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Terms of Service :

-Please read all of the info before you commission--especially the rules/the TOS!

-You may commission a fictional character, or an Original Character (OC) you own. The only time you can commission an OC that is not your own is if you're commissioning a gift for someone else.

-You must use picture references when commissioning! I will not accept long descriptions.

-Do not use my art for any monetary benefit without my permission. Do not trace, or recolor my artwork. Do not claim my artwork as your own.

-You are allowed to use my artwork for personal uses like character references or page decorations but please credit me when you use them. If you are able to, link back to my page as well-- you don't have to though! 

-Please ask me if you are going to create prints of my artwork.

-Don't ever remove the watermark on my stuff!!

-Refunds will only be given if I do not complete my drawing.

-Do not rush me when I am working on your commission. If I have paused your commission for many days, or have stopped working on it all together, I may continue and add some detail to your commission to make up to it, or (if said above) if I don't finish, you may have a refund.

-I am allowed to decline your commission request. It most likely will not be for a personal reason.

Commissioning Process :

(TL;DR: Sketches will be sent before the payment.)

-Send me a note with what you want me to draw.

-If I accept the request, I will send you a price that I find reasonable. I will then sketch out your commission.

-Once you are satisfied with the sketch, I will ask for the payment. Please ask for changes to be made at this part.

-When you have sent your payment, I will begin. Feel free to ask for Work In Progress shots.

What I WILL / MIGHT / and WON'T draw :


-fictional and real people (children and adults of any genders)
-kemomomimi (people with ears and tails)
-robots (must be remotely human)
-props and additional objects
-slightly suggestive pieces (not highly)
-blood, cuts, and bandages (no extreme gore!!)

MIGHT / WILL ATTEMPT (ordered from most to least likely):

-elderly people and infants
-pets and small animals
-anthros (must be remotely human)


-pets and small animals
-NSFW (I can draw it, I just don't feel comfortable)
-offensive content and hate speech in any form
-stolen original characters

Prices :

$1.00 USD is equivalent to 100 points! There will be a -$1.00 discount for the money payments though!

Bust Drawing

$4.00 USD or 500 dA Points

Fanart: Minato Arisato / Makoto Yuki by Levetid

Fanart: Haru Okumura by Levetid

Halfbody Drawing

$6.50 USD or 750 dA Points
Fanart: Portia Devorak by Levetid
Gift: Davicat by Levetid
Trade: Angel_15 by Levetid

Fullbody Drawing

$9.00 USD or 1000 dA Points
2-19-18 - Wyeth wbg by Levetid

Character Reference Sheet

$12.50 USD or 1350 dA Points
OC Reference Sheet: Wyeth by Levetid