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Mushu - A light to burn all the empires

3K Views bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
in love with all of these vampires
so you can leave, like the sane abandoned me

- My Chemical Romance "The Sharpest Lives" [link]

~ * 30 Oct 2012 * ~
My dear friend ckat :iconkatrinamyla: was at the GMX Expo in Nashville and guess who she met there? ~
ilu sweety <3


-> :icontombancroft: <-

Scetch(es): [link] [link] (July)
Lineart: [link] (November with New PC <3)
Color: [link]
DAT HAND: [link]

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What's in the Great and All Powerful Mushu's claw?
levy120's avatar
A bottle of alcohol ~
Because that burns so nicely xD
CastleDown13's avatar
That's exactly what I was thinking! :D
levy120's avatar
MSPaintR0cks's avatar
Sieht echt hammer aus. Könnte ne Einzelbildaufnahme aus nem Film sein.^^
levy120's avatar
Ich denke das hier und da immer noch ein paar Fehler sind, aber danke =)
bristlestream's avatar
Whats burning on fire? His pedestal? Good by the way. :love:
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It's supposed to be a random wooden desk, but I fail at backgrounds %D
Thank you ^^
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Hey, the backgrounds actually half decent, dont worry, just had a hard time figuring out what it was considering its sorta dark.. Or that might just be my laptop screen...?
levy120's avatar
No, that's right. It's supposed to be dark ^^
I wanted to go for a "eyes shine in the dark" impression. But that was before I added fire... I guess the fire is stealing some of the eyes's spotlight now xD
bristlestream's avatar
No, the fire adds a good touch ^.^
ZeeWerecat's avatar
.....DAY-UMN!! OxO'
DarkGoddess137's avatar
Mushu needs to quit rage drinking. It's bad for his liver
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At this rate it would BURN DOWN HIS - wait...
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