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Silvaze foot worship
In Blaze's dimension within a magnificent white marble palace, Blaze the cat sat in her room brushing her hair back as she got ready for bed. Her room was an expansive chamber with flowing red curtains covering the walls, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a large queen sized bed with red silk blankets. Wearing her traditional purple clothing and white tights with fur at the ends of her sleeves and pant legs with her magenta running dress shoes on, she brushed down her long purple hair as she undid her red bandana which held them in place. She had a long day of sustaining peace in her kingdom while protecting those dimensions outside of hers.
From the corner of her room, a golden ring opened up and Silver the hedgehog emerged from the portal it had created. "Hey, Blaze", the albino hedgehog smiled at his girlfriend. "Silver, I'd love to hang out with you", Blaze said in a rather stern tone, "But I've had a heck of a day and I need some rest". "No problem", Silver continued smilin
:iconticklelover2011:ticklelover2011 48 2
Amy's hypnotic tickling
The day after Christmas, Sonic the Hedgehog laid on his couch in front of the fire place with his Christmas tree in the corner. Underneath were several presents from everyone he knew: clothing and new devices for improving his speed from Tails, Blaze and Silver, several unexploded pipe-bombs sent from Shadow and Eggman and discounts for chili-dogs sent by Amy Rose (which he loved more than anything else).
Just as he was about to fall asleep, a knock came at the door. As he opened it, he was greeted by a pouncing Amy. "SOOONIIIKUUUU", she screamed in delight as she hugged him tightly. "Easy, easy, Amy", Sonic gasped as he tried pulling her off, "What did you want to come here for?" "Oh, Sonic", Amy smiled sweetly as she always did, "I wanted to see how you were doing since Christmas Day is over". "We actually saw each other on Christmas Day", Sonic reminded her with a somewhat stoic look, "Remember? You gave me the discounts for chili-dogs, I hugged you in a friendly manner, then you pu
:iconticklelover2011:ticklelover2011 54 4
Big tickled by Cream
Big: *in a pair of stocks in the middle of the forest*
Cream: *walking along and finds Big* Big?
Big: Cream!
Cream: Big, how did you end up in there?
Big: I'm not sure, a few minutes ago I was resting by a tree and now I'm in this thing!
Cream:Well... there's something I've been wondering about. *starts to undo Bigs sandals*
Big: What's that?
Cream: *takes the sandals off* Are you ticklish?
Big: *wiggles his toes some as the sandals are removed* Well... kind of.
Cream: Kind of? *lightly strokes down his feet*
Big: Hehehehehehehe! *his feet curl back slightly*
Cream: You are ticklish!
Big: Daah, I guess so. ^^
Cream: *lightly scratches up and down his feet* Tickle tickle!
Big: Hehehehahahahahahahehehehe!
Cream: *tickles his soles*
Big: HahahAHAHahahahehehahahaHAHahaha! *wiggles toes*
Cream: *tickles arches* Gichy gitchy goo!
Big: Hahahahahahahahohohohohahahaha! *wiggles feet and scrunches toes*
Cream: *lightly tickles under toes* I've got your toes!
:iconwantwon:wantwon 14 21
Couple Trouble
Fiona and Scourge: *sleeping in the infamous Chao Garden stocks, with all the engravings and designs in it*
Chaos: *start quietly flying over to them*
Fiona: *slowly wakes up* Where am I? *looks around and yawns* Scourge: *snore*
Chaos: *staring at Fiona*
Fiona: What are you all looking at? *turns to Scourge* Scourge? Scourge: *wakes up* What is i- o_O Wha-?....
Chaos: Chao!
Fiona: Relax Scourge, they're Chao Scourge: That's not what I'm worried about. Fiona: Then what is it? Scourge: We're stuck
Chaos: *pull their shoes off*
Fiona: Hmm? Scourge: Hey! Hands off! *wiggles feet as they pull his shoes off*
Chao: *brush up against socked feet*
Fiona: ^^; *wiggles socked toes* Scourge: *pout face and crosses arms*
Chao: *approaches Scourge*
Scourge: What are you all looking at? -_-
Other chaos: *pull the socks off*
Scourge: Hey, let me go!
Chaos: *shake their head and pull Fiona's socks off*
Fiona: Hehe... they're cute at least ^^; Scourge: Why not?!
Two chao: *approach with feathers*
:iconwantwon:wantwon 32 11
Perci's Ticklish Part
Perci was desperate for a quick way to raise funds for the village. She went town to town for a few days until she found an advertisement for an “Old Timey Overlander Fair”. The work seemed flexible and well paying, as Perci is as tough as nails and can give a bit of elbow grease. She talked with the lead guy of the fair, who decided to put Perci into a performance act, despite her willingness to do labor. The hardest part about it to her was wearing a tattered green dress.
The next morning, Perci walked to her section of the fair and noticed a closed box with five holes in it, each surrounded by white fur and feathers. Confused, she asked a nearby gray hedgehog for help. “Excuse me, what’s the box for?”, she asked while carrying her dress. The hedgehog looked down at her dress and replied “Oh, you must be the performer to sit in this box. You’re in for a lot of laughter!” Perci raised an eyebrow, “Laughter?” The hedgehog info
:iconwantwon:wantwon 35 6
Gadget's Initiation by wantwon
Mature content
Gadget's Initiation :iconwantwon:wantwon 20 2
Sonic, Scourge, Goats by wantwon
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Sonic, Scourge, Goats :iconwantwon:wantwon 12 0
Magic Circle Mishap by shaxbert
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Barefoot Supergirl and Ivy by Jrambo03
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Barefoot Supergirl and Ivy :iconjrambo03:Jrambo03 5 1
In The Name Of Science by BDSMtoAll
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In The Name Of Science :iconbdsmtoall:BDSMtoAll 147 24


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