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Demyx Chibi
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Published: October 18, 2006
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EDIT: Hay guys. I hate repeating this over and over, so no, I don't draw chibis anymore. So that also means the chibi series will never be finished forever. I don't even care about KH now. I do hope the franchise will die soon; I hate seeing Squeenix milking the title shamelessly.

This is actually an old doodle that drawn on the same paper with [link] :XD:;;

oookee let me proudly announced that I suffered from art block again >3<;; everything I draw always turned out not like I wanted T_T I wonder why art block loves me so much? u_u;
That's why I colored my old Demyx doodle *3*;; I don't really like how it's turned out tho, especially his hair *_*;;
His expression is inspired from a crying Demyx picture I saw long time ago, I don't remember who drawed it tho ^^;

Hmm..I dunno what to type anymore *_*;; my brain is really dead :XD:;;

Hope you like it :heart:

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EDIT: I'm sorry for the huge, annoying watermark in these Organization chibis. But due to TONS of theft cases, I feel a need to watermark them :>
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EricVonSchweetz|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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crappycookie|Hobbyist Artist
Literally my life right now
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Nevermoremist|Hobbyist General Artist
Aww poor Dem seems so sad.... but it is still really cute XD like the rest of the O13 chibis you've done :meow:
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Awww!!! So cute!!!
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ShadowGamer1315's avatar
you cant say no to demy
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Gothic-Romantic99|Hobbyist General Artist
AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to cuddle him. :)
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Cunchi|Hobbyist General Artist
Cutie~ :3
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PinkToadette|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AWWWWWWWWW!! this is kind of the cutest I've ever seen! :heart:
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TriciaKaulitz483's avatar
i want to hug him!!! <3
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dashishugarpill22's avatar
U have da most pinchable cheeks EVA
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darticianutopia|Hobbyist General Artist
must... hug... DEMYX!! :iconglomp2plz: I LURF YOU DEMYX!!
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kimberlei|Hobbyist Artist
owa cute i love very very much:love::iconloveyouplz::love:
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aniven|Hobbyist General Artist
it so cute
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crazycake250|Hobbyist General Artist
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OrganizationXIII2's avatar
wait a second where is Xion, you have Axel and Roxas, but where is she?
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demyxismytrueluv's avatar
aww thata adorable and that was my facebook image :p
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TwilightAngelKey|Hobbyist General Artist
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I has died of cuteness overload >///<
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Chimera-Fox|Student General Artist
awww! He looks so vulnerable XD so cuuuuteee!
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awwwww soo CUTE
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gttorres|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awwwwwwwwwsies~~!!! he's adorable to the highest power!!!!!!
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ConfuseYourself3315|Student General Artist
Dem-Dem: Who needs a Demyx hug??
Me: ME! xD
This only increases the love we all have for Demy-Dem. ^^
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oh my gosh, this is SO CUTE!! it makes me wanna hug him!
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CodenameDarkheart|Hobbyist General Artist
AWH. demyx needs a hug :3
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