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The new world

By leventep
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I am currently reading of the Conquistadors, and had a sudden hit of inspiration.

3h speedpaint
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MarryEllen's avatar looks wonderful calm but at the same time because you know what happens next you feel pity for this poor Native American
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Love your speed paintings. They always amaze me.
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I just got finished reading about Squanto and his role in the founding of the new world. This beautiful work of art made the siting of those ships when they first appeared to the native people more real to me. Thank you!

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I know how this goes down...
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nahojis's avatar
Wow! great art
Brytech's avatar
Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.
Jukeboix's avatar
wonderful fog impression...
tuszek's avatar
I love how you let our eyes fill in the blanks.
Oh my gos, I love this so much...I'm not even sure why the atmosphere is so captivating, but you did a great job!
aberry89's avatar
this is absolutely amazing... the most amazing atmosphere here!
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Ah, ~Tres' Beautiful... but the world is a living clock;
and so the sols that peruse it now are shown exactly why, what, where, how, and which...
a visitor or a voice...
this plateau is but the question of the cosmos....
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Wow, there's NO WAY this thing's digital. Wowsers.
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Awesome, the detail is minimal but the effect definitely comes across. Love the work, and definitely thought it was water colour, so cool use of technique!
MikhailLifirenko's avatar
love the fog feel :D i'll worship this for the days to come :D
rocketdesigner's avatar
Wonderful detail. Tells a story of what the subject might be thinking about the vessels incoming. thanks for sharing.
HappyMekyo07's avatar
haha i wish i could learn how to do digital art like that... its brillant!!! anyways please see my funny artwork haha and let me know what you think... THANK YOU!!
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:iconiwantitplz: wow this is awesome!! Brilliant work!!
liturgy-fio's avatar
Words do not convey how well I receive this image to my brain. Excellent!
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