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The Mysterious Aquamancer



well here she is, Art provided by the great, kindly and dedicated :icont3h3r3ee: character, story and abilites provided by my brain, so respect her copyright and mine.

my first non-Bionicle OC and although not the first to be drawn, still one of my favorites, well, enough with my talking, on with her bio.

DDF assessment, subject: Robin Morgan.

Known alias: none.

Race: Homo Immortalus.

Age: unknown, estimated at 120 years or greater (local dimensional time)

Gender: female.

Sexuality: homosexual.

Home dimension: Earth Prime. (Refer to file Alpha-dimensional source code)

Affilitations: Morgana Le Fey (true name uncertain, refer to assessment file) nature of relationship unknown.

Appearance: refer to file photo.

Racial traits:
beta level regeneration, beta level damage resistance, alpha level incapability of death, does not require oxygen to survive, food consumed is transformed entirely into energy, thus removing the need for expulsion of waste, only requires food or sleep to restore energy after extensive physical or mystical exertion, cannot have traits stolen/negated save capacity for magic use.

Learned mundane skills:
alpha level hand to hand and melee weapons based combat, alpha level physical fitness and athleticism, beta level strategic thought, beta level stealth and infiltration, beta level resourcefulness, possible other skills not yet displayed.

Learned paranormal capabilities:
alpha+ level aquamancy and associated mystical skills, displayed techniques include: dominion over water, ice and vapor, creating illusions via water particles warping light, creating and controlling semi-independent humanoid or bestial constructs, scrying via water, translocation via water portals, weapon/armor/tool conjuration using associated elements as base material, manipulating internal fluids of self and others to enhance or hinder physical capabilities, accelerated/improved healing via manipulation of internal fluids of self or others, controlling or injuring others via manipulation of internal fluids, controlling water density and pressure, projecting streams of water and vapor to simulate flight, creation of defensive barriers using associated elements, combining illusion and construct creation to form doppelgangers, extensive variety of methods for using associated elements offensively. Full extent of abilities not known.

Other notes:
uncomfirmed possibility of telepathic connection with Morgana Le Fey.

Unusually strong barriers against telepathy, thus preventing the use of such means to determine her personal history.

Seems to be immune to shapechanging, whether mystical or technological, no explanation is currently available, although it is interesting that this is a trait she shares with Morgana Le Fey.

Posesses "Reflexive Casting" whereby a given magical technique, when performed frequently can be cast with greater efficiency and effectiveness, due to being reduced to a reflex/unconscious action triggered by willpower, also prevents such frequently used techniques from being easily forgotten, again this trait is shared with Morgana.

Likely origin of paranormal capabilities: the event classified “the fracture” (refer to file Omega-catastrophic reality disruption)

Unconfirmed links in power origin to Arturian dimensional system, and artifacts/paranormal entities of that dimension.

Psychiatric evaluation:
Seems to be unaffected by long periods of isolation, likely desensitized to such stimuli by previous life experience, also fully aware of lack of need for food or sleep and takes advantage of it.

Deeply distrustful of authority, bordering on paranoia.

Possesses deep dislike of masculine entities, frequently reacts violently to any such entities making advancements towards her, likely caused by unpleasant interactions with men in the past, no indications as to whether or not this pathology influenced her sexuality or whether her preference predated these hypothetical events.

Mental age seems to be an amalgam of early 20s and late 100s, consistent with Immortals of her genus and age.

seems to have a somewhat masculine or "tomboyish" personality.

Known history:
Suspected to have been in early adulthood at the time of the fracture, existing as an entirely mundane human being, as is consistent with the denizens of Earth Prime prior to the Fracture.

during the reality fluctuation caused by the Fracture it is suspected she was altered according to the Homo Imortalus mystical template by the powers at work. After the fracture ended, all indications are that she remained on earth for 100 years before the individual known as Morgana Le Fey entered the dimension via one of the cracks in reality left unsealed.

at this time Morgana seemed to be in possession of a powerful artifact, possibly originating from a given timeline or parallel dimension in the Arturian system, but this is unconfirmed, within 24 hours local time, Morgana left the dimension and began rapidly traveling between dimensions, at this stage she no longer possessed the artifact she entered Earth Prime with, two months in local time later Robin Morgan was observed leaving earth Prime and also began traveling to multiple dimensions in quick succession, it is unknown what either party was attempting to do during this period.

15 months later they encountered each other on Galifras Secundus, and quickly began to engage each other in magical combat, the conflict lasted 2 gleckert’s local time before Morgana left the dimension at great speed and Robin pursued.

For approximately 2 years (personal timelines) Robin pursued Morgana and they fought across multiple dimensions causing chaos and destruction with magical combat on a scale most dimensions were not able to combat.

DDF agents were dispatched but were stretched too thin to handle the aftermath of these encounters as well as effectively pursue the pair, due to lack of numbers in the wake of the fracture.

Eventually, enough resources were committed to confront them on Skios-Osa.

Faced with a common enemy and with travel from the dimension sealed, Robin and Morgana co-operated using stealth, tactics and effectively combined elemental magicks, synchronising their magics to use them in tandem, they were able to disable three strike teams before being incapacitated and detained.

Final assessment: suitable for recruitment for active duty.
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Great design and character story.