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RobinxMorgana: Stopping to See the Borealis



A commission from :iconrefri: this shows a moment of relative calm for Robin and Morgana, they aren't fighting, but they're ready to jump back into that tense state of alertness if need be. To me this seems like the two of them are keeping watch over a camp in fairly low-risk area and talking about old times while allowing themselves time to enjoy the natural lightshow overhead.

I like this moment as it shows they're companions in arms, comfortable around each other due to the many years they've shared. I imagine this is a dimension where magic is either outlawed or unheard of, hence why Robin and Morgana are using more conventionally-created weaponry, Morgana's weapon in particular being a double-headed axe instead of a hammer-axe, and substantially lighter than what she usually wields as she can't use magic to help out her swing here.

It's also nice to see Robin with a fur-lined coat, something she should realistically have a bit more often, indeed this ensemble is probably closer to what she wears when she isn't in a superhero-type dimension and thus doesn't have the skintight bodysuit. Though it is worth noting that this cloak, while warm is not actually the self-repairing cloak Morgana gave her when they first met, the minor enchantments on that would make it similarly unwise to bring along on this trip.

This also means Morgana can't rely on stompy stone boots or heavy metal armouring attached to her outfit here, so had to go for cured leather, I do quite like the darker cloak she's sporting in this instance in any event.

An interesting point of curiosity is that Refri originally planned to have Robin's navel exposed, which is why the top she's wearing under her cloak seems so skintight.

So yeah, kudos to Refri for a cool reinterpretation of my characters to add to the pile. :XD:


Robin: [link]

Morgana: [link]
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