I haven't been around lately. Weekends are may main check up time because of work. I wanted to address the issue of the featured area. For featured work, it must be approved, and it can take up to a week for me to approve because weekly is usually the amount of time I have to check up on my groups across the web and to do art work (I work a full time during the week) so If something doesn't get approved it could be my fault do to lapse of time away. If you want automatic approval just submit to the other sub categorizes. I think its 2 - 3 works at a time to prevent flooding. As long as your work fits the category It will stay there. I will only move it or remove it if it doesn't fit. Lastly promote the group to your followers and friends who share the same taste in this work. The more people we have the more stuff we will have shared.
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To any NSFW lewd artist that post here I want to inform you that if you post stuff to Tumblr and it has a flag on it, sometime this month of December 2018, they will remove your content, or possibly remove your blog.

I have responded by removing my content completely from Tumblr for the time being. Tumblr has been a safe haven for NSFW Lewd artist to show and share their content for a long time. But the times are changing now.  



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