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2,5h speed.

a templar and bloodlust
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Very nice capture of a moments emotions....
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Guy de Lusignan?:o (Eek) 

Amazing workHeart 
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There is something of the Guy from Kingdom of Heaven in this, isn't there?  Good observation.  Csokas was menacing in the role.

(Enjoyable film, but not remotely historical.  Guy wasn't too bright, but there's little indication he had a mean bone in his body.)
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Yep, I meant Kingdom of Heaven))) 
But, honestly, I hate cine Guy, because he behaves as arrogant bastard:( (Sad) 
IRL, he was too weak-kneed...
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Yep.  I've read the real world Guy followed the advice of the last person who spoke to him.  Evidently Sybilla married him because he was handsome.  Endowment—well, intellectual endowment, at any rate—was not a consideration.

Csokas makes him truly malevolent.
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nice work!
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I'll elaborate: the sword implies order and sureness of cause, while the morning-star implies the terrible depths to which he'll go to enforce that cause.
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There is an intimidating atmosphere to this piece, and intensity that comes through in the pose and expression on his face. Excellent.
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Your speed and the outcome amaze me every time, but this is a really great! *faves*
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really like the atmosphere!
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I dig the mood here and the technique overall. Nice.
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