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OMG drawing traditionally is so HARD xD
There are so much errors in this - please ignore them :>

It was my very first time drawing anything with... I don't even know. I think it had an oil base.

It was during a schedule at work where we got ahead with our filmed material and had some spare time until the band started to play, so I sat down to the drawing group and was like "Let me try this 8D"

I then decided to draw Ping simply because that seemed like the only decent thing I could think of the colors would allow.
Plus, when trying out something completely new, I want to do something familiar, in case I mess up.

People passing by kept really liking it and complimented it while it was in the most suckish of all states xDD"

Turns out I kept jumping away from it ever 10 or so minutes to film something else and return to do the next portion step by step which... is really funny when basically all the colors in the picture are mixed and you need to find the right tone again xD

It was fun =>
And I love paint-brushes, but they could have offered at least one that was smaller than "medium" D8
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Cool ^^ Bei Traditional media mit Farbe umzugehen ist schwieriger, als Digital Paint Brushes zu benutzen : O Respekt ^_^
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Echt richtig gut geworden, gefällt mir. Auch schöne Farben irgendwie ^^
Ich selber kann mit Pinseln gar nichts anfangen, da bin ich viel zu ungeschickt. xD