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My douible monitor in windows

Did i metion that i'm a programmer?, well in this days i'm working in winblows with two monitors.
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What programming are you using to write that? Mine always tells me that it can't run, so I always have to go over the WHOLE thing until I find the error of my ways.
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Ok, i'm using a framework developed by myself to do all the things faster, in this case I made a function to make my querys, I only send the clasic $sql string and it do all the clasic things that must be done with a query and return the results in an array, I also made a function for debbuging, soo when something goes wrong instead of write a plain error, I just call the function debug with all the details, this function works in 2 ways, 1.- it store the information in a database, 2.- it write it in screen, I can disable caractterisc 1 or 2 with a global variable, well in this way when the system goes into production, i can disable the write thing and just leave the database thing, and can find the errors directly by looking the database, neat isn't, of course it only work with errors I catch.
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Como le hiciste para tomar los 2 monitores?? con el Impr Pant, te saca los 2 monitores?
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sip, funciona igual.
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nice u Use Winamp

and u use HTML Editor like me aswell... nice u seem heaps more advanced then me
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Well maybe i don't know, i has been in this way for 2.5 years now, and my code is a little complex, but is great with just the few lines you see in screen, i make everithing you see on the left.

Of course in would be better if i writed that SQL right :P.

Have you ever used CSS visit [link] they are great, you can switch all the aspect of a page just by changing the css.
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