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I'm off on hiatus! Info in description

Extended Hiatus--Official Announcement by LeWhimsira, visual art

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My Bio

Hiya! Welcome to my page. Feel free to take a look at my galleries, I have them sorted by topic and by media :)

Everything is currently closed (comms, trades, requests, collabs, etc.) until after my mission! Please see this deviation for details:

Extended Hiatus--Official Announcement

I'm an avid multimedia fantasy artist and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I draw/paint/sculpt/create many things, including dragons, creatures of my own make, and existing legends.

For me, art has always been about the journey. I love exploring, experimenting, messing up, and dealing with those mistakes; for when you force yourself to accept and work with your mistakes, you learn faster. That's why, as a child, I always preferred drawing in pen to pencil, and that on lined paper. It freed me from the need to make "the perfect line" or "the perfect drawing." It helped me learn to use my imperfect lines, even terrible ones, to be more creative and free with the final product.

That same pursuit of freedom and creativity has always driven me to try new things--I get bored if bogged down in one medium or method of creation for too long. Thus, over the years, I've gone from one medium to another, until I have acquired an extensive list of things I've tried. I have now tried a wide variety of processes, as listed below (in no particular order):

- acrylic and watercolor painting

- eraser shaving art :D

- pen, pencil, charcoal drawing

- string art (not done yet--coming soon!)

- papier mache

- ceramic sculpture

- collage

- mosaic

- linoleum printmaking

- paper clip sculpture--my own method!

- multimedia sculpture (wire, glass, seashells, paper clips, ribbon, string, fake gems)

- digital media

- film and digital photography

- scratch boards

- riso printing (involves printing with a special soy-based ink)

- performance art

- sound art

- ... does gardening count? Because I've been doing a lot of that lately XD

About My Hiatus

Hello there!

It looks like you found me when I’m serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

I leave April 27th, 2021 and will be back early November of 2022. Commissions, custom adopts, etc. will be closed at least until then.

But, premade adopts are still open!!

See these links for more info:

PRICE REDUCED--Open Flatsale Adopt!
Cheap Dragon Adopts [9/11 open!]

I hope you all are well!


FAQ~~Adopts While I'm Away

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While I’m gone, you can still buy premade adopts from me!! Here’s an in-depth document detailing how this will work while I’m gone. How can you still be selling premade adopts while you're gone? By giving authority to another deviant, @Kaiwelos , to manage my affairs. If you want to purchase a premade design, just comment on the deviation (or note him) and he will respond by either accepting or denying your request to purchase. If he accepts, you will pay him instead (so he can verify payment), and he will send you the stash link of your adopt. What exactly does Kaiwelos have authority over while you’re gone? Kaiwelos has authority to accept or deny offers to adopt any open adopt on my page, except for custom adopts (dragon eggs). He has authority to sell for me anything from https://www.deviantart.com/lewhimsira/art/Cheap-Dragon-Adopts-9-11-open-876700725 or https://www.deviantart.com/lewhimsira/art/PRICE-REDUCED-Open-Flatsale-Adopt-867506279. Any decisions he makes with
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Something big coming soon....
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In speedpaints, which do YOU prefer?

22 votes
Including the sketch phase--I like seeing the whole work come to life!
Omitting the sketch phase--I want to get to the good stuff!
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thank you for the fave!

thanks for the fav :woohoo:

of course!! I hope you have a great day/night!

Thanks for the fav! :)

Of course!! Thank you for watching!! :D

Thank you so much for the fav, I truly appreciate :)