satire and wit! You and your favorite little Leftist will LOVE laughing and learning the ABCs together with hilarious characters and clever rhymes. 
But wait… THERE’S MORE!

As an added bonus, you will learn more about how Leftism is shaping our world today with 12 super fun activity pages that includes an anti-capitalist maze, social justice warrior approved color pages, a word search, Captain Communist, cool Leftist glasses and other great surprises! So what are you waiting for? See for yourself why the Society of the Golden Pacifier calls the ABCs OF LEFTISM “one of the most important works for Leftists!” Also includes “The Left Edge of Insanity” - a dystopian short story as it appeared on! Makes a great gift for a teen, college student or anyone who likes a good laugh.

Find it at…


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United States
I create libertarian/voluntaryist/ancap artwork, and run one of the largest libertarian art blogs on the internet! Check it out for great artist interviews, resources, memes, cartoons, infographics and much more!


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Lewis Liberman has just passed away. Please consider helping his family.…
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I love your gallery. While there are ALOT of things I disagree with, I still respect your opinion and I love how you are able to call out idiots and violent extremist groups ;3
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Thanks ArtFrog, I really like your sci-fi animated graphics too - I've done some of these in the past, and know how much time they can take to look right. Your political map is amazing too!
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