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1,5h speed-painting and a small tutorial on how to turn a bonobo monkey into a russian communist sniper
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Am i the only one that knows that bonobos are NOT monkeys but apes?
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The first one is the best!
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that moment when your like "Hey. i bet that monkey would make a nice Russian sniper.' :iconlolwutplz:
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Lol random monkey..nice concept btw~
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OMG - where's the monkey??? =))
Thanks for the brushes and for a brief explanation on their various uses -- very helpful!
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dude thanks for doing some step by step tutes. but, i swear your bases are insane!
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In Mother Russia, Bonobo Monkey Snipes YOU.

Man I can't believe no one cracked that joke yet. :P
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Monkeys. Cool concept.
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Heheh crazy. That's not your standard method is it? Or is it a bit of a joke/one off?
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whaaat??? That's insanity! Awesome to see your process, even if it makes hardly any sense to me.
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Thats it, the secret is out.
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Now anyone can do it!!!
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reminds me from something outa COD4
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Unreal. Wish I had your eye! :heart:
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this is so nuts how you do this, you've done tons of tutorials, but i just cant seem to grasp how you do it still. must be retarded
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haha crazy! and cool! :D
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Is there any reason why you use random photos to create your art?

They always look awesome even if it doesn't make sense to me :)
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for all those who don't understand... you would have to watch how he creates his work. Watch one of his tutorial vids, then you will understand. He has this really cool work flow where he starts with an image, then starts morphing it, cutting it up, moving it around, paining on top of it, then more morphing etc. The goal is to be random and create "happy accidents" (as Bob Ross used to say)... then you can slowly find shapes and images within the chaos that you can develop further. When he starts, he doesn't know what he's going to paint. What a free way to paint, I love it. There are a few other artists that do a similar approach such as Andrew (Android) Jones, Tarrzan [link] etc. and I'm giving it a shot too! [link]
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