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Bonkers - Bluebird of Happiness .:Lineart:.


This is my first try on GIMP %D
Creating this picture was a mess, because it was merely an experiment to play around with the program and I had no idea where to go with it. Eventually I started tweaking stuff here and there and everywhere and ended up with THIS.

Shading this was especially fun - I just played around with the Dodge/Burn tool and just hit everything %D
The shadows ended up very dominating, and naturally, I just couldn't leave it there and made a lineless version of it as well. Regardless, I like this one more =)
The Lineart was done with PAAAAAATHS ~

The title is a statement Bonkers makes about an actual Bluebird in the series ^^ (I will add in the episode when I find it again)

Bonkers (c) Disney
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Hey, good job levy! If you ever need any help with ye old GIMP just ask me :nod: .
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Aw adorbale work here
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dawww... he's adorable! GIMP is an cool program once you know how to use it.. ^.^
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This so beautiful.......:love:
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This is your first try on GIMP. I've used it a good few times, and I'm still nowhere near this.

Of course, that could be because my drawing abilities as a whole are lacking but...
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