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Conan the beast killer

a little longer paint then usual, 4h

Was watching the old Conan movies and got inspired, great soundtrack

listen to this while watching :)
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This is so very good. It is fantastic the way you’ve created so much with so very little light.

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Yeah, you capture the esense of Conan
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Love the lighting and the shimmer!!
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it is worht it those 4h, great pic!
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Very cinematic. Love it as always, and it's very purple! <3
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Wow, this is so beautiful. The colours are dark and mysterious and they create an enchanting mood :O
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Love the style, really catches the mood.
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I can just hear the "crunch-muscle-texture" that the sword must be making thru its neck - oooooo :+fav:
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Haha the OLD ones! I was in California for the first time recently and as I laid back with a big bucket of ice cream and a huge spoon I turned on the TV and there was Conan! "When in California!" I said to myself.
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Your style is simply awesome! :)
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This is awesome, old conan movies still some of my all time favourites, and the Soundtrack is awesome yes..The Anvil of Crom FTW
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<3 Conan. killin' snakes and gorilla beasts all day er'day and still find time for love-making
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Great lighting.
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awesome piece, levente. im amazed by how far you push your values without the piece falling apart.

all hail the old conan movies for they are awesome.
Who's that poor bastard that he's killing.
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Just watched that myself last week. What a classic and epic film and yes the soundtrack is amazing to!
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Is that a python in your loincloth or are you just pleased to see me? :D

Nice work :+fav:
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Awesome. I've been reading the old Robert E. Howard stories and you wouldn't believe how many times he comes across a giant snake. Conan should open up a snake extermination business.
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