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mother ship

By leventep
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mother ship returning home, 5h speedpaint. Imagine ne of those slow space ship shots , thats pretty much what i had in mind :)

also try to rotate your head 90 degreees, the image works that way too, but..industrial landscape :p
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Brokeneagle63's avatar
excellent lighting , fantastic image !
Fap-material's avatar
I think that it must be vertical.
I like that it's a close-up rather than a shot of the whole vessel.
smplgrlkb's avatar
WOw, this Is exactly what I was looking for
Talk about immense. :)
Konstabel's avatar
i really like the 90 degreees image .
dremuda's avatar
Just awesome !!!
felixdaemon's avatar
mother of epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
raypettit74's avatar
Awesome pov!!!!!!!
Darknight1138's avatar
That's really awesome! From the looks of it, this must be one huge mother ship.
FantasyWench's avatar
Lovely! Congratulations!
roa006's avatar
very nice.. compliments
LordCastigator's avatar
Yeah, I can see this thing slowly drifting past the camera, feeling the rumble as the engines keep it airborne, Trying to get some good pics...

Nice work. I like...
NaujTheDragonfly's avatar
I saw this thumbnail, and thought of this photo I took a few years ago. [link]

You have a great work here. Thumbs up
irondog1's avatar
So awesome I said "forget turning my head sideways" *turns monitor sideways*
EpikSBH's avatar
5 hours? What is this sorcery?
edtropolis's avatar
FrankSinatrot's avatar
Great... Now everyone's watching me look like a complete idiot sitting staring at the screen with my head tilted sideways...
TamiTw's avatar
That is so cool!
FreeMech's avatar
Demoralizing. I hate this picture. I love this picture. This is amazing. This sucks. This isn't real. You are awesome.
DestroyingAngel23's avatar
Nice! And I totally tilted my head 90 degrees, too. I'll be danged; instant industrial landscape!
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