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My Bio
Hello, there! :squee: Welcome to my page!
I never know what to do on these things. XD

First of all, I'm a Bible believing Christian and I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart! :D

I love to write stories or draw pictures with meaning. I'm not very consistent with posting them yet, but I am working on developing several stories even if they aren't reaching my deviation feed very often.

I am happy to chat with you about most subjects, but I won't guarantee I'm an expert in those areas. XD

I love to talk about stories and if you have one or are writing one, I would love to help you make it better. :)

I love creatures and crossovers. If there's a blend of creatures in one or a mix of two or more storyworlds interacting with each other, it's just too fun! :happybounce:

Please Comment! I L:heart:ve your feedback! :meow:
If you do comment or message me, I will try to reply. :D

Thank you for visiting my page! :lol:
May God bless you and keep you as you journey with Him this day. :)

Life verse: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~ Jeremiah 29:11 <3

Favourite Visual Artist
God - the Creator of the universe and all its beauty
Favourite Movies
The Lion King, Beauty And The Beast, Balto, Tangled, HTTYD
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
for KING & COUNTRY, Rend Collective, Hawk Nelson, Owl City
Favourite Books
The Bible, Sheep Tales, Winnie The Pooh, Dragons In Our Midst, Storybound, Wingfeather Saga, etc.
Favourite Writers
God - Jesus Christ, Bryan Davis, Marissa Burt, Andrew Peterson, etc.
Favourite Games
Settlers Of Catan, The Forbidden Island, some Legend Of Zelda, UNDERTALE [never played, but I love the story and its characters]
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, pen, colored pencils, paper & occasionally Wacom Tablet. :}
Other Interests
Story telling to the glory of my God and Savior Jesus Christ! :D Also: stars, bright colors, fire, light, life, hope, joy, freedom, meaning, symbolism, creatures, [forested] outdoors, stories, adventure, simple details, movement...

A Call To Action

A Call To Action

Hey, everyone. In these troubled times, I want to offer you some hope... There is HOPE. This is not the end for America. There is a God who's greater than all our circumstances and greater than these trials we're facing. The devil wants us to think it's the end of the world. It's Not. He wants us to think that Covid is going to forever change our lives. It's Not! He wants us to think that God is "Not Strong Enough" to stop the power of this life-altering pandemic. HE'S WRONG! > "GREATER is HE who is IN ME than he who is in the world!" (1 Jn 4:4) The satan is not stronger than God! He is subordinate. He is a created being! He wants to be more than God in our imaginations. But he's not! >"God is able to do incredibly More than ALL we ASK or IMAGINE!" (Eph. 3:20) We need to make a stand for the Light and show the world that we are not subordinate to fear. This does not mean I'm calling for acts of violence. I am calling for acts of LOVE. > "For Perfect Love casts out fear!" (1
Sorry if I haven't been responding as much... ^^; Still trying to get used to how notifications work on Eclipse.
*Gropes around trying to remember how to make a status up date on Eclipse* O_o Anyway, I just wanted to ask some of y'all how you've been coping with Eclipse -- cuz for me, I know I'm going to have some difficulties coping. ^^; But some of you may

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HeroVictimVillainHobbyist General Artist

thank you 4 the fave!

Hey it’s me again.

Oh I see, It’s a video game. Sorry... I thought it was a book. Anyway, the storyline still sounds really cool, and I love games that make you think. Things become so much more realistic that way.

Yes, I try to find the deeper meaning and symbolism behind everything. And then I write about it. :) I wish you the best of luck on your story, and look forward to hopefully reading it some day.

Oh yay! You know what Redwall is! Yes, it is one of my very favorite book trilogies of all time, and my favorite book happens to be Rakkety Tam. My fan-fic is based off of the Sable Quean.

Oh yes I have talked with Sayna! Her art is amazing.

What kind of music do you like?

LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! :D

That's okay. ;) Tons of people have been doing fan-art, comics, "books" and the like. :lol: Exactly!
Thank you! :D It's all in God's hands as I hope to finish it sooner than later. ^^ Preferably this year. :)

I don't remember if I read Sable Quean... If it was published after Rakkety Tam I didn't. In a bitter sweet sense, since Brian Jaques is gone now, maybe I could finish reading his work. ^^;
Absolutely! :happybounce: I love her art so much! And her story concept is so captivating... :wow:

I primarily like contemporary Christian pop, Owl City and other meaningful songs and artists. ^_^ I really love for KING & COUNTRY, Rend Collective, Tauren Wells, and tons of others! :D I also like a bit of celtic or more "tribal" music that tells a story [like How To Train Your Dragon's soundtrack].
You? :)

Yes! I love Owl City! And celtic music. Especially Lindsay Sterling and the Sidh (though this group is mostly Celtic rock). I also like the How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack, and the Brave soundtrack. I listen to a lot of christian music as well. But if I had to pick a favorite singer, it would be Kelly Clarkson.

And yes, it was published after Rakkety Tam.

LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist
Oh! I haven't heard of Sidh! I will say I was recently introduced to the concept of Celtic Metal by a friend. :XD: *looks them up on YouTube* That is FUN! :lol:
SAME. *Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!) 
Kelly Clarkson sounds familiar, but nothing really stands out... *looks her up* I recognize a couple of her songs but too many. What's one of your favourites? :)
Gotcha. Then I still need to read it. :D
TheMeekWarriorHobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday, dear friend. I hope you're doing alright. I don't know if I'll hear from you again anytime soon, but I hope you are blessed, and I hope that you have a great year ahead of you. :) Let's do a trade when you get back!

- Meek
LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :glomp:
I'm not sure if I'm "officially" back yet, but I hope to be moreso soon. ^^
A trade?! :wow: Really? :blush: