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Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are again, the second character origin picture provided by :icont3h3r3ee: go, watch her now! Meanwhile I'll just get on with this Bio...

DDF assessment, subject: Morganna Le Fey (suspected alias)

Known alias: Fay Morgan (used upon apprehension to confuse DDF agents about connections to subject: Robin Morgan)

Race: Homo Immortalus.

Age: unknown suspected to be marginally older than Robin Morgan's 120 Years

Gender: female.

Sexuality: suspected Bisexual, displays strong preference towards females.

Home dimension: Unknown, unconfirmed possibility of origins somewhere in the Arturian dimensional systems

Affilitations: Robin Morgan, nature of relationship unknown, possible affiliations with key persons in the arturina system.

Appearance: Refer to file photo.

Racial traits:
beta level regeneration, beta level damage resistance, alpha level incapability of death, does not require oxygen to survive, food consumed is transformed entirely into energy, thus removing the need for expulsion of waste, only requires food or sleep to restore energy after extensive physical or mystical exertion, cannot have traits stolen/negated save capacity for magic use.

Learned mundane skills:
Alpha level hand to hand and melee weapons combat, alpha level physical fitness and athletecism, Beta level psychology, Beta level diplomacy, Beta level negotiation, beta level improvisation, gamma level anatomical knowledge.

Learned paranormal capabilities:
Alpha plus level geomancy and associated mystical skills, includes: Dominion over stone and metal as well as varying degrees of lesser control over any element to have "come from the earth" creating illusions via bending light through shaped crystals (requires significant time and effort so slightly impractical), creating various contstructs, whether Golems or equipment to use from her elements, scrying via reflective metal surfaces, manipulating trace metals and minerals inside beings for positive or negative effects (augmentation, injury etc), using platforms of metal or stone to simulate levitation, translocation via "gravity wells" creation of highly effective defensive barriers and overall use of elements offensively, full extent of abilities not known.

Other notes:
Seems to posess a knowledge of sigils, runes, cantrips and other magical knowledge that suggests a degree of formal education in magic use rather than simply being self-taught.

possesses same unusual traits Robin morgan is noted for: reflexive casting, powerfull telepathic barriers, shapeshifting immunity and a possible telepathic connection between the two.

this suggests that their origins are linked or evne that they might represent a new subspecies of Homo Imortalus, unrther investigation needed.

Likely origin of paranormal capabilities: Possible inheritance of deity level power from events in the Arturian dimensional system running parallel to the events of the fracture (refer to file theta-dimensional ripple effect)

Psychiatric evaluation:
Seems to use flirtation as a defense mechanism, using it to distract others from prying too deeply into her secrets and keep in controll of a situation.

Despite attempts to conceal them, her mannerisms suggest upbringing in distincly formal environment consistant with a "King's court" in dark ages Earth-prime or some equivilent.

Displays both protective and posessive behavior patterns towards Robin Morgan, possible indications of genuine deep-set affection.

Known history:
Shortly after the events of the fracture, an mystical source that was late determined to be Morganna, left the Arturian systems, the source did not match any entity in DDF records so it is assumed it originated in one of the dimensional aspects of Arturia, this entity spent near to 100 years wandering through various dimensions, due to a lack of any hostility or disturbance, the DDF choose not to intervene, due to this, details of Morgana's travels at this time are sketchy at best, eventually she headed to Earth-Prime, exploiting one of the weaknesses in it's defences from the Fracture to infiltrate, after exiting shortly afterwards, her mystical signature was altered, it was initially suspected that an artifact she was carying was lost but it is possible something happened on Earth prime to alter her further.

Shortly afterwards Robin Morgan pursued her, for reasons known only to them, culminating in their apprehension by the DDF on Skios-Osa, see Robin Morgan's file for further details

Final assessment: reccomended partnering with subject: Robin Morgan to optimise effectiveness in the field.
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Some  things I dont get, can she summon metal/stone/earth from nothingness? Is there a limit to the amount of golems she can make? Are all her gemoncy powers a form of magic?

Her manioulation sinde beings would likely be able to put all iron on a human's body and put it in the same place, like a oart of the brain to cause brain stroke. How often could she do this if she wanted?

What are her hobbies and what does she do with her free time now in AF s life?