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Shinybar1.3.1 for DockbarX

Shinybar - Windows 7 style for DockbarX
NEXT VERSION: Launching indicator, mouse-over color from icon.

6/14/10 - Bugfix: Version 1.3.1
Soooooooo looks like I left Shinybar Vertical at a much older, uglier state than the horizontal version. My apologies. Thanks to ~fdelosrios for catching it.

Also, I honestly, really actually am working on 1.4. It'll get released eventually. Maybe even within two years.

1/22/10 - Version 1.3
See the layered look around the Blue Orb? That tells you how many windows you have running. It's also the most significant update for Shinybar 1.3.

Version 1.4 should add a launching indicator, and might be the last version. Note that Shinybar is CC'd, so you can modify it to your heart's content if you leave the README intact.

10/3/09 - Version 1.2
Somewhat minor update to version 1.2. Added support for panels along the top or either side, as well as very light colored panels. The active window used to turn white, which wasn't showing up so well. See README for details.

9/6/09 - Forgot
Forgot to include the panel background in the lastest update. Thanks to !tunasammich for catching that :D

9/5/09 - Version 1.1
458 views in two days?
Thank you so much everyone!

In other news, Shinybar has been updated to version 1.1

Changes include rounded corners, tweaked mouseover effect, and overall polishing. See CHANGELOG for the full list.

9/4/09 - Initial release
I've been trying to make a Windows 7-style theme for DockbarX, Windows 7 style icon-only taskbar for Linux.

It really isn't any use to you unless you use Linux, and more specifically GNOME. Might be interesting to peruse the code or pixmaps anyway. I dunno.

See the included README.txt.

You can change the color of the mouseover effect by changing the Active Color setting under DockbarX's Properties.

Version History
9/4/09 1.0 Initial Release
9/5/09 1.1 Update - see included CHANGELOG
10/3/09 1.2 "
1/22/10 1.3 "
6/14/10 1.3.1 Minor bug fix

Leave a comment here if you like, or email me at levviathor @

Programs used: GIMP, gedit (text editor)
CC Attribution: Link to this page, or
Aknowledgements: Thanks to Aleksey and Matias Sars, creators of Dockbar and DockbarX, respectively. Also, thanks to ~BigRZA for creating Tonkybar, (part of his Tonky Desktop) from which I initially built Shinybar.
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I can't seem to download this theme. When I click 'Download' it just reloads the page and no download starts.
I have a small problem with the theme, unlike your screenshot on my setup when I mouse over an icon or icon group the corners of the highlight are squared which kinda breaks the look a little.
I also have red close buttons in the windows list beside each windows name, id like to remove them to set it like in your screenshot but again cant find how.

Looked over the readme and couldnt find anything about it.

Im under XFCE and using the DockbarX plugin for the panel so i tried launching the regular DockX and it shows the same behavior.

Any ideas?
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Awesome dude!! Thanx a lot!! :D :D
tinkudadra's avatar
can't paste the theme in root directory
tinkudadra's avatar
how to install dockbarx ?
plz give easiest ways
I had some problems with some of the new ubuntu (10.04 Lucid Lynx) themes. I found that parts of the panel refused to change away from the theme's panel colors. (see screenshot [link] )

fortunately I was able to get around this by simply commenting out the line

bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "panel_bg.png"
by changing it to
#bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "panel_bg.png"

in gtk.rc which is generally at "/usr/share/themes/THEME_NAME/gtk-2.0/gtk.rc" where THEME_NAME is the name of you theme you are using for your controls
Then simply reload the theme (the easiest way is to just switch to another theme and then switch back)

I hope this is helpful to some people.
I found this fix through this related bug [link] if anyone is curious.
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I wish I could sticky this comment to the top xD
Levviathor, kudos for the work. I like your theme as is but I happen to use a 42-pixel vertical bar. I tweaked your vertical settings to a ratio of 7/8 and an icon size of -10 and it fits great after that. However, I kind of miss the multiple windows indicator present in the horizontal version. I wonder if you could provide the vertical counterparts of the mask-inlay and the button-active buttons so I can update the vertical version accordingly. I'd do it myself from your samples but trust me when I tell you I'm a disgrace editing graphics.

Thanks mate!
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Aaaaaaaaand done!

Let me know if it works.

Note that it's still optimized for a 62 pixel taskbar, as well as a 3/2 icon aspect ratio. It'll get blurry if you set it to anything else.
Hehe, thanks for fixing it, mate. I'm using my custom settings with your new version and it feels great. I must say your theme is the best so far. I'm looking forward to seeing your additions, whether that happens soon or in a few months. The work is outstanding as is, I won't rush you for an update (as if I could :)).

Thanks again!
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*basks in glow*

Hah. Kidding.

Anyway, you're welcome. Glad you like it.
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Well crap. I guess I forgot. I'll fix that.

Also, the vertical bar is supposed to be 62 pixels. Feels huge, but that's what Windows 7 looks like.
Your dockbar theme is great, but where's the update? :D
I really need that launch indicator -.-
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Bluh. School's almost done for me. Expect it soon.
Sorry, didn't mean to rush you :P I didn't know you were so busy. Take your time, it's done, when it's done, right? :)
Levviathor's avatar
I'm not busy, really. Just lazy. Shinybar has become one of those things where, even if you kinda don't want to, you know you HAVE to finish it, or you'll never be able to live with yourself.

It WILL come. I just need to do it.

I should have been updating alongside DockbarX, and since I haven't been, it'll take a little bit longer to figure out all the changes to the theming engine. Matias is really good about keeping the Themeing Howto up to date.

Anyway, yeah.
Thank you so much for this theme! It's great and very well scripted.

But could you please update with a launching indicator and a mouse over with 'color=icon_average'? That would be just awesome. I tried configuring this myself and it works, but looks horrible :D
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Lawl. Yeah.. I've been meaning to update it. I've just been procrastinating.

I'll try to get to it soon.
I didn't mean to tag this with angry, I meant joy :P sorry
Sorry I wanted "Joy" for this one :D
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Where did you get your wallpaper? Thanks.
Levviathor's avatar
I.. I can't remember. I think it might be bundled with Vista.
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Hi there, this looks pretty awsome, but i have problems to install it. I was even unable to find DockbarX preferences. And more interesting is i installed dockbarX, but it have some problems or i dunno, cuz i just cant run your theme. DockbarX himself is working :D I think i have to reinstall it.
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Let me know if you get it all working right. If you think it's a problem with DockbarX itself you should head over to [link] andfile a bug report.
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