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Nap in the sun



Import: Rus Import https://www.deviantart.com/ulfrheim/art/Cerberus-son-of-Khaos-6437-918909759 Tracker: Rus Tracker https://leyvacorp.godaddysites.com/cerberus-felvarg-1 Activity: Adventuring Additional Bonus Items: Blessing of the High Queen - You have gained Freyja's favor which has provided you a 5% chance to return more valuable items while Adventuring. Lone Wolf - Your preference for solitude provides a 5% chance to return with more valuable items while depicted alone in any traditional Ulfrheim based activities. Overachiever - Your desire to shine and be the center of attention provides you a chance to locate exclusive titles in all group activities. Explorer - Your desire to explore will provide a small chance to return an additional Adventure item while participating in traditional Ulfrheim based activities.


this photo is owned by myself. all rights belong to me and only me. This image may not be used without permission.

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