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"Welcome, may I take your coat?"

:damphyr: Hello, and first-off I'd like thank you very much for dropping by!

:damphyr: We're people who've read, obsessed over, or maybe just heard of Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan books. If you're a fellow fan, help us by joining and supporting deviantART's only Leviathan fanclub! :huggle:

:damphyr: Go read our About Us section to know more about the group.

(Note thingy: This is a pretty rough-around-the-edges group––I'm the founder and I'm a pretty informal person, so don't expect absolute stone-cold professionalism. We try our best...~)

Gallery Folders

Just general fanart
Naval Battle by Keithwormwood
The Leviathan by AgentCricket
Darwinist X Clanker by WeasleyTwin
Deryn Sort Of by MissyRayney
Ahh, romance
Sketching - Leviathan by Irrel
Just curious by alliartist
Not what you think - Leviathan by Irrel
Original Characters
Leviathan oc sketch by Palastel
Jemal Dogan by Imaginary-Shadow
Tanyeli Dogan by Imaginary-Shadow
Fics and writing
Memes, stamps, etc.
Leviathan Meme by Triadus
Clanker Heart - LineArt by PockyNightmare
Leviathan meme by awesometastic
I no longer have the time in my schedule to be the founder of Leviathaneers. So I need someone who will take my place and do a better job of contributing to this group than I have.

Any volunteers?
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damonzheng Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2018
I hope not
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Dead group?
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You still live? Excellent
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I have found my people
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This place dead?
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Can anyone else see Brit Sheridan playing Deryn Sharp? If there ever was a movie?
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Hey, I started an ask tumblr for deryn, and would be much obliged if y'alld check it out ^^
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So guys, do you oil your war machines or do you feed them?
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VB-lurvs-gummy-bearz Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Writer
Oh hello! I happened across this group on accident... I remember when I was totally obsessed and this brought back great memories. I used to be on the Westerforums quite a lot as well. My name was Derynsharpie if anyone remembers me! I love the art in this group
blackbird31 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahem to those who visit this page and LOVE
i mean LOVE the awesome Leviathan trilogy i have made a chat room for it!


come and talk and do anything you want!
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