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Daggerman2009's avatar
Looks like Fallout :)
RoninZylle's avatar
Reminds me of Jack's loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2.
Taker999's avatar
You must time yerself or somthin 2.5 hrs evrytime. Amazing technique btw
drawerx's avatar
Pretty nostalgic, i love it, such an amazing piece.
mitchellnelson's avatar
what i wonder is how you come up with these ideas?
Belbecat's avatar
The feel is amazing, I think its beautiful I'd love to be there....strangely
Joozey's avatar
Truly stunning.
Leap's avatar
If you've ever seen the movie Children of Men, this looks like the back room of the school about halfway through the movie.
Ubikvitaarinen's avatar
Very suggestive mate. Congrats.
Mizers's avatar
you just know how to make things look so real
coroners's avatar
TheLastRonin's avatar
Absolutely amazing
zakzac's avatar
that's awesome!
Burnz08's avatar
hell how did you made that.
Infildo's avatar
you must spend your time painting to post all those stufs ( that's not a criticism (gd word ?)) I love your speed paints !
Beryl-Thanh's avatar
"speedpaint" : how to give everyone complexes with one paint and one word.... ^^
crump3t's avatar
very well done dude
Mirdraaal's avatar
Hehe made me chuckle :P
Nice realism
Loving the colour tones and all
Reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
(besides the model) but the environment does
asperLOL's avatar
Never fails to amaze me. :)

Great work.
JerryCai's avatar
the building has a heavy S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feel but the lighting is very warm
True-Envy-is-ME's avatar
wow this is so awesome!! :wow:
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