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Sauroposeidon proteles

Recreación de Sauroposeidon proteles un dinosaurio saurópodo Somphospondyli, un muy enigmático saurópodo y muy enorme, más no el más grande. Basado en… y las partes faltantes en el espécimen subadulto de Sauroposeidon anteriormente denominado ''Paluxysaurus''…
Asesor científico: Rubén Molina P.
Recreation Sauroposeidon proteles, a sauropod dinosaur Somphospondyli, a very enigmatic and very large sauropod, but not the greatest. Based on… and missing parts in the subadult specimen Sauroposeidon formerly '' Paluxysaurus ''  ¨…
Scientific Advisor: Rubén Molina P.
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El sombreado es excelente.
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Your work is so beautiful, very nicely detailed drawings and great attention to anatomy (I saw your Totlmimus on wikipedia, good job! :thumbsup: )
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Thank you! Yes, I'm glad you like
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Would it be okay if I your picture in one of my Youtube - would use videos, you would then link in the description and your Deviantart - would call account?
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You are free to use it for any purpose, I do not demand anything.
I regret the delay in answering
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You're very welcome ! :)
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